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BOOKLET AsterFest 2008

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Catalogue of the IV AsterFest - Strumica (27-31 May 2008)

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Founder&Artistic directionGoran Trenchovski

Special thanksZoran ZaevDejan IlievIvan Jovev, Slavica TasevaRichard KlimeshMimi Gjorgoska - IlievskaIlindenka Petruseva, Vlatko GalevskiRomanian Film CentreHristina Ivanoska, Armin MeinelChoir Denica, Art GalleryJanko Micev, Gjorgi ZaprovRisto Gogovski, Nake TufekcievTinka Markova, Dragan ChamovskiIlinden, Tiveriopol,StudioIn, MissStone

Logo design developed byMarjan Zahov-Pecev

SubtitlesAleksandar Zafirovski, Daniel Todorovski, Nebojsa Vasovik

Techical crewBlaze Grncarov, Gjorgi Pop Mitev

Catalogue design & preperess & printArhicom+

Festival is executed with partnership betweenAster fest Ltd & Tiberiopolian Film Alliance - StrumicaNI Centre for Culture Anton Panov – StrumicaNI Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments and Museum – Strumica

The organizers withhold the right to change the programme

E-mail: [email protected]: asterfestTel.: +389 34 320 232Address: AsterFest, P.O. Box 10, Strumica 2400, Macedonia

Aster festivities discover new open-aircinematic spaces with mythical andartifactual background

90 Years Film in Strumica

Boundless Film Views

In it’s four editions, AsterFest profiled its aim to reg-ister, promote and immortalize the value of the works with a new millennia filmmaker’s signature.Strumica, the permanent refuge for restless art souls under the three border junction of the documentary and fictional Astraion world, is host to dazzling visual events.In these endeavours, around 50 countries give their contribution with a total of 300 short and documen-tary projected contents.The Balkans have no borders, and the world is within reach, so are the stars.With fortune, faith and hope - towards the light.Entrance into the courtyard of the Kingdom of mov-ing pictures.With new technology, with a nice thought.


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ASTERDOKS ASTERDOCS I. Kreativni dokumentarci nad 30 minuti na avtori od JIE I. Creative documentaries longer than 30 mins by SEE authors

ДОМА AT HOMED: Gjorce StavreskiS: Bojan Stilin, Davor Spiroski, Daniela Stilin, Katarina Karakas Spiroski DoP: Dimo Popov & Josip IvancicE: Dorijan MilovanovicP: Violeta Kachakova - NGO LokomotivaSasha, Tajna, Marko, Darko, Marija, Safko, Redjo, Denis. Eight people, eight identities. Analyzing issues of religious and cultural differences and the relationship of the system towards an individual, this documentary provides a deep and warm insight into lives of several individuals who left their countries of origin for various reasons. (Doc, 59‘, HDV, 2007, MKD/HRV)[ZagrebDox, EastSilver]www.gjorcestavreski.com

НАПУШТЕНИ ПАТЕКИ FORSAKEN PATHSD/S: Ruya Arzu KoksalDoP: Aydin KuduE: Oguz Karabeli & Aydin KuduM: A. Çinkaya, S. Yasar, I. Tarhan, A. R. Yasar, B. Topalo-glu, F. SakaP: TurkishMoonAn intimate story of semi-nomadic Cepni tribe in the Black sea highlands of Turkey. It is told through the words of three women at ages of 20, 28 and 77. Two young sisters have had to move to Istanbul to find jobs. They miss their hometown and the life they left behind. On the other hand, the old lady back the village is witnessing changes in recent years and feels sad to see old customs and colors vanish as the village population decreases. Forsaken Paths ends at the remote mountaintop Kadirga festival where thousands of people meet to feast and dance all day to the manic tunes of the kemence, drum and the pipe.(Doc, 36’, HDV, 2006, TUR)[Best Documentary – Boston / Ifsak, Special Prize – Ankara; Pesaro, Docusur]www.turkismoon.com

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МАЈКА ОД ЦАРСТВОТО НА СЕНКИТЕ A MOTHER FROM THE KINGDOM OF SHADOWSD/S: Violeta GorgosDoP: Marin Iliut & Vlad DruckE: Dumutru MarianP: Virgiliu Margineanu – OWH StudioAccording to the law we are delinquents. But nobody took away our right to be moth-ers and our maternal feelings are as strong as they can be. Moreover, some of us went crazy or killed themselves because of the love for our children. These unshared feelings gnaw you inside because you can not transmit your child all your love and affection. You can not do it even in a letter or in those few minutes of a phone call. Not even in those three days when we can stay together or during the holidays when the administration of the prison opens the door for everybody who wants to visit us... Sensitive and clear portrayal of the fate of women in prison.(Doc, 29’, DVCam, 2006, MDA)[Golden Beggar – Kosice, Chronograph - Chisinau]

ПРОБЛЕМОТ СО КОМАРЦИТЕ И ДРУГИ ПРИКАЗНИ THE MOSQUITO PROBLEM AND OTHER STORIESD:Andrey PaounovS: Lilia Topouzova & A. PaounovDoP: Boris Missirkov & Georgi BogdanovE: A. Paounov & Orlin RouevskiP: Martichka Bozhilova - AGITPROPA small town and its hopeful citizens are about to embark on a bright new journey. Massive rusty cranes, foreign investors, and the joyful chants of cheerleaders carry the dream of a great nuclear future. Disturbed only by gigantic stinging mosquitoes, the townsfolk celebrate the atomic hurray by engraving the nuclear power plant logo on buildings and soup bowls. Amidst the apparent atomic prosperity, lies a past that no one wants to remember. An island holding terrifying secrets. Stories of shocking and horrible crimes loom on the city just like the dark clouds of mosquitoes descending on its citizens.A world instantly transformed by ideologies, regimes and dreams of economic pros-perity. The tales of characters whose lives intersect in a sinister past, nuclear future and the stinging mosquitoes flying through time, sealing their fate together.(Doc, 100’, 35mm, 2007, BGR)[First Prize – Documenta Madrid, Best Doc – Mediawave, Honorary Mention – Wies-baden, Special mention - Oxford and Karlovy Vary, Grierson Award – London, Best regional Doc – Sarajevo and Motovun, Golden Rython for best producer and cinema-tographer – Plovdiv, Grand Prix – Dokufest Prizren; Cannes]www.themosquitoproblem.com

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СРПСКИ ШАЈКИ SERBIAN NAILSD/S: Dimitar AnakievDoP: Jovica KrsticE: Uros Knez, D. AnakievP: D. Anakiev - DAFThe first Serbian democratically elected president, Dr Zoran Đinđić, is assassinated. Serbian government declared a state of emergency in the country. The police launched a general action against organised crime called “The Sabre”. The present story begins on the eve of the “Sabre” operation and later coincides with it. Milivoje Savić, holder of a degree in chemistry and his family are “collateral damage” of the “Sabre”.(Doc, 50’, BetaSP, 2007, SVN)[Best Documentary – DokMa; ZagrebDox, IDFA]

СТУДЕНИ БРАНОВИ COLD WAVESD/S: Alexandru SolomonDoP: Andrei ButicaE: Catalin CristutiuM: Sorin RomanescuP: Ada Solomon – HI FilmThis is the unique story of a love and hate triangle built around something one cannot see, touch or weigh: radio waves. ‘I grew up with it. Every evening, in an underground atmosphere, my father listened to Radio Free Europe as anyone else did. It meant more than information. While Ceausescu’s propaganda had less and less to do with reality, Free Europe’s Romanian section provided - apart from news – some hope. We had no idea it is a CIA operation. Simultaneously, in thousands of houses and blocks across the country, millions of people performed this daily ritual. And, the next day, the words of Free Europe were on everybody’s lips.’(Doc, 108’, 2007, 35mm, ROM)[Leipzig, IDFA, Goteborg, Nyon, Trieste, Londra]www.coldwaves.ro

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II. Kreativni dokumentarci do 30 min na avtori od JIE II. Creative documentaries not longer than 30 mins by SEE authors

БАБА ВИШЊИНА 38 38 BABA VISNJINAD/S/DoP: Ivan RamljakE: Jovana KrstanovicM: JarboliP: Srdjan Keca – Atelje Varan BelgradeIn the Belgrade quarter Chubura, at the address 38 Baba Visnjina street, there is a yard where until recently 11 families were living. A few days before the demolition team arrived, there remained only fig tree, one apple tree, and one man…(Doc, 15’, miniDV, 2007, SRB)[ZagrebDox]

ЛУЃЕ СМЕ, НЕЛИ? WE ARE HUMANS, AREN’T WE?D/S /DoP: Pero PavlovicE: Zoran GalicM: PropellerheadsP: VizartIn the Drinic village near Bosanski Petrovac, competition of strapars, lumberjacks who take chunks out of the woods with the help of horses, is held for the first time. The men’s behaviour towards horses raises one question – Who is human?(Doc, 7’, DVCam, 2007, BIH)[Special recognition – ZagrebDox; Belgrade]

ТОНЕЧКО СЕЛО SINKING VILLAGED/S/E: Marton SzirmaiDoP: Gergo PalosM: Attila FodorP: Gyorgy Palos – Instant FilmsA small Hungarian village has to look on at ts slowly sinking. A mysterious phenomenon – and no one helps. However, there is Joseph, the eternal optimist. He acts as a spokesman and hopes for a change.(Doc, 23’, DVCam, 2007, HUN)[Kassel, Gdansk, Tartu, Kassel, Johannesburg]www.instantfilmek.hu

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BALKANSKA FIKCIJA BALKANS FICTIONDolgometra`ni, srednometra`ni i kratkometra`ni igrani filmovi od balkan-ski filmmejkeri ili na balkanska tema Full-length, middle-length and short fiction by Balkans filmmakers or based on the Balkans motives

ВИСТИНСКО ЧУДО TRUE MIRACLEThe President has a stroke at a dinner party. He is cured by a waiter endowed with supernatural pow-ers. One year later, we find the miracle-worker and his son on a picture-postcard Croatian island, where they plan to build the temple of business of their own. The islanders are, to say the least, peculiar. The local baker, a mother of six who is shunned by the community, turns out to be especially so for the shy youngster... D/S: Lucas NolaDoP: Stanko HercegE: Slaven ZecevicM: Hrvoje Crnic BoxerP: Ankica Juric Tilic - Kinorama / HRTC: Rade Sherbedgia, Franjo Dijak, Barbara Nola, Ivana Roscic, Leon Lucev, Ivo Gre-gurevic(Fict, 100’, 35mm, 2007, HRV)[Award - BridgeFest, Vancouver, Golden Medal for artistic excellence - Park City FF; Pula, Split, Orašje]

КОМПАС BUSSULAD/S: Bujar AlimaniDoP: Christos KaramanisE: Bonita Papastathi M: Christos TriantafilouP: Maku production & StefilmMira, a 17 years old young girl, lives isolated together with her family due to the pressure of vendetta’s violence in a village of North Albania. Confronted with the extreme poverty as the result of that terrible situation, she de-cides to learn driving the family’s van in order to self milk around her village , keeping a tight hold on the arm.(Fict, 19’, 35mm, 2007, ALB/GRC)[Cine Cinecourts Award – Cinemed, Special Prize – Siena; Drama, Tirana]

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СКАЛИ STAIRSD/P: Ilir HarxhiS: Artan MinarolliDoP: Clauz BetzlE: Valon JakupajM: Miron KotaniC: Margarita Xhepa, Gentian Zenelaj, Agnesa Vuthaj, Genc Fuga, Ledio LakoRamiz’s friends make great sacrifices to transport the stretcher with him on it being sick through the narrow and dark staircase of his own building. Ramiz’s is nephew falls in love with the beautifully looking nurse that accompanies then during the struggle up the stairs. Later the Ramiz dies. Bringing the coffin down-stairs becomes more difficult and dramatic. There is no end to the vicissitudes, until an original solution is finally found....(Fict, 29’, 35mm, 2008, ALB)[First International Festival Premiere]

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EDNA #ENA/EDEN FILM ONE WOMAN/ONE FILMFilmovi od `enski avtori Films by female authors

ACE SLASHD: Frosina NaumovskaP: FDU & F. Naumovska(Doc, 22’’, DVCam, 2008, MKD)

VAN AMORED/S/DoP/E/P: Werther Germondari & Maria Laura SpagnoliM: Leon GiesenC: Serena Catella, Fabio Testini, Silvia Terribili van der VreselijkAnna, an italian girl, felt in love with a south american boy known during a vacation in Cuba. One year later, Anna decides to go and find him in Amsterdam, where he lives, on an island…(Fict, 30’, HDV, 2007, ITA)[Amsterdam, Dhaka, Tirana]www.werthergermondari.com

EAST T(W)O WESTD/S/E: Irena PaskaliDoP: M. Jorg & S. SclonbergP: Academy of Media Arts Cologne/MKRTV, NGMDeparture/arrival/survival.(Exp. Fict, 4’49’’, BetaSP, 2007, MKD/DEU)www.irenapaskali.com

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МАРЦЕЛА MARCELAD/S: Helena TrestikovaDoP: Jan MalirE: Alois FisarekM: Petr ProvaznikP: Katerina Cerna, Pavel Strnad, Anna Beckova - NegativThe life of Marcela, an ordinary Czech woman is explored throughout several decades of her life. The documentary observes several impor-tant societal issues. We are engaged to struggle and fight back with Marcela as her tragic life unfolds before our eyes especially dealing with her daughter’s unexpected death which almost drives her to suicide. However, the responsibility she feels for her retarded son gives her the will to survive. The making of Marcela was initially part of a six-part series on Czech television about the fate of six married couples but the events that happened throughout Marcela’s life arose a wave of solidarity from the Czech public who sent her money and personal support. This was the reason why Helena Třeštíková decided to focus solely on a documentary about Marcela. The dis-tressing destiny of Marcela’s life and the act of human support from the Czech public was therefore, worthy to be expressed in this film. She is currently looking forward for a better future.(Doc, 82’, 35mm, 2006, CZE)[Best European Documentary - Festival de Cine de Sevilla 2007, Honourable Mention – Lagow, Best Czech Documentary – Plzen, London, Leipzig, Karlovy Vary, Guth Gafa]

МОМЕНТИ MOMENTSD/S/PoP/E/P: Liliana ResnickM: Dalibor BukvicC: Niniane KelleyA film about the mistery of moments, some of which get con-nected into the life recognized to be living, while others come to pass by posing questions rather than giving answers.(Exp. Fict., 6’25’’, 16mm, 2007, HRV)[New York Dance on Camera Festival, Porto Black and White Audiovisual FF, Busho FF, Festival Tous Courts]www.cyclofilm.com

ФЕЛИКС И ШКОРПИОНОТ FELIX UND SCORPIOND/S/E/P: Tan Tolga DemirciDoP: Ilker BerkeM: Semih Tareen‘Felix Und Scorpion’ is the only ‘unfinished’ literary book which was written by Karl Marx. The mission of this film is to complete the other half by the help of Margaret Thatcher’s surrealist shoe.(Fict., 18’30’’, DVCam, 2007, TUR)[Mediawave, Antalya, Lucania]

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СЕЌАВАЊА MEMORIESD/S/P: Nena Sesic FiserDoP: Nenad FiserE: Aleksandar Stanojevic & Nenad FiserM: Zsuzsanna Varkonyi & Franck Dematteis(Exp. Fict, 3’40’’, DVCam, 2006, NLD)[Alternative film/video, Belgrade 2007, Int’l Art Exhibition and FF Eastern Neighbours, Utrecht 2006]

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MUVILEND MOVIELANDFokus kon filmski dela i avtori od Romanija od poslednite godiniFocus on Romanian filmworks and authors from the last years

БРАНОВИ WAVESD: Adrian SitaruC: Sergiu Costache, Adrian TitieniAt the seaside, on the beach, two people experience extreme situations. A beautiful Western mother asks a gypsy boy to look after her 4 year old baby; a husband and father fights ennui by flirting with the same beautiful foreigner while teaching her how to swim. But the story takes a different course when the beautiful mother disap-pears in the waves…(Fict, 16’, 35mm, 2007, ROM)[Best Short - Locarno; Sundance, Sarajevo, Namur, Milano]

ВО БАРОТ IN A BARD/S: Patricia RadoiDoP: Steven SmithE: Haim LitaniM: Francois GamauryP: Daniel MitelpunktC: Rebecca Rebecca Perry, Oliver Oliver ChathamRebecca is not quite sure what she will say to the girl who is sleeping with her husband, but she has up the meeting anyway. While waiting for her rival in love, however, an opportunity crops up to get revenge. (Fict, 5’, DVC-Pro HD, 2008, GBR/ROM)


ДОЛЖНОСТ DUTYD/S: Vlad TrandafirDoP: Augustin BucurE: Daniel SimionP: Nicoleta Daraban – NUDC I.L. CaragialeC: Dan Chisu, Nathalie Arsenie MacryMikey, as he is caressly being called, does shopping for Vali, his old mother who lives alone with her kitten. Vali calls for him daily, insisting to buy her, among other stuff, sugar. It’s a demand which annoys the entire family and which Mikey himself wearily accomplishes. It’s a duty he carries out distantly, like an obligation.(Fict, 13’, HDV, 2006, ROM)[Best Fiction – Tehran Short FF)

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ЈАС И МОЈОТ ЖИВОТ БЕЗ НЕКОИ РАБОТИ ME AND MY LIFE WITHOUT SOME THINGSD/S: Ilija PiperkoskiDoP: Dan KosuthE: Lodrin IftodiM: Radu GeorgescuMacedonian Ilija Piperkoski, who studied directing in Bucharest, made his first movie “Me and my life without some things” by following the journey of Dumitru Dragosh, 22 years-old Gipsy, through Romania, who is trying to find his father. Search finishes completely unexpected, but through it we can find distressful life story of Dragosh who after all won’t loose his cheerfulness and decisiveness.(Doc, 40’, DVCam, 2007, ROM/MKD][Cinedays]

СООБРАЌАЈ TRAFFICD: Catalin MitulescuS: Andrea Valean & C. MitulescuDoP: Marius PanduruE: Ion Ioachim StroeC: Bogdan Dumitrache, Maria DinulescuOn his way to a business meeting, Tudor has a 20-minute break. Enough time to invite a girl for coffee, talk about his daughter and take a photo.(Fict, 15’, 35mm, 2003, ROM)[Palme d’Or - Cannes, Arte Award - Anger]

ХУМАНИТАРНА ПОМОШ HUMANITARIAN AIDD/S: Hanno HöferC: Eugen Cristea, Mirela OprisorThree young men from Western Europe arrive in Romania with humanitarian aid. The inhabitants of a little mountain village have been waiting for them. There’s a little give and big take about the whole thing.(Fict, 16’, 35mm, 2003, ROM)[Clermont Ferrand, Cottbus, Milano]

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BRONZE HORSESHOE – NEW ELDORADO by Tibor KocsisP: Flora Film International(Hungary)

SILVER HORSESHOE – SEVDAH - THE BRIDGE THAT SURVIVED by Mira ErdevickiP: Arcimboldo&BBC(Bosnia and Herzegovina/United Kingdom)

GOLDEN HORSESHOE – SHUFFLE - POLITICS, BULLSHIT AND ROCK’N’ROLL by Ylber Mehmedaliu & Edon RizvanolliDeebeeduss&1244(Kosovo)

SPECIAL PRIZE: gOLDen projector – COLORS IN TIME by Stefan SaskovP: Delta Polzer(Macedonia)

ASTERAWARD for high achievements in auteur film –Branko Gapo (1931, Macedonia)

2 0 0 7


SILVER HORSESHOE – SUGARTOWN: THE BRIDEGROOMS by Kimon TsakirisP: Anemon&Bi-optic&Arte/ZDF(Greece/Germany)

GOLDEN HORSESHOE – THE GRANDMOTHERS OF REVOLUTION by Petra SeliskarP: Petra Pan(Slovenia/Cuba/Macedonia/Netherlands)

SPECIAL PRIZE: gOLDen projector – A GIRL AND HER ACCORDION by Biljana GarvanlievaP: Gebrueder Beetz(Germany)

CRITICS Movieland AWARD – ABANDONED EDEN by Eno MilkaniP: B&G FilmPro(Albania)

ASTERAWARD for high achievements in auteur film –Karoly Vicsek (1941, Vojvodina; Serbia)


• First international festival of drama arts in Strumica and eastern Macedonia (promoted at 28.IV.2005)• Focus on Hungary (I), Moldova (II), Albania (III ed.), Romania (IV ed.)• Ca 5000 public visitors (2005-2007)• Other projects: Symposium; theatre Dry tree of Babylon; Promotion of books, Photo shows, Portraits, SEE Docs Meetings; animator in distribution for Bal-can-can, Alexander, Passion; TV fiction production of Martin from the stairs; Tiberiopolian Film Evenings; Multimedial project Strumica 1918• Presentation in Wiesbaden, Skopje, Stip, Bogdanci, Kavadarci, Bansko, Probistip, Tetovo• http://www.makedonija.rastko.net/default.html

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MERRY-DIONESFilmovi i videa od razni prostori ili za razni ne[taFilms & videos from various teritories or on various things

АГЊЕШКА 2039 AGNIESZKA 2039D/S/E: Martin GauvreauS/E: Martin & LevelgateDoP: Olmo Couto PerezM: Kamil LazikowskiP: LevelgateA dark symophony of 2039. Joy and pain go hand in hand when an angelic being is delivered the box of eternity and subjected to the fateful decision of the Gods. Visual FX from Academy Award Winner The Mill, London.(Exp. Fict, 12’, 2007, GBR/POL)[Stockholm, BFI London, Montreal, Rome, Oldenburg, Istanbul; Best Film - Hardacre and Ilin-ois, Best Cinematography – Santa Monica, Best Original Score – Oxford]www.agnieszka2039.com

БАЛАДИТЕ НА МОСТОТ BRIDGES BALLADSD/S: Mehdi RahmaniDoP: Majid Azad ManeshE: Ramtin Lavafi PourM: Mana RabieeP: Mohammad Fijani - Farhat Film Co.To stay in the heart of the silence and the tumult of night / To stay and to sing... Singing “The Bridge’s Ballads”(Doc, 19’, DVCam, 2006, IRN)[Prize - Seoul Net Festival; Belgrade]

БОЛЕН SICKD/S: Mike RymerDoP: Sam GarwoodE: Rosa BondM: Innes JohnstonP: Christine Hartland (Patchwork Productions)The experience of depression and alcoholism have left Brian’s daughter(Amanda) relying on him for her son’s welfare. When Brian’s wife dies and he gives the child into social care, Amanda’s world falls apart and she and her father don’t speak for 15 years. That is until she gathers the strength to visit him. Rymer assisted to Greenaway in Nightwatching.(Fict, 15’, 35mm, 2007, GBR)[Naoussa, Rome, Salerno, Lille, Orlando; REMI Award – Houston]www.sick.egoproject.net

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ВЕТЕРИНАР VETERINARIAND/S: Signe BaumaneDoP/E: Renars ZalitisM: Raimonds TigulsP: Vilnis Kalnaellis – Rija AF StudioA veterinarian routinely goes on house calls to treat sick animals. He is able to save most, but one time he arrives too late. The animal dies, and that breaks the Veterinarian’s heart. One night the animals that he hastreated come to him in a dream. He receives love and forgiveness. When the Veterinarian wakes up his heart has healed.(Ani, 18’30’’, 35mm, 2007, LVA)[Honorable Mention – GIRAF; Mediawave, Tiburon, Arizona]www.signebaumane.com

ЗАМОЛЧИ, ПЕПЕРУТКО! SHUT-UP BUTTERFLY!D: Erek KuhnS: Stefan PetermannDoP: Lorenz TreesE: Torsten ArchutM: Peter OberlanderP: Ingelore Konig, Christine HauptAfter a family feud Vincent is taken to a youth centre. There he meets Butterfly, a diffident boy who collects butterflies. Vincent gets curious about him and tries to empathise. But then his mother appears to tell him he is not wanted anymore. Vincent is stunned and beats up Butterfly.C: Vincent Gohre, Georg Feltz(Fict, 15’, 35mm, 2007, DEU)[Goldener Spatz, Selb]www.zitronenfalter.randlicht.de

ЗАТАЛКАН ПАТНИК STRAY PASSENGERD/W/P: Claire WalkaC: Zeljko Vidovic, Varia Linnea SjostromOn the 11.111st day of Aimo’s usually homogenous life, mysterious traces appear and encourage him to go off the beaten track. On a Odyssey through different realities Aimo has to face fears and temptations but also gets to know the inscrutable Giselle…(Fict, 20’, HDV, 2007, DEU)[TofiFest, Tabor, Busho]

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ПРВИОТ THE FIRSTD/S/E: Anastasya PavlovichDoP: Sury IshakovM: Sergery NavetnyiP: Vladimir SmorodinSmall country town at the sea. Four friends, each which dreams to change the destiny.(Fict, 20’, 35mm, 2008, RUS)[St. Petersburg]

РУРУ RURUD: Haruka YonedaM: Aya TomaRuru… It seems to continue without becoming interrupted. It is a dream chain.(Ani, 5’30’’, DVCam, 2008, JPN)www.pyramidfilm.co.jp

ФОНДАЦИЈАТА THE FOUNDATIOND/S/P: Alastair FerranThe near future. In a hidden training facility, Ethan and Jiro practice their fighting skills. Members of a secret organiza-tion sworn to combat an ancient evil, they are preparing for a fight many of their members feel will never come. The young apprentice Ethan, however, has high ideals, and when their organization comes under attack it will be left to him alone to fulfill the Foundation’s destiny. Now, the clock is ticking and for the inexperienced Ethan the academic is about to become a reality in a no holds barred fight to the death. (Fict, 15’, DVCam, 2007, USA)www.ferranfilms.com

ХОТЕЛ ЗАТВОРЕНИ ОЧИ SHUT-EYE HOTELD/S: Bill Plympton3D: Anna-Maria JungE: Biljana LabovicM: Corey JacksonP: Biljana Labovic“Shuteye Hotel” is a film noir murder mystery that takes place in a sleazy hotel. As cops investigate the gruesome murders they become victims of this evil force. What “Jaws” did to swimming, “Shuteye Hotel” will do for sleeping. (Ani, 7’, 35mm, 2007, USA)[ASIFA FF; Lisbon, Krakow, Vienna]www.plymptoons.com

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Промоција на документарниот омнибус-серијал На екс; документарец за забранетите филмови од екс-ју просторите; документарен филм за Тетовирање на С. ПоповPromotion of the documentary omnibus - serial Na ex; doc about forbidden films from ex - YU; doc Tattoo by S. Popov

ЖИВОТЕН СТИЛ LIFESTYLED: Tadeja Bučar, Dušan Šaponja, Saša Stanišić i Filip Jovanovski, Ćazim Dervišević, Burim Baftiu & Erson Zymberi, Željka KovačevićP: Project Idea - Ciklotron, Project leader - Milosav Marinović, Ex. Prod.: Tadeja Bučar (TiPovej! - Ljubljana), Dušan Šaponja (Ciklotron - Beograd), Robert Alagjozovski (NVO Kontrapunkt - Skopje), Ćazim Dervišević (XY Films - Sara-jevo), Emine Ismajli (ANP - Gnjilane), Magdalena Petrović (FADE IN - Zagreb) (Doc, 33’, DVCam, 2008, MKD/SLO, BIH/HRV/SRB/Kosovo)

ЗАБРАНЕТИ БЕЗ ЗАБРАНА CENSORED WITHOUT CENSORSHIPD: Dinko Tucakovic & Milan NikodijevicP: Miljana Martinovic – Art&Popcorn(Doc, 58’, digiBeta, 2007, SRB)

СНЕЖНО ПОЛЕ SNOW FIELDD: Marija ApchevskaP: FDU-Skopje(Doc, 25’, DVCam, 2007, MKD)

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Дела со интересен видео или телевизиски изразWorks with interest video and TV look

1000 ЈАРДИ ЗЈАПАЊЕ 1000 YARD STARED: Corrine Bot(Exp. Fict, 4’20’’, miniDV, NLD)www.corrinebot.com

ГЕТО 103 GHETTO 103 D: Jane Altiparmakov (Doc, 11’, BetaSP, 1999, MKD)

ЗА ЕЖОТ OF A HEDGEHOGD: Natalia Beliaeva(Fict, 11’, 35mm, 2007, RUS)

ЗВУК И ФОРМА SOUND&FORMD: Nena Sesic-Fiser(Exp. Fict, 8’10’’, DVCam, 2007, NLD)

ЗДИВ BREATHD: Elmaddin Aliyev(Fict, 28’, DVCam, 2007, AZE)

ИГРАВ, ПЕЕВ I DANCED, I PLAYEDD: Roze Stiebra(Ani, HDV, 33’, 2007, LVA)


НАТРУПАЈ PILING IT OND: Jia Min C. Lim(Ani, 1’8’’, DVCam, 2008, GBR)


ОДЕЊЕ ДОМА GOING HOMED: Diana Rumjahn(Fict, 4’22’’, miniDV, 2006, USA)

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ON/OFFD: Irena Skoric(Fict, HRV)

СЕЛОТО НА БАБИТЕ THE GRANDMAS’ VILLAGED: Dragana Zarevska(Doc, 18’15’’, 2007, miniDV, MKD)

СКЕНДЕРБЕГ И СВЕТИГРАД Skenderbeg and SvetigradD: Atanas Cuposki(Doc, 50’, 2007, BetaSP, MKD)

SLUGD: Breven Angaelica Warren(Doc, 12’36’’, DVCam, 2007, USA)

SCHLEMILD: Mikhail Mareskin(Fict, 25’28’’, HDV, 2006, RUS)

NA EX(choice from the serial episodes)

UNTITLEDD: Henri Turunen(Mus. Doc, DVCpro HD, 2007, 5’, FIN)

ХОТЕЛ ЗА ПЦИ DOG HOTELD: Miranda Herceg(Exp. Doc, 7’, 35mm/DV/mobile, 2007, HRV)


FASSBINDER in Strumica (in collaboration with Goethe Institute and Cinemateque of Macedonia) 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 June


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Документарно ДВ - катче за маркетнишки и информациски целиDocumentary DV-corner for marketing and information aims


КУЌАТА НА АВГУСТОВА THE HOUSE ON AUGUST STREETD: Ayelet Bargur(Doc, 63’, DVCam, 2007, ISR)www.edenproductions.co.il

НАЈСВИРЕПОТО ПАТУВАЊЕ THE CRUELEST JOURNAYD: Geir Kreken & Fridtjov Konglevoll(Doc, 50’, digiBeta, 2007, NOR)

ЧЕ ГЕВАРА – ТЕЛОТО И ЛЕГЕНДАТА CHE GUEVARA – THE BODY AND THE LEGENDD: Raffaele Brunetti & Stefano Missio(Doc, 52’, digiBeta, 2007, ITA/ARG/BOL/FRA)

СТОЛ STOOLD: Yaroslav Andrushchenko(Doc, 66’, DVCam, 2007, UKR)www.lizardfilms.com/ua

SURYAD: Laurent Van Lanker(Doc, 76’, 35mm, 2006, BEL)www.polymorfilms.be

ТРИВИЈАЛНА ЕВРОПА TRIVIAL EUROPED: Gerald Harringer & Wolfgang Preisinger(Doc, 60’, DVCam, 2007, AUT)www.fabrikanten.at

ТРУБАЧКА РЕПУБЛИКА TRUMPETS’ REPUBLICD: Stefano Missio & Alessandro Gori(Doc, 48’, DVCam, 2006, ITA)www.alessandrogori.info/trumpetsrepublic


Portrait of Lordan Zafranovic

Excursion at Veljusa and Vodoca

CD – Old Stars of the New Screen (12 texts)


Summer Cine Revue

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Filmography (IMDb):

Ma je pomsta (1995) ...aka Lacrimosa/Pomsta/Revenge/Ven-geance Is Mine Zalazak stoljeca (Testament L.Z.) (1994) ...aka The Decline of the Century: Testament L.Z. Haloa - praznik kurvi (1988) ...aka Aloa: Festivity of the Whores Vecernja zvona (1988) TV series Vecernja zvona (1986) Mare Adriaticum - Jugoslavija (1985) Ujed andjela (1984) Krv i pepeo Jasenovca (1983) Pad Italije (1981) ...aka The Fall of ItalyZagreb zivi s Titom (1981) Osmi kongres SUBNOR-a Jugoslavije (1979) ...aka 8th Congress of War Veterans of the National Liberation War Union...aka Free Interpretation Okupacija u 26 slika (1978) ...aka Occupation in 26 Pictures/Occu-pation in 26 Tableaux Zavicaj - Vladimir Nazor (1978) ...aka Family Nest: Vladimir Nazor Gosti i radnici (1976) (TV) Muke po Mati (1975) ...aka Passion According to Matthew Zagrebacki velesajam (1975) ...aka The Zagreb Fair Rad zida grad (1974) ...aka It’s Hard Work to Build a City San (1974) ...aka Dream Zavnoh (1973) ...aka Common Anti-Fascist Council of the National Liberation of Croatia Kronika jednog zlocina (1973) ...aka Chronicle of a Crime/Dalmatian Chronicle/Dalmatinska kronika

Predgradje (1972) (TV) Antika (1972) Ubistvo u nocnom vozu (1972) (TV) Prvi valcer (1971) ...aka The First Waltz Mora (1971) Ave Marija (1970) Nedjelja (1969) Dan i noc (1968) Poslije podne (1968) Ljudi u prolazu (1966) ...aka Man in the Passage Zivjela mladost (1965)

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Lordan Zafranović’s Sunny Inferno

“Throughout his life”, says Zafranović (14.02.1944, Maslinica na Solti, Croatia), “an artist carries with him sort of an original stamp of the so-called primordial image, scenes that have been carved into his consciousness and sub-conscious-ness. Those are the images that the artist always returns to”… And further: “The intensity of the impact that the finished film has on the viewer is equal to the amount of inner energy that the author managed to put into his film and project into its scenes”... These are interesting points if for no other reason than for the fact that they manage to ideally decipher the basic characteristics of Zafranović’s opus, and in fact his basic artistic ideals. These ideals include, first of all a close organic connectedness with his homeland’s Mediterranean landscape and with not only in the ambient and icon-ographic senses but also in the dramatic and symbolic senses: a space whose extreme natural elements (the burning sunny whiteness of the rocks in contrast

with deep shadows, the infinity of the open sea in contrast with the boundless of land) on the screen take on the meaning of elemental categories of being and moving forces, Being and Nothingness, Eros and Thanatos, heaven and hell, earth and space). The combination of so many contrasting elements gives these films lavish outer garments as well as a confusing dream-like depth. These films are on one hand aesthetically very “concrete” in their beauty and impressive ambience, but on the other hand poetically completely “abstract” primarily because of the mysterious spheres that they manage to reach with their pictures, movements and sounds. The Mediterra-nean landscape is the common denominator of Zafranović’s film opus as well as his perspective in life: no matter whether it appears on screen as an existential, symbolically extended or mythically universal model (where concrete set design, land and sea become marks of the infinity of the universe and the smallness of the scattered planets, while the coast stands for a “boundary”, a “transitional zone”, a sort of a fateful crossing zone that sets apart the earthly and concrete from the remote and the conceptual). The power and meaning of Zafranović’s on-screen reality always rests partly upon the values of this basic model. However, it mainly draws from the author’s energetic vision, from what Zafranović calls the personal energy that he puts into his work. From his early works as an amateur filmmaker (Dnevnik, 1964) and his first professional pieces (Poslije podne-puška, 1967), across flights into the sizzling exteriors (Ave Marija, 1970) and haunted interiors (Prvi valcer, 1970), to his “war trilogy“, the central segment of Zafranović’s opus (Okupacija u 26 slika, 1978, Pad Italije, 1981, Večernja zvona, 1986), one constant is a specific kind of visual and spiritual energy that is the author’s trademark and signature. The orchestration of such extremes (natural elements on a visual level and symbolic crystallizations on a spiritual level) always, thanks to its spontaneity, avoids the fine chiseling of the whole, which results in an exciting unevenness in Zafranović’s films followed by monumentally perfect moments of rare balance. This is the reason why there are often so many oppos-ing, sometimes provocative and at other times even annoying reactions to his films. There have often been many fierce controversies and polarized judgments about Zafranović’s films, but no matter what the reaction to his work is, it is always quite energetic: nobody stays indifferent or uninvolved. This brings us to the next link in Zafranović’s work and life. Like all other authentic, spiritually free filmmakers from the former Yugoslavia, Zafranović always broke the “rules of conduct” of film production in a Communist coun-try. His works, just like those by Makavejev, Saša Petrović, Mimica, Žika Pavlović and others, caused many discussions, fights and scandals. And for a reason; his films really did not belong in the “official” program of Yugoslav cinema because they endangered its “ideological order” and “dogmatic peace”. Nevertheless, as soon as we widen the analytical scope and review these films and the entire opus as part of European cinema, everything fits into place. Proof? Let us remember the specific chapter in Mediterranean film production (first of all Italian and Yugoslav cinema) in the 1960s and 1970s that focused on a somewhat surprising topic for that time: the topic and problem of fascism, a review of the local emergence of that evil that peaked in WWII. The chapter consists of Vatroslav Mimica (Kaja ubit ću te, 1967), Visconti (La caduta degli dei, 1969), De Sica (Il giardiano dei Finzi Contini, 1971), Fellini (Amarcord, 1973), Liliana Cavani (Portiere di notte, 1974), Pasolini (Salo o le centoventi giornate di Sodoma, 1975) and Bertolucci (Novecento, 1976). Zafranović’s “war trilogy” (1978-1986) is an organic and natural continuation.

Courtesy by Ranko Munitić

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ASTERDOKS ASTERDOCS Dokumentarci nad 30 minuti od avtori na JIE Documentaries longer than 30 minutes by SEE authors

BELA BARTOK, TURCIJA, 1936... BELA BARTOK, TURKEY, 1936…D: Sezgin TurkDoP: Sabri SavciE: Ahmet Can CakircaM: Tamas Kobzos Kiss, Mihaly Hunor HoppalIstanbul; Alanya; Canakkale; AyisigiIn 1936, Bela Bartok makes a field trip to Turkey to compile folk songs. In the fiction part of the film, Atilla, a young Hungarian musician, meets Su, a young girl from Turkey also involved in folk music. The story of their mutual attraction evolves within the framework of the cultural interaction between their people.(Doc, 53’, BetaSP, 2004, TUR)

BOI VO VREMETO COLORS IN TIMED/DoP/E: Stefan SaskovS: Vladimir PlavevskiM: Fidan JakovskiP: Delta PolzerOva e portret na isklu~itelno interesnata li~nost, akademskiot slikar Milo[ Koxoman. Filmot treba da go definira ras~ekorot pome\u nego-voto sekojdnevno `iveewe, ispolneto so iscrpuva~ka rabota vo oblasta na likovnata umetnost i negovata opsesija so otkrivawe na novi i novi svetovi vo i nadvor od realnosta na ednostavniot `ivot, [to vodi do pronao-\awe na filozofski adekvati vo sekoja narodna mudrost.(Doc, 40’, miniDV, 2005, MKD)

#IVOTITE NA KOSTA HAKMAN LIVES OF KOSTA HAKMAND: Miljan GlisicS: Zoran StefanovicDoP: Vladan ObradovicM: Silvija MilosevicE: Ksenija SavicevicP: RTS