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Generic presentation introducing Go Dekstop from Enspire Australia, a cloud computing based hosted desktop service. Removing Capex by providing company IT services from the cloud on a pay per user per month basis.


<ul><li> 1. our place or yours?<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. our place?<br />we deliver your desktop applications over the cloud giving you worry free IT<br />you concentrate on what you do best!<br /> 3. just call<br />server<br />busters!<br /> 4. giving you<br />IT freedom<br /> 5. freedom from<br />on site servers<br />redundant hardware<br />backup systems<br />firewalls<br />Microsoft Server licences<br />backup software<br />ongoing IT service contracts<br /> 6. how?<br />pay<br />per user<br />per month<br /> 7. our place<br />to<br />your place<br /> 8. why?<br />the flexibleIT solution<br />to your office<br />to remote users<br />to your home<br /> 9. increased uptime<br />Since migrating to Enspires Complete Hosted Solution, we have reduced our total billable hours for IT issues by $450,000 per annum.<br />Norman Same, KNP Solutions<br /> 10. no<br />and with little or<br />capital<br />outlay <br /> 11. your place?<br />you want<br />onsite,proactive<br />IT support<br />that is<br />business focused<br />and strategy driven<br /> 12. let us show you<br />how <br />talk to us today!<br /> 13. contact us<br />1300 366 964<br /><br /></p>