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<ul><li><p>329</p><p>chapterStructural carcassing</p><p>12OVERVIEW Structural carcassing covers all carpentry work associated with </p><p>This chapter is designed to help you identify the main activities associated with structural carcassing and to provide you with the </p><p>This chapter will cover the following topics:</p><p>These topics can be found in the following modules:</p><p>CC 1001K CC 1001S</p><p>CC 2010K CC 2010S</p></li><li><p>360</p><p>Carpentry and Joinery NVQ and Technical Certificate Level 2, 2nd Edition </p><p>VVVVergeerVVV</p><p>VergeVV</p><p>Eaves</p><p>Abutment</p><p>Figure 12.53 Flat roof terminology</p><p>Single fall into guttering Double fall into guttering</p><p>Double fall to internal funnel outlet Double fall to corner funnel outlet</p><p>Direction of fall</p><p>Figure 12.54 Falls on a flat roof</p><p>Remember</p><p>A roof with an angle of more than 10 degrees is classified as a pitched roof</p><p>Definition</p><p>Fibreglass a material made from glass fibres and a resin that starts in liquid form then hardens to be very strong</p><p>SDid you know?</p><p>If a puddle forms on a roof and is not cleared away quickly, over a period of years the water will eventually work its way through</p></li><li><p>361</p><p>Chapter 12 Structural carcassing</p><p>Laying joists to a fall</p><p>Figure 12.55 Joists laid to a fall</p><p>FFFFFFFallallallallallall</p><p>Decking</p><p>VariableVVdepth firringsto give fall Joists fixed level</p><p>Figure 12.56 Joists with firring pieces</p><p>Definition</p><p>Firring piece long wedge tapered at one end and fixed on top of joists to create the fall on a flat roof</p><p>Joist</p><p>Wall plate</p></li></ul>