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<ol><li> 1. +91-9818793340 RAJESHKUMAR KANWAR Gurgaon (Haryana) SUMMARY A Certified LabVIEW Developer (CLD), with significant experience in development ofAutomated Test Equipment (ATE) and embedded test management. Other experiences-Test Laboratory Management, Testing, ModBus drivers development, IEC Certification testing of meters,PLC Automation, test scheduling, core electrical engineering. EMPLOYMENT Technical Manager R&amp;D Lab Socomec India Pvt. Ltd. (Gurgaon) Oct. 2011-Till Date Defined laboratory management processes as per IEC std. 17025. Automated numerous embedded testing procedures using NI Labview and NI hardware. Reduced the test cycle time to half using well managed processes and automation. Taken the metrology test using MTE to the next level by developing customized tool as per IEC/EN std. Regulated laboratory equipments calibration, repair and handling, along with sample management. Lead Engineer Validation (DE) General Electric- Energy (Hyd) Mar. 2005-Oct. 2011 Awarded for handling a new product, based on embedded linux, named Transfix-2 for system validation Validation excellence award for committed efforts in delivering bug free ANSI/IEC meters. Got Six Sigma-green belt (DFSS) certified for defining new automated process in embedded validation. Many NI LABVIEW developments- for over-night functional tests, communication protocol test. Design Engineer-PED BHEL (Hyd) Aug. 2003-Mar. 2005 Single handedly taken Dhuvaran-II project switchgear design, being new to everything in a power plant Understanding customers requirements and preparing design documents and SLDs EDUCATION B.Tech. in Electrical Engineering from IITB in 2003 with CPI of7.5/10 1 yr International MBA in Power Management from Ulyanovsk State University, Russia with 81% Higher Sec. (10+2) in CBSE board with 75.6% - Ist division year 1998 Secondary 10th board from RBSE with 85.6% - Ist division year 1996 English Proficiency: General IELTS score of 7.0 year 2015 TECHNICAL EXPERIENCE Projects Qualification of digiware products with intelligent metering system and easy reconfigurable loads PEM projects (2014) Socomec metering products with hardware and firmware changes for qualification. Automation development newgeneration metrology toolwith LABVIEWusing MTE source, modbus protocol of meters and entirely based on IEC/EN standard, modular, customized and scalable tool. Testing D62- Newmeasurement Technology (Mar 2014)- Intelligent and modular product for industrial measurements. Developed modbus protocol verification tool to verify all modbus functions. Change-over switch endurance test automation using Seimens PLC (S7 1200). Numerous LABVIEWAutomation- Data Logger using cDAQ,metrology test,functional test, endurance test, M-Bus protocol, temperature watch with Isoscan,BET simulator, modbus drivers etc. DIRIS A80 and Countis M-Bus meters complete laboratory qualification. ADDITIONALEXPERIENCE AND AWARDS Labview Intermediate-II course for 3 days, Labview CLAD certified in 2013 and CLD in year 2015. GE Six Sigma Certified and attended Foundation of Leadership (FoL) from GE. </li><li> 2. Trainings attended- Six Sigma, Labview, Seimens PLC, Linux, Various behavioral skills. Various project oriented awards in GE. DETAILED WORK EXPERIENCE Organization : SocomecIndia Pvt. Ltd. ( Latest Role : Tech. Manager (Previously Deputy Manager), R&amp;D Lab Duration : Oct 11 Till Date (2+ Years) RESPONSIBILITIES Lab management- Maintaining lab equipments, repair, calibration, lab quality management as per standards, developing processes,sample management, audits and managing non-conformities. Product qualification- Both the firmware and hardware tests EMI/EMC. Preparing test plans, test reports with version control. Reporting the issues with utmost clarity. Test automation- facilitating and developing tools for test automation- mainly for functional tests using Labview, NI hardware, PLC etc. PEM PROJECTS Qualification of Display unit acting as gateway for Intelligent digiware units for voltage, current, power, energy etc. measurement and monitoring System testing of all gateways with digiware devices and compatibility with older measurement units Testing mainly product improvement kind of project having little changes in firmware or hardware. Metering range of products- DIRIS,Countis and ECi hardware improvisation Short duration test planning, use of automation, test reporting NEW MEASUREMENT TECHNOLOGY Pluggable CT with compensation, intelligent gateway,plug and play modules for I/O, communication Testing of pluggable I/O, communication with gateway and metering unit- test traceability. Developed fully automated test setup and tool using NI cards and Labview especially for this project. TEST AUTOMATION New generation of metrology test automation in Labview- Direct implementation of IEC/EN standards into the tool. Both instantaneous parameters and pulse metrology with source as MTE. Endurance test automation- using Labview, Ethernet cDAQ DIO card,as well as Siemens PLC S7 1200. Functional Test Automation test tool with NI cards for DIO,AIO, interface with source and modbus communication with meters. Data Logger development using labview and cDAQ NI cards-AI. Facilitates simultaneous observation and recording of 8 or more signal inputs. Switch Mechanical part simulation using Labview and PCI card, specifically for P87 named project. MBus test tool with Labview using MBus activeX D59- DIRIS A80 FUNCTIONAL QUALIFICATION New product for residual or earth leakage current measurement and alarming Complete functional test of leakage current setting and monitoring, curve logging, events synch, load curves etc. Complete metrology test as per IEC standard. D54.2- COUNTIS MBUS QUALIFICATION Coutis meters with new communication interface to support M-Bus communication market requirement. Old protocol similar to DLMS, less complex. Support cross functional meters- gas,water and electricity. Visited france in may 2012 for MBus protocol training by protocol developer M. Rac. Developed MBus Labview application for easy read of telegrams and settings commands. </li><li> 3. Organization : GE-Energy(Hyderabad TechnologyCentre)( Role : Lead QA Engineer Quality Assurance Duration : Mar 05 Oct 11 (6.5 Years) RESPONSIBILITIES Test execution and management- Test plan from requirement documents, scheduling and executing tests,setup preparation, making system up and running in conjunction. Test automation- facilitating and developing tools for test automation- mainly for functional tests using Labview,NI hardware,PLC etc. COMMON M&amp;D- TRANSFIX2 SYSTEM VALIDATION System validation ofcommon M&amp;D built in embedded linux. Present M&amp;D with enhanced features- increased IOs,IEEE transformer models enhancement,serial/TCP support for DNP,modbus protocols, multi-master, USB client, alarms, history, tap changer, IEC61850. Setup plan, efforts estimate, purchase of accessories to build system Study range of specification, test plan with traceability, task distribution, tracking of issues, resolution. Developed generic application for Signal generation and measurement using Labview and cDAQ. Command line interface test automation using QTP and local HMI test semi-automation using labview, webcam and vision and motion interface. SM SERIES SINGLE PHASE/3-PHASE METERS Test ofNPI project for IEC meters support to markets ofAustralia, Europe and middle east. Compatibility with futuristic approach about smart grid, classified as smart meters. Distinguished features- AMI,service disconnect, demand limiting, prepayment. Efforts estimate, study of specs,preparation of test plan with traceability, coordination with project management, reviews of test, test automation, test log and bug tracking. SIX SIGMA- GREEN BELT (DFSS) Development offully automated functional test software AMFT, as newtesting process Built the tool using labview and NI cDAQ card Tracking of project based on six sigma practice, prioritizing and control of defects. Implementation of new ways to reduce testing defect and reduce cycle time- Compilation of scripts in text, csv, time estimation for running test, automatic result analysis. OTHER AUTOMATIONS Automation of communication test scripts (CSCRIPTS) to test ANSI C 12.18 protocol ofmeters Report analysis Automation- Test results from AMFT are organized with Labview to clearly have Pass/Fail in reports. FUNCTIONAL TEST OF I210+c REMOTE DISCONNECT I210+c Rev2 is single phase ANSI meter having features- Remote disconnect, emergency conservation, demand limiting, prepayment, outage management, voltage event monitoring etc. Managing test of all the new implementation along with test of basic meter functions. Single handedly prepared test plan for more than 70% of this project. Reported significant number of critical issues ensuring build quality before final release. OTHER PROJECTS ANSI/IEC WiMax Gen2 meters firmware validation I210+c meters functional testing as a part of team Regression test for I210 HUNT HP- Single chip meter </li><li> 4. Organization : BHEL Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited ( Role : Design Engineer Electrical Duration : Sep 03 Feb 05 (1.5 years) GSECL DHUVARAN-II CCPP Extention to phase 1 of Dhuvaran, Gujarat Phase-1 had one steam and one gas turbine of total 200MW capacity Phase 2 integrates 3 gas turbines generating at 33kV integrated via a tie line to existing 11kV Mainly has 11kV line, 6.6kV busbar, 415V PMCC,EMCC, MCC for Steam and Gas Tubine, LDB, UPSDB,ELDB Task involved- Study of customer requirement document, preparation of feeder list for various MCC, breaker sizing, Fuse, MCB, busbars, cables, feeders,CT-PT,Transformers. Preparation of Single line diagrams, relay logic diagrams, company specification of all the designs. Vendor management after floating enquiry about designing on defined specification and drawings. Technical scrutiny of purchase file, review and approval of vendor drawings. AWARDS AND RECOGNITION GE Validation excellence award- meters group- 2007 DMP award for I210+c and I210+c RD- 2008 Six Sigma Green Belt Certification 2008 GE Service award on completing 3 and 5 years Knight of the town award for Common M&amp;D project - 2010 CLAD certification by NI for Labview- 2013 CLD certification by NI for Labview -2015, with 90% score STRENGTHS Communication Skills Organized and systematic Quick learner Problem solving Time bound and result oriented Always look for improvement Take feedback positively Quality and Automation I here-by declare that information provided above is true to the best of my knowledge. Rajesh Kumar Kanwar +91-9818793340 DOB: 27-Dec-1979 Marital Status: Married </li></ol>