Deadline = line + dead

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Deadline = line + dead. think about it. deadline |dedln| noun 1 this definition not relevant 2 historical a line drawn around a prison beyond which prisoners were liable to be shot. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Deadline = line + deaddeadline |dedln|noun1 this definition not relevant2 historical a line drawn around a prison beyond which prisoners were liable to be shot.think about itDoes it really make sense to designate that period at the end as the target as opposed to that at the beginning?

    Is it really the case that your schedule is such that all available times just happen to fall at the last minute?

  • Beating TamifluThemes: Evolution: then and nowamino acids, mutations, folding: they matter

  • How evolution happensGood ideas are rewarded not sought/plannedTheres no mechanism for foresight, so it cannot be that way

  • Just passin through

  • Tamiflu: you shall not pass! oseltamivir

  • And it goes like this... this is modeled, not a crystal structure

  • Cell sortingLaser is like a black light--molecules GLOW a different color than they are being hit withIn our case, GFP (green) and cherry (you guess it)

  • Phylogenetic treesParticipants: to your spot on the tape!Observers: watch & predict outcome and what its good forEach round:Copy any changes your parent already hasDetermine position of your new change by adding #s (0 = none)Randomly change to new base & mark (A, G, C, U)Turn to your kids & repeat

  • Supplemental noteWhat we did was just the tip of the icebergamong other things, the same basic thinking can be done to reconstruct a tree even if we only have the current [last] generationtry putting your thumb over any individual and seeing if you can guess their sequence by looking at their children

  • SupplementalStuff you might find useful

  • SupplementalCartoon of infections & tamiflu action (contr. Katie F12)

  • UnusedThis was a graphical presentation of what we ended up doing live in class. It tries to make the same points: the correct reconstruction has fewer total changes (parent-child sequence alterations) than a random one

  • Now what???What information allows you to make good inferences about who is most related?Who gave rise to whom?

  • Which makes sense?

  • How about this?

    Source: Apple built-in dictionaryKey: The virus has a number of RNA molecules as genomeIts ticket into the cell? Sticking to it on purpose. Its totally a Trojan Horse. More next weekBut when its kids want to go infect others, theyll stick too--they must cut themselves loose!Cultural reference: the Lord of the Rings (again ;)Lessons learned--To changes to/from T!What were gonna do:Starting with the sequence shown, each parent will give birth to a childFirst, child exactly copies parents Then we randomly determine whether a new change has arisenRepeat Note that in this case, we can INFER the missing sequences