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Crete 2009

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Crete 2009. Large MPGD production status. Summary. Large size single mask GEM Large size Bulk Micromegas CERN Std detectors CERN DEM possibilities: Read out board Spark protection Charge spreading Conclusion. LARGE GEM. Large size single mask GEM Process Prototype in progress - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Crete 2009


Crete 200909/06/2009Rui De Oliveira1Large MPGD production status

1Crete june 2009 Rui De OliveiraSummaryLarge size single mask GEM

Large size Bulk Micromegas

CERN Std detectors

CERN DEM possibilities:Read out boardSpark protection Charge spreading

Conclusion09/06/2009Rui De Oliveira2LARGE GEM

09/06/2009Rui De Oliveira3

Large size single mask GEMProcessPrototype in progressLarge volume STD process09/06/2009Rui De Oliveira4 top/bottom patterningBase material polyimide anisotropic etchSingle mask process09/06/2009Rui De Oliveira5Chemical Polyimide etchingSharper than std process ?Post Polyimide etchingEtching of bottom electrode ?

StrippingSingle mask process2 new problems:Shaper anisotropic etchingEtching the bottom electrode09/06/2009Rui De Oliveira6Sharper Polyimide etch09/06/2009Rui De Oliveira7+Strong isotropic conical etchingstable from 7min to 15min large window process Anisotropic Cylindrical etching down to [email protected] etching isotropic etching down to [email protected] min etching (lower quality) Mixed conical/cylindrical etching 7min +3min70um top -- 50 to 60um bottomAcceptable processing window21Copper etch09/06/2009Rui De Oliveira809/06/2009Rui De Oliveira9Copper etchantGEMTest 1Test 1

09/06/2009Rui De Oliveira10

(Still using the std GEM chemistry)-rims-small holes -holes not round- Works but parameters different from std GEM TOPBOTTest 1

09/06/2009Rui De Oliveira11

!Still using the std GEM chemistry-rims-small holes -holes not round- Works but parameters different from std GEM

Resistlayer09/06/2009Rui De Oliveira12Copper etchantGEMGold coatingTop electrodeTest 2Test 209/06/2009Rui De Oliveira13

Special chemistry+Gold protection

-no rims -round holes-local copper etching below gold- Better results but still Gold!TOPBOTTest 209/06/2009Rui De Oliveira14

When copper is immersed a voltage drop V1 appearsduring etchingcopperV1Chemistry etching the copperMetallic container09/06/2009Rui De Oliveira15Selective etchIf we apply a voltage (V2)Opposite and > to V1 the etching reaction stopscopperV1Chemistry etching the copperMetallic containerV209/06/2009Rui De Oliveira16+3VResistlayer+3V0VBath at +3V -everything at ground will be protected-everything at +3V will be chemically etched- An example of active corrosion protection09/06/2009Rui De Oliveira17Examples of application

Protection of boat hull againstSea water corrosionProtection of pipes againstHumid ground corrosionElectrodes to Polarize the water09/06/2009Rui De Oliveira18Single mask + active corrosion protection09/06/2009Rui De Oliveira19

TOPBOT-no rims -round holes-no delamination- Close to cynlindrical holesWithout copper

09/06/2009Rui De Oliveira20

TOP polyimideBOT polyimide

4 GEM tested by G.Bencivenni team09/06/2009Rui De Oliveira21

For detailed measurements look at Danilio Domenici talk at Elba 26/05/09GainIon back flowCharge sharingEnergy resolutionrateLarge size single mask GEMin production

09/06/2009Rui De Oliveira2299cm x 33cm active area105cm x 45cm foil5um copper both sidesPrototype for CERN Workshop testTooling ready (handles 2m x 45cm GEM)Ready by end of June

Production testsSparking voltageIn air @35% RH around 700 VLeakage currentIn air @35% RH and 600V : less than 10nAR/C time constantFinal current stabilization in less than 20 sec

09/06/2009Rui De Oliveira23

uniformity09/06/2009Rui De Oliveira24

Compass test:Picture + grey level studyQualitative testTOTEM test:Precise scan + precise histogramLimited to A3 sizeFuture test:Light transmission test3mm x 3mm integration areaTest every 5cmNot limited in sizeSingle side GEMCERN max possibilities!Base material 500mm x 100m rollsEquipments600 mm x 2mTooling450mm x 2mTestNo limitation09/06/2009Rui De Oliveira25Bigger than that is not possible without RD51 helpLarge GEM atNew FLEX

09/06/2009Rui De Oliveira26

Visit November 2008, organized by Changwon university

Company: NEW flex technologyStarted in 1992Activities: circuits for Telecom, displays and Automotive400 EmployeeSituation: South Korea near Seoul

Double sided flexes capacity10 000 m2/month !09/06/2009Rui De Oliveira27

Smaller than neededfor GEMs09/06/2009Rui De Oliveira28

Roll to roll exposure, etching and stripping09/06/2009Rui De Oliveira29New flexThey can do large size and large scale production for most of the stepsPolyimide etch knowledge should be transferred and adapted to mass production (reel to reel)Cleaning step should also be adapted to mass productionThey are waiting for our approval on SMGems processes to start studying the equipments.09/06/2009Rui De Oliveira30GEM /TECH-ETCH

09/06/2009Rui De Oliveira31

Visited last week to discuss licensing400 personsModern equipmentLots of know how in chemical processesGEM 40cm x 40cm about to be OKWilling to go for larger volumesReel to reel possibilitiesLarge size possibilities

ScienergyCompany visited last NovemberCERN license for GEM productionDry process GEM productionDifferent materials and different thicknessesLCP : smaller tangent loss, less sensitive to RHPolyimideSmall company (large volumes? )

09/06/2009Rui De Oliveira3209/06/2009Rui De Oliveira33

MICROMEGAS BULK09/06/2009Rui De Oliveira34

Large size Bulk MicromegasProcessPrototype in progressLarge volume

Micromegas bulkproduction processes09/06/2009Rui De Oliveira35Laminated Photoimageable coverlayFrame Stainless steel mesh on frameLaminated Photoimageable coverlayExposure Development+ cure+ cutRead-out boardExamples

09/06/2009Rui De Oliveira36CLAS 12 Cylindrical Micromegas bulkThin substrateControled CTE substrateT2K 80 detectors produced at CERNYield up to 95% for the bulk part128um gap

sectorizing09/06/2009Rui De Oliveira370.8mm0.8mm0.6mmRead-out boardSpacer pillarMesh- Cut done with a blade to avoid metal particlesSectorizing example

09/06/2009Rui De Oliveira38

33 sectors , 12cm diameter detector2.5mm dead space for sectorizing1mm hole for HV connectionBottom high voltage distributionand HV read outLarge Micromegas

09/06/2009Rui De Oliveira39

Atlas Muons detector upgrade project-1.5m x 0.5m detector in production-Mesh ready-Read out board ready-Bulk started 8/06/09 MeshRead-outInspection !!!

09/06/2009Rui De Oliveira40-6 sectors of different size-bigger sector: 1.1m x 10 cm-2 pitches tested: 250um and 500um-high voltage distribution on board -board thickness: 2mm-copper :17um-amplification gap:128um-mesh: 45um opening, 18um wire-Single side pattern-Back side : gnd-37 Erni 80 pins connectors (T2K)

Detector ready !09/06/2009Rui De Oliveira41

Micromegas bulk testSparking voltageFind the sparking voltage>850V in air @35% RHUp to 900 V after cooking!Random sparking checkLeakage currentLess than 200nA @500V before cureLess than 10 nA @600 V in air @35% RH after cureThese tests are valid up to 35cm x 35cm sector areaSet up100Mohms serial resistor2 uA power supply limitation

09/06/2009Rui De Oliveira42

Micromegas bulkCERN max possibilitiesMesh stretching2m x 1mRead out board 1.5m x 50cmEtch, development, etc 1.5m x 50cmTest Any size09/06/2009Rui De Oliveira43

Bigger than that needs RD51 helpMicromegas/TRIANGLE LABS

09/06/2009Rui De Oliveira44

Visited 3/06/2009 in Nevada with Brookhaven lab Atlas Team-Their equipment is compatible with the production of 2m x 1m Bulk -They are going to increase their PCB capability up to 1.4 m x 2m-Print and etch and also Plated through holes -12 personsLarge volume ? ( 50 to 100 detectors/ year , thats my estimation)AOI for read out ?1 meter laminator2 m x 1m milling machineMicromegas/SOMACIS09/06/2009Rui De Oliveira45

Dear Mr. Rui De Oliveira,With reference to recent meeting at Cern with Somacis on 17 February 2009, we are pleased to confirm that Somacis would welcome the opportunity to support Cern in the development and production of PCBs for the MPGD project. Whilst we are a highly capable and technology driven organisation we presently may not have all of the appropriate equipment required to manage production of the type of product required by Cern. This however is seen as a minor detail as the key is having the appropriate advanced interconnect know how. In addition Somacis also has the necessary production real estate and technical resources necessary to install any additional equipment requirements.Looking forward and in order to develop this business opportunity together we would like to formally invite you to visit our plantin Castelfidardo. This meeting will also serve as the next step in terms of project development. Our proposed agenda would be as follows; Somacis presentation (capabilities and technical road map). Cern's presentation of all technical details concerning the new project/product. Cern's presentation of existing pcb business/requirements. Preliminary identification of the equipments to be acquired by Somacis (with the European funds) in order to be able to produce this new product. Roberta Sbodio will maintain contact with you in order to coordinate the meeting details. Please also do not hesitate to make contact again should you have any further questions as we would be happy to provide any complementary information if required.We trust this message finds you well and we look forward to hearing from you soon.Kind regardsEngineers from Somacis came to CERN in April for technical discussionsThey sent me this official e-mail to confirm their interest

Micromegas/SOMACIS09/06/2009Rui De Oliveira46

Dear Mr. Rui De Oliveira,With reference to recent meeting at Cern with Somacis on 17 February 2009, we are pleased to confirm that Somacis would welcome the opportuni

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