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<ul><li><p>Concordia Branding Guidelines | Graphic Identity System &amp; Brand Standards | BUILDING LIVES OF EXCELLENCE UPON THE FOUNDATION OF CHRIST</p><p>This logo is designed to stay locked up and not be changed.</p><p>Official Banner Logo: Official Athletic Logo:</p><p>Official Fine Arts Logo:</p><p>Font Types:</p><p>Font Types:</p><p>Font Types:</p><p>Font Ratio: 0.451</p><p>Font Ratio: 0.451</p><p>Font Ratio: 0.391For general text (i.e in letterheads, reports, emails etc) default font is Myriad Pro.</p><p>concordia font: copperplate gothic BOLD</p><p>concordia font: copperplate gothic bold</p><p>CRUSADER FONT: COLLEGIATEFLFLUTHERAN HS font: CAPS, Avant Garde Gothic Demi</p><p>PERFORMING &amp; FINE ARTS font: CAPS, Avant Garde Gothic Demi</p><p>Athletics font: CAPS, Avant Garde Gothic Demi</p><p>Lady font: Great Vibes</p><p>The Crusader Brody can be a stand alone. Here is an example of how to use as a 1 and 2 color logo.</p><p>Examples of how to use the various Athletic sport logos:</p><p>All Concordia logos can be used in a one color format as shown.</p><p>Example of alternate Athletic logo only for clothing, and specialized for individual sports.</p><p>Example of Athletic logo for Athletic caps.</p><p>Brody- Cross is an option that teams may use for their mascot image upon request. Full athletic logo will lookl like the Football option above.</p><p>Examples of how not to use the Athletic sport logos:</p><p>May not be altered in any way, as shown above</p><p>School shield Logo can be used as a stand alone, however the font for the name cannot be altered.</p><p>When logo must be a single color, the logo should be used as this:(When at all possible, the single color logo should be in Blue)</p><p>CRUSADERAthletics</p><p>CRUSADERAthletics</p><p>Primary Color Palet and CMYK Values: The PMS colors used for logo are PMS 282 blue &amp; 877 silver For CMYK Purposes the CMYK percentages are: Blue CMYK mixture is: C: 100 M: 87.08 Y: 42.09 K: 51.79Silver CMYK mixture is: C: 47.82 M: 38.72 Y: 39.06 K: 3.18 </p><p>Secondary Color Palet and CMYK Values: The secondary PMS colors are PMS 465 tan 200 red &amp; 542 light blueTan CMYK mixture is: C: 25.34 M: 39.95 Y: 73.5 K: 2.82Red CMYK mixture is: C: 16.15 M: 100 Y: 86.91 K: 6.41Light Blue CMYK mixture is: C: 50.37 M: 20.5 Y: 5.46 K: 0</p><p>Concordia Mission Statement: Must always be used in Copperplate Gothic Bold Italic as shown belowBUILDING LIVES OF EXCELLENCE UPON THE FOUNDATION OF CHRIST</p><p>Concordia Vision Statement: </p><p>Concordia Lutheran High School is the school of choice for students and families in the Greater Houston area. We impact lives through a Christ-centered education focused on relationships, collaboration and stewardship generating excellence in Christian character, academics, competition and performance. Concordia graduates are discerning, well-rounded, motivated , accountable servant leaders. </p><p>Our Core Values: </p><p>Christ-centeredOur foundation upon Jesus Christ, who values all people, inspires us to view people through His eyes and serve Him in all that we do.</p><p>RelationshipsWe strive to establish an environment built on respect where Grace is received and applied as individuals interact with one another.</p><p>CollaborationWe honor a teamwork approach to problem solving and decision-making which is aligned with our Christian worldview.</p><p>StewardshipWe pledge to faithfully utilize our God-given abilities to manage the gifts we are given.</p><p>ExcellenceWe pursue distinction and high standards in an atmosphere of diverse opportunities. </p><p>CRUSADERATHLETICS</p><p>ATHLETICS</p><p>CRUSADER</p><p>C</p><p>ONCORDIA</p><p>BASEBALL</p><p>CRUSADER</p></li></ul>