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    Cute Knight Cheats

    Press F9 to bring up the console then enter the following cheats:

    Sets Age to 18 (Can be anything) Note: 1 en!s the ga"e# $ "a%es the ga"e ne&eren!ing

    until the age is set to 1 or un!er again'


    Sets rewing to *+ (*+ is "a,) global'brew*+

    Sets Char" to *+ (*+ is "a,) global'cha*+

    Sets Cleaning to *+ (*+ is "a,) global'clean*+

    sets co"bat to *+ (*+ is "a,) global'co"bat*

    Sets Coo%ing to *+ (*+ is "a,) global'coo%*+

    Sets Crafting to *+ (*+ is "a,) global'craft*+

    sets !rea" to 1*+ (1*+ is "a,) global'!rea"1*+

    sets gol! to *+++ (can be any nu"ber) global'gol!*+++

    sets hp to 1++ (can be any nu"ber fro" 1-999) global'hp1++

    Sets .uc% to *+ (*+ is "a,) global'!e,*+

    sets "agic to *+ (*+ is "a,) global'"agic*+

    Sets /in! to *+ (*+ is "a,) global'int*+

    sets "p to 1++ (can be any nu"ber fro" 1-999) global'"p1++

    Sets Sin to + (Can be +-1++) global'sins+

    sets spells to *+ (*+ is "a, an! !oes not unloc% the special spells) global'spells*+

    Sets Sta"ina to *+ (*+ is "a,) global'con*+

    Sets Strength to *+ (*+ is "a,) global'str*+

    Sets 0a"ing to *+ (*+ is "a,) global'ta"e*+

    sets weapons to *+ (*+ is "a,) global'weapons

  • 8/10/2019 Cute Knight Cheats


    sets ,p to *+++ (can be any nu"ber fro" 1-*+++) global',p*+++

    The following is a guide to all the endings in Cute Knight ~ Kishi Kawaii.

    Spoilers, obviously, abound.

    Special Event Endings

    1. "The oyal !aily"

    #. "!alse $rincess"

    %. "!airytale &edding"

    '. "oyal Knight"

    (. "!aily )agic"

    *. "&arrior &ife"

    +. "$artners"

    . "-ragonslayer"

    . "/ops"

    10. "Slacer"

    2dventuring Endings3

    11. "4ero"

    1#. "!ighter"1%, ")artial 2rtist"

    1'. "Thug"

    1(. "&itch"

    1*. "Sage"

    1+. "Sorceress"

    1. "-ruid"

    1. "2ssassin"

    2cadeic Endings

    #0. "$rofessor"

    #1. "Student"

    ##. "Strategist"#%. "5nventor"

    #'. "$hilosopher"

    Social Endings

    #(. "2dvisor"

    #*. "6odybuilder"

    #+. "6aner"

    #. "Socialite"

    #. "6ride"

    %0. "&riter"

    %1. "-ancer"

    %#. "Street -ancer"

    eligious Endings

    %%. "Church 7eader"

    %'. "8un"

    Thief Endings

    %(. "9ueen of Thieves"

  • 8/10/2019 Cute Knight Cheats


    %*. "6eggar"

    Career Endings

    %+. "5nneeper"

    %. ")aid"

    %. "Chef"

    '0. "2ssistant Chef"

    '1. "&aitress"

    '#. "6ouncer"

    '%. "Shop /wner"''. "Shop &orer"

    '(. "-ressaer"

    '*. "2ssistant -ressaer"

    '+. "-octor"

    '. "8urse"

    '. ":et"

    (0. "E;uestrian"

    (1. "Stable &orer"

    (#. "7ibrarian"

    (%. "7ibrary &orer"

    ('3 "Children

  • 8/10/2019 Cute Knight Cheats


    between picing through the trash and volunteering at the doctoro bac to town and train to raise your )ind, 7uc, and Char,

    until you are able to win the !lower 9ueen contest at the spring festival.

    Show your birthar to the 9ueen.

    :ariants3 Either the $C or Kirelan ay be selected as the eventual

    heir. 5f you were also pursuing a roance with hi, you ay end up

    ruling together.

    #. "!alse $rincess"

    To reach this ending, you need to prove to the 9ueen that you are

    the issing $rincess 2leAandra. 5f you defeat the wiard in the third level

    of the dungeon, you will find 2leA

  • 8/10/2019 Cute Knight Cheats


    Challenge at the )idsuer !estival. /rchid will apologise and offer to

    adopt you.

    *. "&arrior &ife"

    &or as a 6ouncer at the 5nn until you have to help carry

  • 8/10/2019 Cute Knight Cheats


    /fficial re;uireents3 &eapons 0, )agic 0, -rea (0,

    Sins F #(, G$ 00

    1#. "!ighter"

    4igh cobat sills and good G$. Strength also adds a bonus.

    /fficial re;uireents3 &eapons (0, Sins F (0, -rea (0, G$


    1%, ")artial 2rtist"

    )aAed=out weapons sill. 7uc and Strength add bonuses.

    /fficial re;uireents3 &eapons J 10.

    :ariants3 &ith high Char, you are a perforer, otherwise you

    travel to copete.

    1'. "Thug"

    Strong and tough, but ean and not very bright. )ind and Char

    subtract fro this ending.

    /fficial re;uireents3 Strength +(, &eapons (0, Sins #(.

    :ariants3 5f you do anage to reach this ending with soe )ind

    and Char, you can becoe a warlord.

    1(. "&itch"

    Strong talent in agic. )ind helps.

    /fficial re;uireents3 )agic (0, -rea (0, G$ ((0.

    1*. "Sage"

    2 very talented age who has learned every char in the gae.

    H/ne you get fro ose, one can be found reading the boos in the

    library, and one is taught by the nun at the church if you editate there.I

    /fficial re;uireents3 2ll Chars, )ind 1#(, -rea 100

    1+. "Sorceress"

    2 seAy and slightly wiced agic user?

    /fficial re;uireents3 )agic (0, Char (0, Sin 0, -rea


    1. "-ruid"

    2 agic=user who is also very fond of nature and anials.

    /fficial re;uireents3 Sin F (0, Taing 100, lots of Char and


  • 8/10/2019 Cute Knight Cheats


    1. "2ssassin"

    2 fighter who is also a thief. >ood weapons sills and having done

    thief tass a lot helps.

    /fficial re;uireents3 7uc 100, Sin (0, -rea (0


    2cadeic Endings

    !or these you will generally need a lot of )ind.

    #0. "$rofessor"

    Spend ost of your tie taing classes, and be sure to tae every

    class at least once.

    /fficial e;uireents3 )ind 1(0, -rea 100

    #1. "Student"

    Sae as the $rofessor, but with lower re;uireents.

    /fficial e;uireents3 )ind *0.

    :ariants3 &ith good Char, you will arry a professor.

    ##. "Strategist"

    >ood )ind and &eapons sills, but not a lot of G$. Dou now

    how to fight, but you haven

  • 8/10/2019 Cute Knight Cheats


    !or these you will generally need a lot of Char.

    #(. "2dvisor"

    Spend tie eeting people Hdancing at the festival, socialisingI

    and taing classes that are 8/T cobat.

    /fficial e;uireents3 Char 10, )ind 100, -rea 100,

    Sin F #(.

    #*. "6odybuilder"

    Strong and charing, but not very bright or very good with

    weapons. 4igh staina also helps.

    /fficial e;uireents3 Strength 100.

    #+. "6aner"

    -o social things, tae ath class, and end the gae with a lot of


    /fficial e;uireents3 Char 100, )ind +(, -rea 100,>old (00

    :ariants3 5f you have high Sin, you ay becoe a loan shar.

    #. "Socialite"

    -o lots and lots of social things.

    /fficial e;uireents3 Char 100, -rea 100, Sin F *0

    #. "6ride"

    Sae as Socialite but less successful.

    /fficial e;uireents3 Char (0, Sin F *0

    :ariants3 Several slightly different husbands possible.

    %0. "&riter"

    Tae dance class and perfor as a bard a lot.

    /fficial e;uireents3 )ind 1#(, Char 100, -rea F 110

    :ariants3 5f sinful, ay also becoe a spyaster.

    %1. "-ancer"

    Sae as writer, but with less ind.

    /fficial e;uireents3 Char 100, -rea 100, Sin F (0

    :ariants3 Success in your career depends on Strength, Staina,

    and 7uc.

  • 8/10/2019 Cute Knight Cheats


    %#. "Street -ancer"

    Sae as dancer, but even less ind, and possibly soe sin. 4aving

    partied for oney adds to this ending.

    /fficial e;uireents3 Char (0

    :ariants3 &ill arry a bard if not sinful.


    eligious Endings

    %%. "Church 7eader"

    Spend lots of tie visiting the church.

    /fficial e;uireents3 )ind 100, Char 100, -rea 100,

    Sin F #(

    %'. "8un"

    Spend a lot of tie editating at the church.

    /fficial e;uireents3 Sin J 0


    Thief Endings

    %(. "9ueen of Thieves"

    :isit Lareth and his gang a lot, picpocet and steal. 7uc and lots

    of >old help.

    /fficial e;uireents3 -rea 100, Sin 0

    :ariants3 Solo burglar, leader of a criinal networ, or hanging on

    to whoeverood

    Hhigh dreaI and a 6ad Hlow dreaI result.

    %+. "5nneeper"

    2ll inn Bobs. )ind 100, -rea 100.

  • 8/10/2019 Cute Knight Cheats


    :ariants3 Char and Cooing sill affect your success.

    %. ")aid"

    Cleaning the 5nn. -rea F 100.

    :ariants3 Steal if sinful, arry if charing.

    %. "Chef"

    Cooing at the 5nn and the class.

    Cooing 1(0, -rea 100.

    :ariants3 )ay hire 2bby if you ade friends with her. )ay open a

    candy shop if charing.

    '0. "2ssistant Chef"

    !ailed Chef.

    '1. "&aitress"

    &aitress and baraid. 8o re;uireents, but char helps.

    :ariants3 7ow staina gives you a bad ending. 5f sinful and

    charing, ay decide to tae up a different line of wor.

    '#. "6ouncer"

    Strength 100.

    '%. "Shop /wner"

    6oth oving boAes and salesgirl count. )ind +(, -rea 100

    :ariants3 &ho you arry, how well your business does.

    ''. "Shop &orer"

    !ailed Shop /wner. 2lso the Bob you will probably get if you fail

    everything but are not sinful enough to be a 6eggar.

    '(. "-ressaer"

    Crafting and Seastress Bob. Crafting 100, -rea (0

    :ariants3 Char and )ind affect your success.

    '*. "2ssistant -ressaer"

    !ailed -ressaer.

    '+. "-octor"

    2ssist the slu doctor. )ind 100, -rea 100, Sin F *0

  • 8/10/2019 Cute Knight Cheats


    '. "8urse"

    !ailed -octor. )ind (0, Sin F %0

    '. ":et"

    2 doctor who also tends anials at the stables. )ind (0, Taing

    (0, -rea 100, Sin F (0

    (0. "E;uestrian"

    >ood with anials and also wealthy. Taing +(, -rea 100,

    Sin F *0, >old #00

    :ariants3 6reeding stables or racing.

    (1. "Stable &orer"

    !ailed E;uestrian. Sin J 0.

    (#. "7ibrarian"

    2ll library Bobs. )ind 100, -rea 100

    :ariants3 Study agic, discover secrets, running an entertainent

    service, possible arriage

    (%. "7ibrary &orer"

    !ailed 7ibrarian

    :ariants3 -ifferent ishaps for different bad sills.

    ('3 "Children

  • 8/10/2019 Cute Knight Cheats


    Developer(s)Hanako Games



    Release date(s)2005-10-1

    200!-0"-15 (Deluxe)

    Genre(s)Li#esimulation $ame%&asual%'ole-lain$

    Mode(s)*in$le +lae'


    Cute Knightis a casuallife si"ulationrole-playing &i!eo ga"ewith "any possible en!ings an! careers featuring a single

    fe"ale character' a"eplay is si"ilar to the2apanesePrincess Makerwith a "ore tra!itionally 3estern first-person




    1 a"eplay
  • 8/10/2019 Cute Knight Cheats



    '1 0he 6oyal Fa"ily

    ' 0eachers an! 7"ployers

    ' irls

    6elease an! !e&elop"ent


    '1 Awar!s

    * 6eferences

    7,ternal lin%s


    Cute Knightis a life si"ulation;role-playing &i!eo ga"ewhere the player ta%es the role of /ichi%o fro" 18 to 1' 4n 154150he ga"e

    uses statswhich !eter"ine how well she !oes in &arious tas%s an! her co"bat ability' s' Co"bat is turn-base!an! features"agic point-base! char"s (spells)' 0hese spells use nine ele"ents# inclu!ing

    the classical four' shit points(P) !rop to Bero the player is auto"atically rescue!' 0here is no character !eath# but

    she "ay nee! to pay to reco&er her lost health' 6egar!less# it will !eplete the @rea" "eter !uring her reco&ery perio! an! "ay

    lea! to the ba! en!ing'

  • 8/10/2019 Cute Knight Cheats


    his section may have too many subsection headers dividing up its content+lease hel im'o.e the a'ticle

    simila' sections and '$ unneeded su/heade's (November 2009)

    Michiko- 0he !efault na"e for the player character' She begins the ga"e as an orphan an! is loo%ing for her

    real fa"ily' s true i!entity'

    Teachers and Em!loyers4e!it5

    Orchid- 0he "agic teacher# she also presi!es o&er the 3iBar!>s Challenge at the /i!su""er 0ourna"ent'

    She has one !aughter# 6ose# an! also an ol!er son who was stolen fro" her as a baby' 0his baby is in fact prince irelan'

    Shane- 0he fighting teacher# he so"eti"es spen!s his e&enings !rin%ing at the inn' 0his can be the beginning

    of ro"ance for the player character if she is the one to !rag hi" ho"e'

    $isa- 0he green-haire! librarian secretly yearns for a!&enture an! ro"ance' 0he player character can choose

    to pro&i!e her with both'
  • 8/10/2019 Cute Knight Cheats


    Darla- 0he !ance teacher generally wins the Flower Dueen contest each year# so hers is the score you "ust

    beat if you want to tal% to Dueen Penelope'

    The Cra%ting Teacher- 0his unna"e!# rec%less fellow is see%ing ite"s fro" the !ungeon for a "ysterious

    e,peri"ent' e>s also Car"en>s uncle'

    &areth- 0he lea!er of a gang of thie&es in the slu"s# he is encountere! only if the player character beco"es

    so sinful that she is forbi!!en to return to town' 2oining hi" is necessary in or!er to "eet Princess Ale,an!ra'

    Others- No plotlines in&ol&e the 7,ercise or itchen Science teachers# the inn%eeper# shop%eeper# or nun'


    Rose- 0he "agic teacher>s !aughter# "et at "agic class'

    (rittany- A blon!e girl wearing a large bow# "et in !ance class# while wor%ing in the store or (if you two "et at

    the store) after "ath class'

    Carmen- A gossip# "et socialising in the suare'

    A))y- A &ery co"petiti&e chef# "et at coo%ing class or while wor%ing at the inn'

    6elease an! !e&elop"ent4e!it5

    Cute Knightwas originally !e&elope! by ana%o a"es45an! is base! on thePrincess Makerseries'45

  • 8/10/2019 Cute Knight Cheats


    Cute Knighthas been the recipient of "ultiple no"inations an! awar!s'