Chem Trails + Swine Flu - What You Must Know!!!

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The Truth Will Set You Free!!Be aware that vaccines have been proven to be deadly. Swine Flu, respiratory illnesses, population control and why. Are all here in one very informative packet that is easy to confirm for accuracyTHE BIGGEST NEWS STORY THE WORLD HAS EVER YETTO SEE:Chem Trails (Why make us sick?) Eugenics / New World Order plans to kill the population off with a strain of Influenza-A (a deadly fluvirus) starting in the US soon first.(why?) Read This Transcript and become educated....

Text of Chem Trails + Swine Flu - What You Must Know!!!

ChemTrails - 80% population reduction of earth !!!

THIS IS WORTH YOUR TIME TO READ ! ! It's long! This page is comprised of a collection of articles on this issue. There is more to this than you think. For many of you this is going to seem pretty far fetched. For those of us who have been researching and studying this issue for some time to see if it is true or not ; we knew this IS happening, just didn't know why until now. It's a worldwide population reduction action starting with the US, Canada, and Mexico. Read the article further down about the airplane mechanic who discovered how the planes are fitted with this equipment and just how the chemicals are put aboard without anyone's knowledge. We now know WHY they are doing this. They want to reduce the population by 80%, starting with the US, by infecting us with a deadly Spanish Flu virus which they will give us along with a required or flu vaccination for something else. The airplanes are spewing out materials that will coat your lungs and make you much more susceptible to this new LIVE virus that will be included in the same shot as the dead virus. DON'T take flu vaccinations! All the info is right here folks; you just have to read it. CHEMTRAILS: THE BIGGEST NEWS STORY THE WORLD HAS EVER YET TO SEE DMN Editors Note: Be aware that vaccines have been proven to be deadly. Be very cautious about rushing out to find a vaccine for any reason! THE BIGGEST NEWS STORY THE WORLD HAS EVER YET TO SEE: Chem Trails (why?) / Eugenics / New World Order plans to kill the population off with a strain of Influenza-A (a deadly flu virus) starting in the US soon first. (why?) [ preamble: Sometimes there are messages that the whole internet community shares with one another (like the Palm Beach ballot cartoon); I deeply pray that this message

becomes one of those... it is not about anything else but the *hope* that this emergency broadcast message will get transmitted around the world and to many millions of people, hopefully the billions of us. It is far more important than "voting" - this letter is about "living". YOUR OWN LIFE MAY BE IN DANGER IF YOU DO NOT GET THIS MESSAGE AND PLAN TO REACT. This letter has absolutely nothing to do with "money" - it has everything to do with your "life". I pray you never catch the discussed deadly NWO/H1N1 Influenza-A flu virus now in stock to be soon released to the majority of the Earth's population which includes you! That is what this recent rash of high altitude chemical spraying above densely populated areas in the US/Canada/Mexico that you may be starting to become aware of is all about - to get microfibers in your lungs to make the virus spread like an unstoppable wildfire. They wanted all of us to build this entire world for them; now they want to claim it for themselves. Nobody with these microfibers stuck to the linings in their lungs will be able to escape certain death without an appropriate inoculation against the H1N1 "Spanish Flu"-strain virus when it starts becoming an epidemic here in the US first. I am taking a personal day from my other work to get this message out. It is not my intent to fruitlessly scare you or anybody. It is my intent to report these facts to you and inform you! ] People of the world, This is the most frightening news. It is quite unbelievable. I will say that first. It seems that no matter how much the world's most outspoken freedom loving and patriotic activists, notably our most beloved Alex Jones of, try to stay on top of all this recent New World Order activity and machination - we seem to be always one step behind the most aweful plans. If I am wrong, so be it - if I am right - we must stop it at all costs. Please judge for yourselves. In my case, I have just become victim of it last night in Austin Texas. A

dense cloud layer of Ethylene Bromide and microfiber dust was jettisoned out of KC-135 tankers above Austin Texas in record amounts last night - as reported not in the least by the local or national media - but shouted out at America to "Wake Up" through cable access TV our of Austin Texas. I am still coughing due to my first exposure to it - just like I was informed last night - an hour before I become congested (I usually do not go downtown where the concentration of the chem trail substances is heaviest). I am still congested this Thursday morning, Feb 28th as I type this emergency broadcast letter out. This is not *laryngitis* floating around folks - as your officemates might be complaining about recently... I have just learned late last night/early this morning about of the rash of chem trail spraying across the rest of America as reported on the CACTUS (Citizens against Chem Trails in the US), , site and others. Chem Trails were sprayed heavily over Austin Texas (my home town) last night. Perhaps you have seen these chemical trails aloft in your own city/hometown. I learned of it as I sat in on a public access show, Common Sense, at a local studio here in Austin Texas -> the same studio that Alex Jones uses to broadcast his show and latest series 9/11 - The Road to Tyranny, see: . However I don't even think Alex is, at this moment - prior to sending the message, fully aware of the unbelievable horrible scheme being enacted on the American populous right now. Please send this e-mail out far and wide - or at least the important parts of it. (at the very least pass the article or the link below around). The global elite (yes, about 9 people control over 50% of the world's wealth) want to kill you and your families off very soon (in a historical perspective) with a deadly strain of "THE FLU" - genetically engineered and known as H1N1 Influenza-A. WHAT!?! Why? These globalists think a population between 400-500 million is best for our planet. 9/10 are desired to be killed off by the New World Order Global elitists. You may have heard rumors of this already. However, they are not intending to use Anthrax

bacillus spores - for they stay around too long and are too hard to get rid of... If you think I am crazy, then judge if I am an intelligent person by looking at my resume: . (of course this is a risk to release that to the public - but I am only one person - and I concerned about the other 5-6 billion of us at the moment!) Basically I am pretty/fairly smart/literate/informed and I like to be aware of what is really going on. I pray I can deliver the message now. ****** ->>> The purpose of all this chem-trail spraying is revealed in detail below - it is to make it easier for an airborne viruses to attach to the linings in your/our lungs. What is does is "sensitize" you to airborn viruses. It will make it easier for you to become infected - to "catch" the flu from others. That is the purpose of Ethylene Di-Bromide and the microfibers being reported and analyzed on the CACTUS website - and many hundreds of other sites. Just do a search for "chem trails eugenics" - and make sure you at least read the article I have inserted below. (where a former government scientist is trying to warn us of this master eugenics plan through a posted letter to the public.) It has become clear to me that the next wave of government sponsored terrorism will not be an airplane crashing, or an exploding building, or a tactical nuclear strike - but it will be the murdering of most of the great majority of the US civilian population one day soon - thru a cataclysmic flu epidemic/pandemic over a period of mere weeks - all while it is known that the populous will go into a state of mass confusion - and only the elite and portions of our own military will be properly inoculated against the deadly engineered H1N1 Influenza-A virus - those who have been/will be preselected to survive the "eugenic cleansing" of the Earth. (AIDS and EBOLA are just other examples of government created bio-terror that has been released in past decades - created for their top secret population control studies enacted by Henry Kissinger in the early 1960s.) (See the new book "Emerging Viruses". This is the real truth folks - not the stories of a black

man having sex with monkey in Africa in the early 80s! So, to answer your most probable first question -> Why here in the US first? Because Americans would be the first to stage a massive revolt if we knew of this plan being put into action first anywhere else in the world. This is what the scientist also agrees upon in his report below. Therefore, the spraying in concentrating on us right now, US citizens first. This is not "corn meal" being sprayed over our most densely populated areas folks as the FAA has stated back recently to the CACTUS group. This is a chemical mixture mixed with microfiber particulate that will make a mass infection much more prominent (and rapid) when the deadly H1N1 InfluenzaA Flu virus is released onto the public (an even more deadly engineered derivative of the Spanish-Flu virus that killed hundreds of thousands worldwide in the 1960s for those of you who can remember.) The H1N1 influence-A "Flu" that is planned to be released onto the world populous by the power elite will not by released by airborn spraying most likely - the eugenics plan now revealed will release it in this (or next?) years "flu shots"! Live H1N1 virus placed into the inoculation/"flu-shot" mixture folks! -> Safe to say, by the time Bush's first term comes up the global epidemics/pandemics will begin. After that, the population will be reduced in just mere weeks. See, Smallpox can't be used - because everyone over 30 years old has already been inoculated against the smallpox virus - it is not as fatal as Influenza-A as well. Please read this scientist's report below (and hopefully weep). A government scientist has released the Bush/Eugenics/NWO (NEW WORLD ORDER) plan for America and the rest of the world. I am