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Clothing and Protection

Clothing and ProtectionBy SAM, CORAL,LEWIS,MICKIEClothing and protectionDifferent types of sports performers wear different types of clothing in their sports depending on how dangerous the sport is. These different types of clothing provide different types of protection depending on how dangerous the sport is.Clothing and Protection In most sports you are given general guidelines about what to wear:Trampoline- you shouldnt wear loose clothing as there is the danger of getting caught in the equipmentOutdoor pursuits- owning to climatic conditions you might need to wear waterproof clothing or several layers of warm clothing. You need to wear a wetsuit if you were to go surfing .

Clothing and Protection! Cycling- All cyclists are supposed to wear helmets for protecting their head if they fall off.Football- Footballers have to wear shin pads to protect them from getting kicked in the shins while playing.Rugby- Rugby players have to wear gum shields to protect their teeth from being knocked out! Swimming- Swimmers wear goggles to protect their eyes from being damaged by the chlorine while they are swimming so that they can actually see.

Clothing and protectionCricket- Cricket players sometimes wear a cricket box to protect their balls from being hit by the cricket ball during fielding.

The Impact it can have on sportThis protection has lots of different advantages and disadvantages to the sports players. For example this protection can make the sports player feel much safer and it would reduce any medical costs clubs would have to pay as the sports players are not getting injured.How clothing is linked to protectionClothing is linked to protection because there are lots of different types of clothing that can have different effects on your health and performance. For example most sensible sports performers would wear trainers and not plimsolls. This is because plimsolls have no support so after using them for a certain amount of time a performers feet would start to hurt and this could lead to a longer term injury. However all good quality trainers have lots of support that can protect the performer from injury and some help them perform better by doing things like adding extra bounce to the step when running.

CLOTHING EQUIPMENT AND PROTECTIONDifferent equipment given in sport help with protection and some sports have a rule that you must wear this equipment.For example footballers have to wear shin pads in order to play and the referee needs to check the studs of each player before playing in case they are wearing too pointy ones like rugby studs which arent allowed in football.Cricketers up to the age of 18 should wear a full face helmet for protection, they also might wear pads, gloves, thigh pads, arm guards, a chest pad and a box (abdominal protector).A hockey game cannot start unless the hockey players are wearing a helmet and faceguard. Protection and sponsorshipAs Nike sponsors Ronaldo it is more than likely that Ronaldo has got Nike shin pads, as a child if Ronaldo was your role model then you would probably want the same equipment as him as well.Another example of this would be the cricketer Alistair Cook. He is sponsored by Gray Nicolls. Because of this he would most likely have Gray Nicolls clothing/ protection and therefore anyone who looks up to him and sees him as their role model would probably want Gray Nicolls gear as well.

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