Black History Month African Heritage of Puerto Rico

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Black History Month African Heritage of Puerto Rico Slide 2 LA BOMBA Bomba and plena are musical traditions from Puerto Rico that imitate the African heritage of Puerto Rico. Bomba comes out of the musical traditions brought by enslaved Africans. Slide 3 LA PLENA Plena developd from bomba music in southern Puerto Rico. The words of Plena communicated a story about what was going on in the community. It was the newspaper of the people. One of the main instruments used for Plena is the pandero, a round hand drum that comes in different sizes. Slide 4 Other instruments used for Bomba and Plena Las Congas Slide 5 The Waka Waka This Time For Africa song was written as a tribute to African Soldiers who fought in World War 2. Slide 6 Although this is a military song, it has become the anthem of soccer fans around the world and was the Official song of the 2010 FIFA World Cup which was held in South Africa. Slide 7 Waka Waka This Time For Africa has become more than just a song about soccer, like the Bomba, it has become a song of unity, hope, faith, and happiness. It makes you want to dance and celebrate. Accompanying the song is the Waka Waka Dance, a unique and fun dance. Our Lindenwold School 4 dancers will now perform a dance routine incorporating the Waka Waka dance.