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Community Conversation’s Highlights NMF Community Conversations 2010

Community Conversations Highlights NMF Community Conversations 2010

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Community Conversations Highlights NMF Community Conversations 2010 Slide 2 TEAM KLTG MOTLATSI LEKHULENI Slide 3 Communities and Teams Limpopo Khakhala Village North West Lerome Free State Thabanchu Northern Cape - Galeshewe Slide 4 2010 Highlights - Khakhala Tribal Authority Khakhala Local Clinic 13 19 August 117 Tested 20 26 August 124 Tested Recreation Facilities Community Moral Facilitators Mandela Day 2010. 2010 710 Total CC Attendance. Slide 5 2010 Highlights - Lerome Gender Inequality Task Team Womens Month Facilitators Mandela Day 2010 655 Total CC Attendance Slide 6 2010 Highlights - Thabanchu Prostitution Taverns Crime Rape & Mugging Facilitators Mandela Day 2010 760 Total CC Attendance Slide 7 2010 Highlights - Galeshewe Teenage Pregnancy & Criminal Activities. Taverns. New Start. Youth Aids. Facilitators Mandela Day. 2010 925 Total CC Attendance. Slide 8 Lessons Learnt Communities & Capacity Similar concerns No blanket solutions Dialogue Community owned solutions Unity Powerful communities Slide 9 Thank You Slide 10 TEAM KSM SIVIWE KHABA Slide 11 COMMUNITIES GAUTENG KLIPTOWN GAUTENG SOSHANGUVE MPUMALANGA MHLUZI Slide 12 KLIPTOWN HIGHLIGHTS 40 tested Stakeholder Partnerships Task Team Launch HCT campaign Pre schools and Schools Outreach Disclosure Gender equality Tribute to women on womens month Involvement of the community in support groups to offer more support to the infected. Committee {supervision}. Slide 13 SOSHANGUVE HIGHLIGHTS Formation of groups in schools. Continuity in dialogues Lack of Communication Facilitators establishing an organization. Tribute paid to women on womens month Substance Abuse. [partnership with SANCA] Establish partnerships. Competition Sense of belonging Peer education Slide 14 MHLUZI Human rights workshop. Creation of a safe space. Establishment of organization (s). Recreational activities Recreational facilities Resentment. Slide 15 LESSON LEARNT A need to promote dialogue within the families (households) set up. Need for a healing process within the communities. United we stand and divided we fall Communication is key in any sphere of our lives. Abstinence Community owned solutions could be sustainable Slide 16 CONCLUSION I THANK YOU Slide 17 TEAM KEW LESLEY NKOSI Slide 18 4 COMMUNITIES THREE PROVINCES KWA-ZULU NATAL KWA-MAKHUTHA EASTERN CAPE NGANGELIZWE EASTERN CAPE EMANTLANENI VILLAGE WESTERN CAPE - LANGA TOWNSHIP Slide 19 KwaMakhutha 2010 highlights: Poverty Functionality of the clinic Functionality of the police station Youth & Culture (Virgin testing effectiveness) Drug abuse (Woonga) Slide 20 Ngangelizwe (Mthatha) 2010 Highlights Poverty Unemployment Issues with the clinic Drug Abuse Slide 21 Emantlaneni Village (Lusikisiki) 2010 Highlights Rape and Murder cases of girl children Clinic functionality (Unavailability of ARV treatment) Formation of Action Teams Improved relations with SAPS Slide 22 Langa Township (Cape Town) 2010 Highlights Alcohol and drug abuse Rape of grandmothers Fear of disclosure Lack f confidence clinic staff Testing Slide 23 LESSONS LEARNT Communities have little or no faith in the public health system (all areas) There is a problem with DRUGS in all communities (peri-urban and urban) Access to ARVs generally a problem Link between substance abuse and rape and other violent crimes Except in Rural areas where rape is as a result of persistent myths and culture Causes of the spread of HIV and other social injustices are deeply rooted in the fibre of society Slide 24 LESSONS LEARNT cont. The wounds of any community can be healed through Community Dialogues (Strength through unity) Culture can be challenged to work for communities in the fight against wrong. Communities are capable of bringing change Poverty is never an excuse. Moral rejuvenation is possible. Individuals can grow (one individual value changed = whole community value change) Partnerships are crucial Slide 25 Thank You