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Classroom Teacher Grant Questions

All Classroom Teacher Grant applications must be submitted through the online portal. Use this document to save the appropriate data and material you will need when you complete the application in the online portal. No materials will be accepted via fax, email, or postal mail. Grants are open to active members only.

Select a category: (choose one)

Classroom Manipulatives

Classroom Project

Student Outreach Support

Project name:


Project description and explanation of need: (3,800 characters maximum)


Estimated number of students impacted: (numbers only)


Grade level(s) of students impacted:


Curriculum area(s): (100 characters maximum)


Objectives/goals for students: (500 characters maximum)


Upload a detailed project budget that includes specific items and expenses to complete your project/program. (PDF or Word doc)

Does your project require more than $150 to implement? (choose one)



If your project exceeds $150, what other entities are funding your project to ensure its success? (750 characters maximum)


Describe how the $150 grant will be spent. (1,000 characters maximum)


What method will you use to evaluate the proposed use of grant dollars to confirm that your goals have been met? (1,000 characters maximum)


Number of years in the profession: (numbers only)


Name and address of school where you are currently teaching:


Name and address of administrator/supervisor you would like notified if you are selected as a grant recipient: (optional)


Describe your current involvement with Kappa Delta Pi and your long-term goal in sustaining your membership as a practicing educator. (2,000 characters maximum)


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