Branding and Brand Strategy - Brand strategy must drive towards operational change to have intended impact Creative advertising, without operational alignment, won’t get the job done.

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<ul><li><p>Branding and Brand Strategy </p><p>September 2012 </p><p>DRAFT </p></li><li><p>1 </p><p>Camp4 Consulting Group provides solutions that enable </p><p>entrepreneurs to scale their businesses </p><p>Camp4 Focus: Help entrepreneurs scale their businesses </p><p>3 key tools typically utilized to build scalable platform </p><p> Camp4 can support clients in the </p><p>raising of capital through due-</p><p>diligence services, post-merger </p><p>acquisition support and direct </p><p>investments through partnerships </p><p>with equity partners </p><p> We are more than financial partners, </p><p>we take active roles in portfolio </p><p>companies as needed to ensure our </p><p>management teams are successful </p><p>Equity </p><p>investments </p><p> Camp4 offers services to help </p><p>entrepreneurs execute our </p><p>recommendations </p><p> We offer a combination of business </p><p>process services that allow </p><p>entrepreneurs to focus on value-</p><p>added activities and spend less time </p><p>worrying about non-core functions </p><p> Functional services include IT, </p><p>Marketing, Accounting, </p><p>Analytics/Business Intelligence and </p><p>HR </p><p> Camp4 provides consulting services </p><p>focused on helping entrepreneurs to </p><p>build better businesses </p><p> We utilize the right combination of </p><p>analytics, experience, collaboration </p><p>and common sense to solve the most </p><p>difficult business problems </p><p> All of our consultants have </p><p>experience with top-tier professional </p><p>services firms, but more importantly, </p><p>weve all run and grown small </p><p>businesses </p><p>Business Process Services Strategic Consulting </p></li><li><p>2 </p><p>About Camp4 Consulting Group </p><p>Camp4 Consulting Group is a boutique consulting group focused on supporting owners of small to mid-</p><p>sized businesses build better businesses. </p><p>We help entrepreneurs at inflection points in their businesses to develop growth strategies, build a more </p><p>robust operational platform, improve sales and marketing efforts or evaluate strategic options. </p><p>Camp4 brings the right combination of analytics, experience, collaboration and common sense to solve </p><p>the most difficult business problems. All of our consultants have experience with top-tier professional </p><p>services firms, but more importantly, weve all run and grown small businesses. </p><p>Our clients are typically companies with 15 250 employees and a stable business model, but that need </p><p>help accelerating growth, improving operational scalability, increasing profitability, understanding a shift in </p><p>market conditions or preparing for a successful exit /liquidity event. </p><p>Who are we? </p><p>What do we </p><p>do? </p><p>How are we </p><p>different? </p><p>Typical </p><p>projects? </p><p>Who do we </p><p>serve? </p><p> Growth strategy </p><p> Sales force effectiveness </p><p> Branding and marketing strategy </p><p> Operational improvements / scalability </p><p>assessment </p><p> Cost structure review / restructuring support </p><p> Enterprise software selection and </p><p>implementation support </p><p> Liquidity / exit advisory services </p></li><li><p>3 </p><p>Strategy, team and execution are the underpinnings of all </p><p>Camp4s case work </p><p>Strategy </p><p>Team </p><p>Execution </p><p>Sales &amp; </p><p>Marketing </p><p>Ops Org Finance, </p><p>Accting, &amp; </p><p>IT </p><p>M&amp;A </p><p>A robust strategy must </p><p>consider organizational </p><p>capacity and alignment across </p><p>all functions of the business </p><p>Functions must be designed consistent with strategy, </p><p>but must also be armed with the right people and </p><p>processes to get the job done </p><p>Taking a holistic approach will result in recommendations that work </p><p>for an entrepreneurial business, not just pretty PowerPoint slides </p></li><li><p>4 </p><p>Camp4s approach to brand strategy </p><p>Sales, marketing and branding must be considered </p><p>holistically . . . </p><p>. . . but relative emphasis is normally driven by </p><p>complexity of sales process </p><p>Enterprise </p><p>software </p><p>Fast-</p><p>moving </p><p>consumer </p><p>goods </p><p>Relative </p><p>importance </p><p>High </p><p>Low </p><p>Complexity of </p><p>sales process </p><p>Low High </p><p>Sales Marketing Brand strategy </p><p>Strategy </p><p>Team </p><p>Execution </p><p>Measurement and management </p><p>Performance </p><p>management </p><p>Compensation </p><p>plans </p><p>Organizational </p><p>structure </p><p>Marketing activities </p><p>Competitive positioning </p><p>Brand aspiration development </p><p>Product/Service positioning </p><p>Customer need identification </p><p>Creative </p><p>development </p><p>Operational support </p><p>of branding </p><p>Training programs Career path </p><p>definition </p><p>Talent attraction </p><p>and recruitment </p></li><li><p>5 </p><p>Brand strategy must drive towards operational change to </p><p>have intended impact </p><p>Creative advertising, without operational alignment, </p><p>wont get the job done. </p><p>Brand aspiration/Brand promise driven by competitive positioning </p><p>Must address intended emotional benefits of product / service </p><p>Brand strategy must lay out a clearly </p><p>differentiated set of brand aspirations . . . </p><p>. . . but must be connected back to required </p><p>changes in each function of the business </p><p>Brand aspiration </p><p>identification </p><p>Prioritization of </p><p>positioning Competitive audit Brand </p><p>Aspirations </p><p>Tangible Benefits </p><p>Product/ service </p><p>attributes </p><p>Operational </p><p>changes </p><p>What benefits must be inherent in product/service to reinforce brand </p><p>aspirations? </p><p>Product/service must be designed to deliver tangible benefits associated </p><p>with brand aspirations </p><p> To make any real change, branding must move from marketing/creative </p><p>out to the rest of the business </p><p>All functions must support refreshed positioning </p></li><li><p>6 </p><p>Typical brand strategy engagement timeline </p><p>1 week 3 4 weeks 2 weeks 2 3 weeks </p><p>Brand playbook development </p><p>and implementation planning </p><p>Brand aspiration </p><p>synthesis </p><p>External/Internal </p><p>view development </p><p>Preliminary discussions and </p><p>kick-off workshop </p><p>Initial management team </p><p>interviews to identify early </p><p>hypotheses and ideas </p><p>Camp4 to improve </p><p>understanding of current </p><p>branding/marketing activities </p><p>Camp4 to syntheses clients </p><p>internal view of brand </p><p>positioning and supporting </p><p>activities </p><p>Build understanding amongst </p><p>management of process and </p><p>resource requirements for </p><p>project duration </p><p>Competitive positioning review </p><p>through external data search </p><p>Internal stakeholder interviews </p><p>about brand positioning, </p><p>supporting activities and brand </p><p>aspirations </p><p> Management </p><p> Line employees </p><p> Key Customers/ channel </p><p>partners </p><p> Key vendors </p><p>In-depth review of product </p><p>sales data, customer service </p><p>processes and general </p><p>operations </p><p>Synthesize and review </p><p>preliminary findings with </p><p>management team </p><p>Identify currents strengths and </p><p>areas for development </p><p>needed to support proposed </p><p>positioning </p><p>Prioritize opportunities for </p><p>action </p><p> Potential upside vs ease of </p><p>implementation (likelihood of </p><p>success) </p><p>Research and refine any </p><p>open issues from previous </p><p>phase </p><p>Develop two-pronged </p><p>playbook </p><p>1. Branding and </p><p>marketing activities </p><p>needed to build/ </p><p>reinforce positioning </p><p>2. Operational changes/ </p><p>improvements needed </p><p>to align with new brand </p><p>positioning </p><p>Identify implementation </p><p>team and develop workplan </p><p> Establish timelines </p><p> Identify metrics and targets </p><p> Define success </p></li><li><p>7 </p><p>Select samples of past branding work </p><p>We offer full service brand strategy and marketing support, combining strategic positioning, </p><p>operational consulting and creative execution </p></li><li><p>8 </p><p>Branding work: Zantaz </p><p>Branding, website, advertising, collateral, direct mail, newsletters </p></li><li><p>9 </p><p>Branding work: Medtronic </p><p>Branding, website, advertising, collateral, direct mail, newsletters </p></li><li><p>10 </p><p>Branding work: Medtronic </p><p>Mobile strategy and app design </p></li><li><p>11 </p><p>Branding work: Salt Lake Olympic Winter Games </p><p>Branding, advertising, print video </p></li><li><p>12 </p><p>Branding work: Omni ID </p><p>Branding, website, marketing collateral, direct mail, newsletters </p></li><li><p>13 </p><p>Branding work: Omni ID, continued </p><p>Branding, website, marketing collateral, direct mail, newsletters </p></li><li><p>14 </p><p>Contact Camp4 for further information </p><p>To discuss any of Camp4s services, please contact us anytime </p><p>Boyd Goodson </p><p>650-269-1845 </p><p> </p><p>Visit our website at </p></li></ul>