Comparison of final footage with original footage

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  • 1. Comparison of Final Footagewith Original Footage

2. The HouseOriginalEdited 3. Filters Applied and Edits Made The entire track has been put into black and white, withboth the brightness and contrast increased. This is to givea depressing sad feel into the video as well as to createatmosphere. It also improves lighting quality and makesthe grain on the original footage appear emphasised. On this shot, a slow zoom has been added in using thePan/Crop tool. This zooms into the window so that itlinks into the next scene which is in the window. Thishelps establish both the house and the window. The transition is a fade to show passing of time and toblend the two simultaneous shots together in a moreseamless fashion. 4. Filter Screenshots The filters were applied to the entire layer and are so the same for every piece of footage in the edit. 5. The Zoom 6. The Window Original Edit 7. Filters applied The same filter has been applied for atmosphere andimprovement in lighting. In this particular shot, it has made the windowappear brighter, giving contrast on the hair anddarkening elements not in the window. This isatmospheric and depressing as it doesnt give theroom that much light. A lack of light has depressingconnotations. 8. The Studio Original Edit 9. Filters applied. The same two filters have been applied here. For this shot, the filters have caused strong contrast and shadow to appear over the models face. This allows the elements of pure whites (parts of the cheek) and the black (vest and hair) to stand out strongly and these are emotionless colours. This creates sympathy for the audience and they just want to help the character in their situation, which is one of the aims the music video has. 10. The Woodlands Original Edited 11. Filters Applied Again its just the same black and white, brightnessand contrast filter applied here. In this particular shot it has rapidly increased thebrightness, and removed highlights and hints ofpotential colour. This again is depressing andatmospheric which makes it match the song, thesongs meaning and the meaning I am trying toconvey in the imagery. 12. The River Original Edit 13. Filters Applied Again the same brightness, contrast and black and whitefilters have been applied here. In this shot in particular they have again made the modelreally bright, which has helped the two colours of black(the hair and the dress) stand out causing strongcontrasting images and creating separate representationswithin the same shot. This all leads to confusion, which iswhat the character at the time in the song is feeling, sothis creates a link between the character and audienceand allows a relationship to build up based on thismutual confusion.