Bradford District Labour Manifesto 2014

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Text of Bradford District Labour Manifesto 2014

  • Manifesto 2014

    Investing for tomorrow

    and delivering today

    Bradford DistrictLabour Party

    Building a Better Bradford DistrictVote

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    At a time when the Government is hitting the District withdisproportionate and unfair spending cuts, when people aresuffering a cost of living crisis and when national policies arebenefiting the wealthy towns and suburbs of SouthernEngland at the expense of the North, your Labour Council hascontinued to deliver good services, meet the needs of localpeople and invest in the future to the benefit of us all.

    The cost of Cameron and Clegg to Bradford District can bemeasured in damage to public services, jobs, the economy andincomes as people struggle with the cost of living crisis.

    Bradford has seen school building programmes axed, money for housing slashedand budgets for the NHS and policing cut. Council funding has been cut by over100m with 115m more to come yet Councils in the wealthiest parts of theSouth will see their income increase.

    Meanwhile demand for school places and social care is increasing and we needbetter schools, more jobs and training and good local services to meet the needsof a growing population. Cuts to welfare are hitting local people hard, especiallythe bedroom tax, and increasing homelessness and demand for crisis services.

    The Council cannot stay the same. Cuts handed down on this scale mean verytough decisions about services have to be made.

    Thats why you need a Labour Council that can be trusted to deliver fairness andopportunity, protect the most vulnerable, give all our children a good start, towork for prosperity, good services and invest in infrastructure and jobs.

    A value for money Labour Council that has shown it listens to and works withlocal people and is prepared to take decisions for the long term not just short-term fixes.

    A Labour Council you can trust to lead, listen and deliver.

    A Labour Council investing for tomorrow and delivering today.

    Leader, Bradford Labour Group

    Bradford Labour:Investing for Tomorrow, Delivering Today

  • 03Building a Better Bradford District

    Our Vision With Labour leadership we can build a City and District thatstands proud on its own two feet, where ambition, fairness andopportunity are ever present.

    Where there is help for those least able to help themselves andwhere people understand that together they achieve what theycan never achieve alone and take responsibility for helping tomake it a better place to live.

    Where education is valued, enterprise and effort rewarded,culture and diversity celebrated and respected.

    To achieve this Bradford District needs a LabourCouncil you can trust to invest for tomorrow anddeliver today.

  • Labour will fight for the NHS, tackle inequality, care for themost vulnerable and help more people to keep living in theirown homes and communities.

    Defending the NHS and Fighting for a Fair Deal for Bradford

    Investing in New Homes for Older andDisabled People

    More Choice, More Independence

    Tackling Inequality in Health


    Better Health, Better Choice, Better Lives

  • Labour will

    Improving health is a top priorityso the District needs a LabourCouncil that will fight against Toryand Lib Dem attacks on the NHSand for local health services to getthe funding they deserve. We havefought off Tory plans to cut NHSfunding from Bradford andAiredale and Labour willconcentrate on reducing theDistricts big inequalities in healthand life expectancy, not onneedless, expensive top-down re-organisations of health services.

    Your Labour Council, workingclosely with health services, hasmade big investments that arehelping to tackle health inequalities,cut winter deaths and reduce infantmortality. We are taking action on

    fuel poverty, helping people to cuttheir energy bills and investing infinancial advice to help keep peopleout of crisis and poverty.

    Labour is giving vulnerable peoplegreater choice and independence,supporting them to stay in theirown homes and is caring for thoseunable to care for themselves.Weve invested 16.9m more tomeet the rising demand for socialcare and delivered new extra careand intermediate care housing.Many people who had previouslylived in care homes most of theirlives are now able to take their owndecisions and live independentlyand young people with disabilitiesare getting work experience thanksto Labour.

    Defend the NHS from Government attacks

    Tackle poverty and health inequality

    Give more choice and independence in housing and care for older andvulnerable people including more extra care and intermediate care provision inSaltaire and Keighley with a view to further expansion in Bradford

    Help people regain and keep their health and independence.

    Improve services and make savings through greater integration of health and social care

    Help more people to live at home for longer.

    Improve the care and support available to people in communities to helpthem help themselves and support each other and take the lead indeveloping dementia friendly towns and communities.

    05Building a Better Bradford District

  • Labour will keep improving schools and making sure youngpeople have the skills to get good jobs.

    Better Schools, Better Opportunities

    Improving Skills

    Protecting Vulnerable Children

    Fighting Child Poverty

    Young People Driving Youth Provision

    A Good School For Every Child


    A Great Start and Good Schoolsfor Every Child

  • Local schools are improving withthe help of investment from yourLabour Council and most are nowgood or better.

    We have built two new specialschools, expanded the numbers ofschool places and will deliver a newsecondary school, but pressure onschool places remains. We willcarry on lobbying Government forthe resources our children andfamilies need.

    The Tory led Coalition cut fundingfor Childrens Centres by over10m. Labour will work withparents and communities to findways to keep delivering despite themassive and unfair cuts.

    Young people need the rightqualifications and skills to get goodjobs which is why we will keepinvesting in high quality trainingthat matches young peoples skills tothe needs of local employers.

    Labour has protected funding forservices to the Districts mostvulnerable children fromGovernment cuts and is takingconcerted action to tackle childpoverty.

    We will give young people thechance to decide on the youthprovision they want to see in theircommunities.

    Keep increasing the number of good or better schools for all our children.

    Challenge and support schools to improve.

    Deliver a new secondary school to reduce pressure on places.

    Campaign for the money to provide the places our children need

    Protect and care for the most vulnerable children

    Fight child poverty.

    Put young people in the driving seat.

    Improve skills and further develop Industrial Centres of Excellencematching young peoples skills to employers needs.

    07Building a Better Bradford District

    Labour will

  • Labour will attract new jobs and investment, tackle youthunemployment and revitalise our City and Town Centres.

    Tackling Youth Unemployment

    Regenerating the District

    Increasing Prosperity, Reducing Inequality

    Building A World Class District for Culture

    Improving Transport Infrastructure

    Creating More Jobs and Apprenticeships


    Ambitious on Jobs, Economy & Culture

  • Labour will keep investing to reduceyouth and long term unemploymentthrough Get Bradford Working, thebiggest project of its kind, that isdelivering new jobs, apprenticeshipsand work experience to young andlong term unemployed people from allour communities, ensuring that theyhave the skills and confidence to enteremployment.

    Labour is making visible progress not

    the artists impressions of the past.

    Were delivering Westfields Broadway

    Shopping Centre and weve improved

    city and town centre public spaces,

    opened a brand new city centre library

    and City Park has attracted hundreds

    of thousands of visitors and millions of

    pounds. Labour will keep working

    hard to regenerate your city and town


    Our can do, will do approach tobusiness and investment is increasinginvestor confidence, attracting newjobs and driving development acrossthe whole District.

    Labour will continue to deliver policieson jobs, investment and skills thatreduce inequality and increaseprosperity.

    We are ambitious about building aworld class cultural offer helping todrive the economy forward, attractinvestment and improve education andquality of life. Labour will do more torealise Bradfords potential as a leadingcultural City and District.

    A Labour Council will improve theDistricts transport infrastructure todeliver significant economic, social and environmental benefits.

    Invest more to tackle youth and long term unemployment through GetBradford Working to deliver more jobs and apprenticeships and better skills.

    Progress the regeneration of our District

    Deliver a Retail Academy so local people are ready to take employmentopportunities at Westfields Broadway Development.

    Work to attract further high value advanced manufacturing jobs.

    Promote and help to deliver Bradford as a world class cultural District.

    Tackle congestion in Keighley

    Make sure we get new stations at Low Moor and Apperley Bridge

    Improve transport infrastructure.

    09Building a Better Bradford District

    Labour will

  • Labour is delivering more affordable homes, cutting thenumber