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Creative Learning Ideas for the Classroom. Repousse. Shaft Grave Era Record built from burial finds. Poor settlement finds for this period Thera eruption thought to be c.1540 bc. Early Helladic Little evidence of organised mainland civilisation. Small, isolated Agarian communities. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Creative Learning Ideas for the Classroom</p> <p>Creative Learning Ideasfor the Classroom</p> <p>Repousse120016001600 - 145014501400130012103000 20001700Strong Cultural conformity for burials found. By start of 1750s significant wealth indicators begin to be seenShaft Grave Era</p> <p>Record built from burial finds. Poor settlement finds for this period</p> <p>Thera eruption thought to be c.1540 bcCollapse of Minoan Civilisation evidence of Mycenaean expansion beginsSuggested date of real Trojan WarDestruction of many Mycenaean palaces and collapseHeight of Mycenaean cultural age and dominanceMycenaean Palatial Period Myc society flourishes and settlement record expandsStart of Middle Bronze Age and Middle Helladic PeriodsStart of Late Helladic.</p> <p>Start of dominant Mycenaean civEarly Helladic</p> <p>Little evidence of organised mainland civilisation. Small, isolated Agarian communitiesChronological Development of Mycenaean Civilisation3125016001500145013751350s13503000 20001700Grave Circle B at Mycenae</p> <p>Also see Minoan NeoPalatial period begin after destruction of PalacesEvidence Chronology for Mycenaean CivilisationGrave Circle A</p> <p>Between 1600 - 1500 used for multiple burialsTiryns fortifiedMycenae fortifiedExpansion of Mycenae citadel. Lion Gate builtGrand Tholos tombs builtMinoan collapseStart of Middle Bronze Age and Middle Helladic Periods. </p> <p>Significant burial recordLate Helladic begins. Period of 1600 1450 known as Shaft Grave Era due to Mycenae burialsEarly Helladic</p> <p>Little evidence of organised mainland civilisation. Small, isolated Agarian communitiesThis is an example text. Go ahead and replace it with your own text. It is meant to give you a feeling of how the designs looks including text.417001600 - 15001400 -13001375 - 1250Pre-1750Use of natural resources and standardised burialsGrave Circle APalace building and ExpansionGrave Circle BGrand TholoiMajority of Linear B record1250 -1200Evidence</p> <p>5Aims todayTo teach you to suck eggsProvide extra ideasStart thinking about T&amp;L in a new wayProvide abundance of resourcesContinue working together onlineThe ApproachExtending Understanding</p> <p>Imbedding a Philosophy</p> <p>Promoting student responsibility for learning</p> <p>Testing in a different way</p> <p>Creative Activities &amp; Ideas on a Shoe String Budget</p> <p>Active learning</p> <p>Active Learning adds a grade and a half to achievement.</p> <p>Professors John Hattie and Robert Marzanos findings show that, for the best active methods, if you put a student in the experimental group, then on average, they will do more than a grade and a half better than if they had been placed in the control group. </p> <p>The 3-Stage Technique for Effective LearningBased on Geoff Pettys work on effective recall (Teaching Today).Each recall fixes the learning more firmly in the LTM.</p> <p>Left and Right Brain Functions</p> <p> A persons dominant hemisphere is usually occupied with language and logical operations, while the other hemisphere controls emotion and artistic and spatial skills. In nearly all right-handed and many left-handed people, the left hemisphere is dominant</p> <p>Getting students to use their passions and subjects to achieve your goalsAttention Span SpaceThe Question WallThe Creative Learning WallLearn BoredHow do you use simple (primary style) methods?</p> <p>Tests (3x) &amp; essays</p> <p>Simple samples for making things a tad more exciting</p> <p>Speed Dating / Blind dateJohn Leggott CollegeGive students set questions and answers, and move along the line to a timer</p> <p>Students have to ask each other questions to build up a tally</p> <p>The couple with the highest tally wins</p> <p>Or</p> <p>One Qs asker, three answerers </p> <p>Themed to answer in character</p> <p>Asker has to choose and justify why</p> <p>Youtube Countdown ClockJohn Leggott College</p> <p>30 Second countdown - useful for quickly directing students to collect/ put away mini whiteboards or put lab coats on. JeopardyJohn Leggott CollegeStudents answer questions in teams to score pointsUse mini whiteboards</p> <p> click Blue two clicks YellowBlockbusters</p> <p>Pod - CastsStudents adore thisAll you need is a minidisk and micThen upload to intranetCan be downloaded onto I-pods or listened to onlineStudents expected to script and recordGreat revision</p> <p></p>