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  • 8/3/2019 DC vs Marvel Weapons


    Marvel vs. DC: Weapons


    In this installment of DC vs. Marvel, I compare the weapons of the DC universe with the

    weapons of the Marvel universe. The weapons are broken into three power levels. Each

    universe will have a winner declared in each category and the universe that wins in the mostcategories is the overall winner. The weapons will be judged in the areas of aesthetic,

    conceptual and/or utilitarian design. In other words, which universe has the coolest weapon

    in each category? This is not a which weapon is more powerful contest.

    The weapons in the top power category are called (1) Cosmic Weapons. These are the really

    powerful weapons of the DC or Marvel universe. A person with this sort of weapon can take

    on a team of superheroes such as the Justice League or the Avengers or perhaps even shake

    the foundations of the universe. A good example on the high end of a cosmic weapon would

    be the Infinity Gauntlet of the Marvel universe. With the Infinity Gauntlet you can take on an

    army of superheroes and more. Thanos used the Infinity Gauntlet to challenge the combined

    might of Galactus, the Stranger, the titan Epoch, Love and Hate, two Celestials, MasterOrder, Lord Chaos, Kronos, Death and Epoch. An upper end Cosmic Weapon can alter

    reality. The range of the weapon can vary from global, at least, to galactic. A cosmic

    weapon is even difficult to conceptualize using pseudo science. This is part of the attraction

    of a cosmic weapon.

    A good example of a weapon on the low end of this category would be the Sun Eater used in

    the DC Universe. The Sun Eater can give the Legion of Superheroes a hard time but it will

    take forever to eat enough suns to change the foundations of the universe. I wouldnt try to

    take on even Galactus alone with a Sun Eater. Galactus might eat the Sun Eater!

    The next power level would be (2) Super Weapons. These weapons enable the wielder to take

    on a heavy duty superhero such as Superman on the upper end of the power scale. Green

    Lanterns ring would be a good example of a super weapon on the upper end. You might be

    able to defeat Superman with a Green Lantern ring, probably not, but you would have a

    chance at least. On the low end, Captain Colds cold gun can let a super villain take on a

    hero like the Flash. I would strongly urge any potential super villains out there not to try to

    take on Superman with something like a cold gun. A Super Weapon cannot be constructed in

    the real world but can be conceptualized with pseudo science.

    The last level is what I call (3) Street Weapons because they are the type of weapons you see

    used on the streets. Often they are normal weapons that have been enhanced with sometinkering. On a good day, you might be able to take on a half a dozen street crooks with one

    of these weapons but you probably need some special martial arts skill to do this. A good

    example of this type of weapon would be Daredevils Billy Club or Batmans Batarang. A

    street weapon could be constructed in the real world but probably would have to be adapted

    considerably due to real life technical constraints.


    1.1) Cosmic Weapons DC

    Some of the cosmic weapons in the DC universe include the

  • 8/3/2019 DC vs Marvel Weapons


    Anti-Life Equation - Darkseid

    Book of Eternity

    Miracle Machine

    Spear of Destiny



    The Spear of Destiny is the spear used to pierce the side of Jesus Christ. Hitler used the

    Spear of Destiny in the DC Universe to keep the American superheroes from liberating

    Europe. Superman was given the task of killing the Spectre with the Spear of Destiny in one

    issue. The Spectre is the most powerful being in the DC Universe and anything that can kill

    him has to be pretty powerful. The Spear of Destiny gives the wielder the ability to control

    the minds of super powered individuals, massive reality warping and extremely powerful

    holy abilities

    The Book of Eternity is a book that contains the story of existence. If absolute knowledge

    can lead to absolute power then does absolute corruption follow? The wielder of the bookalso is granted vast magical powers.

    This idea that knowledge is power is also explored in the concept of the Anti-Life Equation

    that will destroy all life. Darkseid is obsessed with the equation and according to him in one

    issue the equation is:

    loneliness + alienation + fear + despair + self-worth mockery condemnation

    misunderstanding x guilt x shame x failure x judgment n=y where y=hope and n=folly,

    love=lies, life=death, self=dark side

    If Darkseid says the equation then the victim has mathematical certainty that all life and

    existence are futile and that serving Darkseid is the only point in existence. This is mind

    control but mind control that can be shared via the internet and presumably even intergalactic

    communication systems that advanced races would possess. A master of this equation could

    rule the cosmos with but a sentence and a good media outlet. Those controlled could be

    asked to repeat the message to even more beings so the equation would spread exponentially.

    In short, the equation has metamemetic properties. For a definition of metamemetics please



    Someday I will master the science of metamemetics and use this blog to rule the world!


    Two of the DC Cosmic Weapons are from the Legion of Superheroes storyline. The Sun-

    Eater is a living nebula with the ability to snuff out whole stars. The Sun-Eater was created

    by the Controllers to destroy unworthy worlds. The Miracle Machine was also created by the

    Controllers. The machine can convert thoughts into reality and was given to the Legion of

    Superheroes as a reward for destroying the Sun-Eater controlled by a renegade Controller.

    Braniac 5 used the machine to repel an alien invasion of Earth. The combined armed forces

    of Earth and the Legion of Superheroes were losing the war so this is a good weapon to haveon your side.

  • 8/3/2019 DC vs Marvel Weapons


    1.2) Cosmic Weapons Marvel

    Some of the cosmic weapons in the Marvel universe include

    Casket of Ancient WintersCosmic Cube

    Evil Eye of Avalon

    Infinity Gauntlet

    Serpent Crown


    Ultimate Nullifier

    Wand of Watoomb

    The most powerful weapon in the Marvel universe is probably the Ultimate Nullifier. The

    Ultimate Nullifier is generally in the possession of Galactus. Korvac used the Ultimate

    Nullifier to destroy a universe in the multiverse. The drawback is that use of the weapon issuicidal. Whoever wields the Ultimate Nullifier is also destroyed!

    A close second in the Marvel universe in terms of power might be the Infinity Gauntlet. You

    can take over the universe with the Infinity Gauntlet. Whether or not you could destroy a

    universe with the Infinity Gauntlet has not been determined. The cosmic cube was the most

    powerful weapon in Marvel universe for years and years since it could alter reality with a

    thought but later the range of this weapon was set at a global level.

    Before the appearance of the cosmic cube the most powerful weapon in the Marvel universe

    was the largely forgotten Odinsword that even graced the cover of Thor #156. The

    Odinsword was supposed to end the universe if drawn from its scabbard and this idea really

    struck my imagination when I was a youth in the sixties. Later, Odin absorbed the life force

    of all Asgardians, blew up the enchanted armor known as the Destroyer, to gigantic size, and

    grabbed the Odinsword to take on the Celestials and got blown up for his troubles so this

    event shows this sword is not in the same league as the Ultimate Nullifier or the Infinity

    Gauntlet. Thanos was able to defeat two celestials and heavy-duty company with the Infinity

    Gauntlet. Korvac was able to destroy a whole universe despite the Celestials.

    Dormammu once used the Evil Eye of Avalon to merge his dimension with that of Earth.

    The Eye of Avalon was hexed by the Scarlet Witch and the ensuing energy disaster

    temporarily destroyed Dormammu and drove Loki mad. Maybe the Evil Eye of Avalon isthird in terms of power in the Marvel Universe.

    Cosmic weapons in the Marvel Universe that allow you to take on a band of superheroes but

    probably not take over the cosmos directly include the Wand of Watoomb and the Serprent

    Crown. The Wand of Watoomb enables the wielder to mentally project and absorb mystical

    energy, create force fields, control weather, open dimensional portals, observe events in other

    locations, and heal wounds. The Serpent Crown gives the user superhuman strength,

    telepathy, mind control, telekinesis, the ability to cast illusions, the power to project

    destructive bolts of mystical energy and even the mental ability to manipulate matter and

    energy. The Casket of Ancient Winters is Asgardian and allows the wielder to control

    infinite cold. A very specialized weapon but anything of infinite power belongs in the cosmicrange.

  • 8/3/2019 DC vs Marvel Weapons


    1.3) Winner

    For sheer originality the Anti-Life Equation wins! The ultimate cosmic weapon would not be

    concrete but abstract. This confirms what you always knew in your heart, algebra can end

    all life in the universe! E=MC2 is an equation that has changed the world more than justabout anything. I think of the Anti-Life Equation as a super advanced version of E=MC2. I

    am sure just such an equation is just around the corner in real life.


    2.1) Super Weapons DC

    Adam Stranges Ray Gun

    Black Lantern Ring

    Black Mantas Battlesuit

    Blue Beetles ScarabBlue Devils Trident of Lucifer

    Blue Lantern Ring

    Braniacs Space Ships

    Braniacs Force Field

    Calculator Battlesuit

    Captain Boomerangs Trick Boomerangs

    Captain Colds Cold Gun

    Copperheads Armor

    Deadshots Wrist Mounted Firearms

    Disintegrator Sphere

    Dr. Fates Helm of Nabu

    Emerald Eye of Ekron - Emerald Empress

    Entropy Aegis Armor

    Exectutioners Atomic Axe

    Fiddlers Fiddle

    Golden Girdle of Gaea

    Golden Gliders Iceskates

    Green Lantern Power Ring

    Hawkgirls Dart Gun

    Hawkmans Protonic Lance

    Hawkgirls WingsHawkmans Wings

    Heat Waves Gun

    HERO Dial

    Icicles Cold Gun

    Indigo Power Ring

    Kanjar Ros Gamma Gong

    Kinetic Hammer

    Lasso of Lightning



    Mirror Masters Trick MirrorsMr. Freeze Cold Gun

  • 8/3/2019 DC vs Marvel Weapons


    Orange Lantern Ring

    Orb of Ra

    Orions Astro-Harness

    Phantom Zone Projector

    Piped Pipers flute

    Psi-ScimitarPsycho Pirates Medusa Mask



    Red Power Ring

    Sandmans Sand of Sleep

    Sandmans Dreamstone

    Sandmans Helm of Dreams

    Sargon the Sorcerers Ruby of Life


    Soultaker Sword

    Spear of LoneaStar Mans Cosmic Rod

    Star Sapphire

    Steels Apokolips Armor


    Trident of Neptune

    Trident of Poseidon

    Trident of Triton

    Weather Wizards Wand


    Wonder Womans Bracelets of the Aegis

    Wonder Womans Lasso of Truth

    Xantha Charge

    Yellow Power Ring

    The two most famous weapons in the DC list are probably Green Lanterns power ring and

    Wonder Womans Lasso of Truth. Recently, DC decided to add a whole rainbow of power

    rings to their universe and I think this is diluting the brand. Whats next a purple Hulk? The

    creator of Wonder Woman also invented the lie detector! The Lasso of Truth is the ultimate

    lie detector! I think both weapons are great but slightly prefer the Lasso of Truth due to its

    interesting origins.

    2.2) Super Weapons Marvel

    Beetles Armor

    Black Blade of Baghdad

    Black Knights Ebony Blade

    Black Knights Ebony Dagger

    Black Knights Power Lance

    Black Knights Shield of Night

    Blacklashs Whip

    Blizzards Suit

    BloodaxeBig Wheel

  • 8/3/2019 DC vs Marvel Weapons



    Captain Americas Shield

    Chorus Sentry

    Cobalt Bomb

    Controllers Slave Discs

    ConvincerCosmic Control Rod

    Crimson Dynamos Armor

    Crimson Gem of Cyttorak

    Cyclones Suit

    Destroyer (Enchanted Armor)

    Doctor Octopus Tentacles

    Dr. Dooms Armor

    Dragonfang Sword

    Eagle Shield

    Electroplasmic Wand

    Energy ShieldExcalibur

    Exorcist Gun

    Eye of Agamotto

    Firebrand Suit

    Firepowers Armor


    Five Fingers of Annihilation

    Gamma Bomb

    Ghost Riders Chain

    Ghosts Battlesuit

    Golden Mace of Hercules

    Grim Reapers Scythe

    Guantlets of Ares


    Hurricane's Wings

    Iron Man Armor (Earth-200151)

    Iron Mans Armor

    Iron Mongers Armor

    Jet Paralyzer


    KurokazeMandarins Ten Rings

    Mandroid Armor

    Mirages Holographic Suit

    Mysterios helmet with holographic projector

    Mysterios gloves and boots that emit hallucinogenic gas

    Odins Thrudstok

    Polestars Magnetic Gauntlets

    Pyros Battlesuit and Flamethrowers

    Quantum Bands

    Ringmaster's Top Hat with Portable Mind-control Device

    Rhinos Polymer ArmorRonan the Accusers Universal Weapon

  • 8/3/2019 DC vs Marvel Weapons




    Scorchers Suit and Flamethrowers

    Shockers Gauntlets

    Silver Surfers Surfboard

    Son of Satans TridentSpymaters Battlesuit

    Staff of Polar Power


    Star Shield

    Stilt-Mans Armor



    Sun Shredder

    Sunbeam Ray Gun

    Surturs Twilight Sword

    Sword of BoneSword of Fangs

    Sword of Frey

    Sword of Frey

    Sword of Kamuu

    Sword of Light

    Sword of Might

    Sword of Night

    Sword of Night

    Sword of Ultimate Shadow

    Swordmans Sword

    Taskmasters Solid Energy Weapon

    Thors Hammer Mjolnir

    Titanium Mans Armor

    Uliks Pounders

    Ultra-Diode Ray

    Unicorns Power Horn

    Vultures Wings

    Whiplashs Gauntlets and Battlesuit

    Wizards Power Gloves

    Wreckers Crowbar


    The three most famous weapons in the Marvel list are Thors hammer, Captain Americas

    shield and Iron Mans armor. Captain America, Iron Man and Thor are all membe...