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  • 1. Creating my own film poster

2. My ideaWhen looking at existing film posters in my last piece of research, I noticed that most use animage from the film in the centre of the poster. Especially in psychological thrillers. I like thisidea, as psychological thrillers are very character based, so in my promotional package I willneed to show the character instead of the narrative. 3. My ideaExtending the idea of using a character image in my film poster, I was drawn to use an image ofa character at the top with something extra below or with one big main image.Here are two psychological thriller posters. I am mostly drawn to the poster for Black Swan overShutter Island, as well both films are quite different. Shutter Island focuses on the island in thetitle, and therefore an image of it helps the narrative be hinted in the poster along with thecharacter above as he is the main character. However the poster for Black Swan just shows thefemale character who is the main plot and point of the film. Black Swan is my biggest inspirationwhen creating my psychological thriller, so I think I will go with one image to be similar. 4. My idea with inspirationMYPOSTERI think these icons work together well to relate to my trailer but also to show a new side of thestory on my film poster. The mask, little girl, older girl and the use of the colour red and I use itas a theme throughout my production. 5. Photo shootHere are variousimages I took forimages to use in myposter.I took different anglesand ideas such as halfa mask and a fullmask so that I hadmore options whencreating my poster. 6. Editing and create main image 7. Editing and creating main image Final 8. TitlesTo create the film title for the poster, I used a different font to the one in the trailer, simplybecause I attempted it and found that with an interim feedback, many people didnt think thefont suited the poster and made it look too student project like.MASKEDFont: Chiller 9. Editing and creating textsI used a Word Art box to insert the text so itwas bolder, made it to the Chiller font andchanged the colour to match my scheme.Then all I had to do was to fit the font tothe size I wanted it and the width of theposter I wanted it. 10. Subtitle/taglineBecause I have a subtitle tagline in my trailer, I am going to feature this in my trailer.Even though I think it work better for continuity if I used the same font here (Head Injuries) forthe subtitle on my poster, I think the font only best works big and I want the subtitle to be quitesmall on the page.I used the font Agency FB and made thesecond line of the tagline bigger in size andhad the word truth in red- like the trailer.I also made sure the subtitle was in thecentre. 11. Editing and creating subtitle 12. Accolades and quotesEven though in my research I looked at poster quotes and accolade mentions(awards, nominations, etc) I decided that because my film is a lowbudget, independent film I didnt want to publicise it as a mainstream film. Extra info.In my previous research I looked at the date, extra information, credits that feature infilm posters.This information is usually very small on the film poster, in a colour so it doesnt standout too much on the poster but so that it is easily readable and nearly always at thebottom of the poster.The reason for this information is to provide audiences with information, show whoworked on the film and to provide details for how audiences can find out extrainformation about the film. This especially comes in handy if the poster is a teaserposter.For the extra information at the bottom of the poster, I will be using the same font from thetrailer and the same information for continuity. This font is called SF Movie Poster