Content Area Literacy Plan Erin Thurston, Secondary ELA Content Leader

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National Writing Scores


<p>Content Area Literacy Plan Erin Thurston, Secondary ELA Content Leader National Reading Scores NAEP 2013 National Writing Scores Mission &amp; Vision O To equip content teachers with literacy strategies in order to be confident in implementing reading and writing in their content area to meet the Common Core expectations. Planning Stage O Common Core Task Force O Content Area Literacy O Reading/Writing Strategies O Train-the-Trainer Model Train-the-Trainer: Reading Developing Readers in the Academic Disciplines 6 Release Days Reflection, New Learning, Collaboration CCSS, Mentoring Students in Disciplinary Literacy Frontloading Self Questioning Taxonomy Think Alouds Note-Taking &amp; Graphic Organizers Writing HowellNET to Share Documents/Examples Implementation: Reading O 15 CAL Groups O Administrator Support O 6 Professional Development Days (4 hours) O Participant Survey O CAL Debrief Train-the-Trainer: Writing Focus on Argumentative Writing &amp; Toulmin Model Added ELA and LMS Book Study via Twitter &amp; Schoology Oh Yeah?! Putting to Work Both in School and Out by Jeffrey Wilhelm, etc. 2 Release Days with Jeffrey Wilhelm in spring 2 Summer Work Days 4 Professional Development Google Presentation Shells for CALs to populate Implementation: Writing O 11 CAL Groups O Administrator &amp; LMS Support O Participant Surveys &amp; CAL Debrief O 5 PD Days (4 hours) O Kick Off with Jeffrey Wilhlem O Frontloading Arguments O Toulmin Model: Claims, Evidence, Warrants O Feedback &amp; Revising O Research District Impact Questions</p>


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