British Myths and Legends

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  • 7/30/2019 British Myths and Legends



    The pot of gold

    1. Write True or False next to each sentencea. Leprechauns aren`t honest Fb. Shaun worked hard Fc. Shaun wanted to be rich Td. The leprechaun made gold from hair Te. Shaun caught the leprechaun Tf. Shaun went to the leprechaun`s house Fg. The leprechaun gave Shaun a shovel Fh. Shaun didn`t trust the leprechaun T

    2. What is a leprechaun? Where do they live?

    Is a very small man, intelligent, honest, they work hard and they never keep a promise.

    They live in Ireland

    3. Describe Shaun according to the text and the pictures.He dreamed about being rich but He didn`t like work hard.

    He has golden hair.

    4. Why did the leprechaun take Shaun`s hair?Leprechaun transformed the Shaun s hair into real gold for trick him after that and

    take him a lesson.

    5. How did Shaun find the gold?Shaun never found the gold

    6. Write a brief summary to explain how the leprechaun tricked Shaun.

    Shaun took his scarf and tied it around the bush because the gold was under this bush.Leprechaun put one scarf on every bush and Shaun never found the pot of gold.

  • 7/30/2019 British Myths and Legends


    The two boxes

    1. Put the sentences from the story in the correct order.a. Megan went to the farm 6b. Birds dropped leaves into the bucket 2c. The cats made small pieces from the balls of wool 3d. Bella opened the black box 4e. Bella left home to find a job 1f. A spider jumped out of the gold box 7g. Bella returned home 5

    2. Can you describe the sisters, Bella and Megan?Bella: was a good kind girl, happy, she worked very hard, liked animals, was


    Megan: was very spoilt, doesn`t do any housework, hated animals and very lazy.

    3. Why do you think the animals helped Bella?

    Because she gave them food and she was kind with them.

    4. When Megan saw Bella`s jewels, she decided to go to the old woman`s farm.What was her attitude there?

    She doesn`t worked, doesn`t gave the animals food, doesn`t was kind and was

    spoilt with the old woman`s farm.

    5. What lesson did Megan and her mother learn in the end?People don`t get anything when they`re cruel or lazy. It`s better to be good and


  • 7/30/2019 British Myths and Legends


    George and the Dragon

    1. Match A and B to form sentences from the story.1. The dragon threwmen in the air.2. The King wantedto save his daughter.3. The people in the palacelaughed al George.4. Four men tookthe Princess to the dragon`s cave.5. When the dragon approachedthe princess was frightened.6. The dragon didn`t seeGeorge in the tree.7. George killedthe dragon with his sword.8. The King made a partyand invited everybody in the town.

    2. Who was George?Was a strong brave knight

    3. Why are all the people sad?Because there was a terrible dragon who ate sheep, cows and people.

    4. What was the deal between the King and the dragon?People must give the dragon one young man or one young woman to eat every day.

    5. How did George defeat the dragon?Gorge jumped on the dragon`s head and hit the dragon`s body repeatedly with his


  • 7/30/2019 British Myths and Legends


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