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  • CM Asia Learningis a dynamic and innovative educational solution distributor, headquartered in Singapore.

    Theyfollow a unique pedagogy learning model with extensive STEMcurriculums that are born out of decades of empirical

    research and best practices, in partnership with top global educational institutes and academies such asCarnegie Mellon

    Robotics Academy, Robomatter Inc and Zulama.

    CM Asia Learning is leading the way into STEM education, bringing in the expertise from the United States

    to the local schools in Asia Pacific, that will oer a more interactive and progressive learning environment for the

    students of the 21stcentury.

    STEM is the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics which provides real world problem

    solving practices through computational thinking and relevant learning experience to prepare students for the future

    and emerging global economy. The STEM with Robotics program emphasizes the importance of Technology and

    Engineering by incorporating these disciplines into the teaching of Mathematics and Science. It builds on the 21st

    century skills by using real world problems to engage students and contextualize learning that includes virtual

    simulation software.

    Find out more about the STEM with Robotics Program now.

    Advancingyouthto createthe worldat theirfingertips

    STEM with Robotics Program

  • Turnkey Solutions for STEM Programs

    Quality Curriculum

    Applies hands-on knowledge and skills taught through building, designing and programming robots. This program includes real-world application through critical thinking and problem solving methods.

    Authentic Assessment

    Focuses on authentic assessment which is based on the performance of the skills and takes place in a natural learning context. Variety of data will be collected on an ongoing basis during the course.

    Education Technology

    Uses LMS (Learning Management System) as a learning platform designed to provide educators, administrators and learners with a single robust, secure and integrated system to create personalized learning environments.

    Continuous Professional Development For Teachers

    The program is structured to equip teachers with essential pedagogical and technical skills as STEM educators. The continuous support provided in the program will help teachers to develop themselves and stay at the forefront of the education sector.

    Face-to-face- Workshops that are conducted

    by Master Trainers certified by Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy

    Synchronous - Professional discussions

    through webinars

    Asynchronous- Collaborative online

    discussion forums

    Continuous Professional Development For TeachersTeachers play an instrumental role in the successful implementation of the STEM curriculums. Hence, only teachers who undergo the professional development program and attain certification are eligible to conduct the STEM lessons at respective levels. We provide a structured professional development to equip teachers with essential pedagogical and technical skills as STEM educators. The program includes:

    Post Training Support- Online community of practice

    hosted by Master Trainers

    Certification- Teacher certification from

    Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy or CM Asia Learning

    STEM with Robotics Program Overview

    Age appropriate curriculum from age 6 onwards and no prior experience required

    Scaold of skills and concepts that progress from basic to advanced levels

    A high-end virtual simulation environment that complements the physical hardware

    Program is suitable formultiple hardware (Lego and VEX) and corresponding software platforms

    Flexible implementation of curriculum up to 100 hours of instructional program and activities per course; 10 courses in the full program

    About Robomatter IncFounded in 2003 by Robin Shoop, Director of the Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy, Robomatter provides high-quality and cost-eective K-12 STEM education solutions to prepare students to compete in the emerging economy.With STEM solutions, Robomatter uses motivational eects of robotics to excite and encourage students about science and technology. Their goal is to provide easy-to-use robotics educational learning resources, many created under license from and in association with Carnegie Mellon University.They have over one million robot installations with over 16,000 education institutions and over 5,000 Project Lead The Way schools. To date, Robomatter has trained over 11,000 teachers in how to successfully teach STEM with Robotics and Computer Science.


    For more information on CM Asia Learnings STEM with Robotics Program, email to




    Skill6 years oldand up programUpto 1,000 hours


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