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Cloud Computing. Five Essential Characteristics

Define Cloud Computing Oleksii TregubovCloud Computing Consultant, %presenter_name%. Consulting Team EPAM Cloud Infrastructure. , .1

What is cloud?2- ?1) - (, , -)- , , wi-fi, , ?

2) . , . , , .

.2Standard Definition

The National Institute of Standards and Technology3 , :Cloud Computing . : VMs, CPU, RAM, HDD, Networking, Software Services. .

3Essential Characteristics4

On-demand self-service

Broad network access

Resource pooling

Rapid elasticityMeasured service 5- :- On-demand self-service ( ): , .- Broad network access ( ): , -.- Resource pooling ( ): , .- Rapid elasticity ( ): , .Measured service ( ): .



SaaSPaaSIaaSService models5

End usersDevelopersSystem architects NIST, :Software as a service (Saas): SaaS SaaS-, -. SaaS-, - .- Platform as a service (PaaS): , : , .. .Infrastructure as a service (IaaS): ( , , ) . OS, , . : IaaS , PaaS IaaS.


Hybrid cloudDeployment models6

Public Cloud

Private Cloud , NIST , :Private cloud ( ): , . (Public Cloud): ( , ). Cloud Provider. (Hybrid Cloud): . , , .

Service models Deployment models . 5 , .

6On-demand self-service


CloudGive me VM now

[ API request ][ result ]7 (On-demand self-service). ( ), , - , -.78On-Demand: AWS EC2

, Amazon. -, .89On-demand: AWS EC2$ ec2-start-instances i-b3a850c8INSTANCEi-b3a850c8stoppedpending

$ ec2-describe-instances i-b3a850c8RESERVATIONr-0a7cf16e852587906425defaultINSTANCEi-b3a850c8ami-82fa58ebec2-107-22-37-50.compute-1.amazonaws.comip-10-122-235-23.ec2.internalrunningamkeys0t1.micro2012-09-03T14:13:56+0000us-east-1aaki-825ea7ebmonitoring-disabled107.22.37.5010.122.235.23ebsparavirtualxenXNsFe1343912068109sg-da0169b3defaultfalseBLOCKDEVICE/dev/sda1vol-f8d0c8992012-09-03T14:14:21.000ZtrueTAGinstancei-b3a850c8Nameubuntu-test-1TAGinstancei-b3a850c8Rolewebserver , CLI-. ec2-start-instances :stoppedpending .. .ec2-describe-instances .9Broad network access

10 (Broad network access). , , . -, , .

, Amazon- IPhone Android, .10Resource pooling

11 . . , .. , 100 , , , , .11Rapid elasticity


. , , , ., . , . , , , , .

12Measured service13

. , , . .. ., 2 . , - ( ).

- Amazon: . , - ( ) 2 . .. .

1314Service Models

IaaS ;PaaS ;SaaS .

Software as a Service (SaaS). , , -, , ; , ;

Platform as a Service (PaaS). , , , , . .

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). The capability provided to the consumer is to provision processing, storage, networks, and other fundamental computing resources where the consumer is able to deploy and run arbitrary software, which can include operating systems and applications. The consumer does not manage or control the underlying cloud infrastructure but has control over operating systems, storage, and deployed applications; and possibly limited control of select networking components (e.g., host firewalls).1415Service Models

System ArchitectureSoftware DevelopmentEnd-user UtilizationTo visualize and leave a better vision of what Service Models are, we can take another look at envisioning. This is a popular model in form of triangle, that sits on lowest Infrastructure layer and tops with Software level. Each level is related to: IaaS System Architecture. Intended to design and scale a system on lowest possible level. PaaS Software Development. Complete your application development with no headache about where its hosted or how that happens. Focus on development and quality assurance. SaaS- End User Utilization. Just use application, that sits on CC Hosting. End-user does not need to know about complexity of application, hosting points and other. All that matters is utilization. Firs step is to understand type of each system on examples.15

16Example vendorsTo give you a better clue on each of these layers, Ill try to show you some examples. You all now these companies, they are world leaders and famous for what they do best. If we look at IaaS layer here, well find names like rackspace, VMWare, Amazon They all provide you with an infrastructure, that you scale, setup and build the way you want to create an app above. They do not give you any programming integration, like code execution modules. PaaS like WinAzure, Google App engine, Salesforce give you a developing platform and you really care about infrastructure, shape of instances and other info of that level a bit less you focus on coding using valuable tools, provided by you.SaaS are Google Docs, IBM and they give you a simple place to store any kind of your data. You also do not have any access to the instances or storage, this level of resources. 1617iaas

Infrastructure. Automation. Infrastructure level gives you control of your environment, your hardware. You can setup any low-level scalability, like automatic increase of number of instances at given criteria, control amount of storage available for you or other actions, related to infrastructure like a usual datacenter of yours. IaaS includes Virtual Machines, servers, storage, load balancers, networking


When talking about Platform customers are able to focus on development of application for some purpose, or think about database architecture for application, use best practices for code optimization. All of this without giving a clue about where its hosted, how many servers are clusters for DB, what is the shape of each App instance and other low level details. PaaS is the best choice for Developing Web Application and delivering it using cloud capabilities.1819saas

Software. A ready-to-use application is delivered to use it for storing emails, controlling content of documents, managing list of documents, storing different types of data and grouping them. Even selling games or providing customer support online. All this is for end-user with any internet-capable device. Selling software or service is what it is.1920Benefits

Global Infrastructure Savings

Smart Resource Provisioning

Better Delivery Time

Transparent WorkflowNow lets look at company benefits if any Cloud Model is implemented and used. By enabling and using all available resources, we are cutting on costs and focusing on profit from such action. Smart resource provisioning is achieved by utilizing hardware only when it is needed and by leasing it from Cloud Provider. Better delivery time is valuable for consumers of your companys product. If we are talking about development in cloud transparent workflow can come in handy. This is basically it for today. Please 20Reasons for cloud platform popularity21

Cost reduction

Scalability and elasticityReady for automation

Device and locationindependent


Pay as you go, , :Pay as you go. : , , : . , / , . : API CLI tools-. ( ) . . , . , . , , .21