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  • Dell Solutions: Virtualization and DR

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    Dell Active Infrastructure Converged solutions focused on customer outcomes

    PowerEdge M1000e

    Converged Infrastructure & PlatformsCombinations of network and compute for data center building blocks, with the addition of storage in a single compact chassis for remote/branch/small offices

    PowerEdge VRTX

    Application Centric Solutions

    Validated workload solutions that enable reliable, superior application performance

    Converged Management

    Automated workload & infrastructure deployment through a unified management console that simplifies service delivery

    Integrated Systems

    Scalable & modularintegrated systems to deliver faster time to value

    VDI, UC&C, HPC, Enterprise Apps

    Dell Active System ManagerIntegrated Systems

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    Intelligent infrastructure: Works with what you already have - no rip & replace




    Virtual platform


    Blade ServersRack ServersDensity-optimized

    blade servers

    Dell CompellentDell EqualLogic PowerVault


    ServicesDell ManagementIT-as-a -Service Dell Support Services

    Dell Managed Infrastructure Services

    Dell Management Console

    Dell Quest vFoglight VOPs

    Dell plugins

    Del Force10

    Cloud Dell Cloud ServicesDel Cloud

    Management and outsourcing

    Del Modular Data Center

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    Pervasive IT concerns in stand-alone offices & distributed ROBO Complexity

    Complexity due to disparate hardware

    Hardware sprawl and lack of space

    Proliferation and complexity of systems management tools


    IT cost and TCO

    System downtime for maintenance

    Remote systems management inconsistent with data center tools

    IT Rigidity

    Insufficient scalability to handle performance spikes or support business growth

    Power compatibility

    High noise levels

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    Office-optimized dimensions, acoustics, and security


    Scalable, integrated shared storage to harness data explosion

    Simplified systems management

    Simplified networking to fit small business budgets

    Highly available and easy to service

    Flexible installation with both rack and standalone options.

    PowerEdge VRTX Customer-inspired design


    VRTX deskside orientation

    VRTX rack orientation

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    VRTX Making the complex simpleA simple and right-sized solution to manage and consolidate business applications in 2-3 virtualized servers with shared storage, all at an affordable price

    Current environmentComplex, Inefficient, Rigid

    PowerEdge VRTXSimple, Efficient, Versatile

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    Solutions ecosystem driving universal appealPartner and Integrator engagement delivers choice and value

    Applications & Workloads

    Branch OfficesFinancial/Hospitality

    Education (K-12/College)

    Retail Outlet(Small/Large)

    Healthcare Offices(Hospital/Clinics)

    Dev/Test EnvironmentERP/Private Cloud/HPC

    Customer Use Cases


    File Sharing Print Sharing

    Email UnifiedComms

    POS Onsite Data Caching

    Inventory Management

    Security Backup & Recovery

    WAN Acceleration

    Directory and Domain Services



    System Integrators

    Service Providers

    Channel Partners

    Consulting Services

    Deployment Services

    Support Services

    Services Integration

    Partner Integration

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    PowerEdge VRTX wins

    IT Pro Innovation Awardon day of launch! PowerEdge VRTX

    PC Pro Server of the Year for 2013

    Award-winning innovation delivers benefits

    Comolli, Matteo; Cotton, Angela;

    Loughlin, Martina;

    Compared to a leading public cloud service:

    63.9% lower 5-year TCO

    $172K savings

    13 month payback period

    PowerEdge VRTX

    CRN Server of the Year PowerEdge VRTX Editors

    Choice award

    Dell PowerEdge VRTX stands alone addressing IT demands of

    remote and small offices Enterprise Strategy Group

    5/5 starsBusiness Computing World, UK

    Best in ShowInterop Japan

    InfoWorld 2014 Technology of the Year - Best Server

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    Compute and Storage integration

    5U Tower Chassis (Rackable)

    Up to 4 server nodes, hot plug and serviceable M520 and M620 half height 2-socket nodes M820 full height 4-socket nodes

    Shared Storage Huge capacity with 12 x 3.5 or 25 x 2.5 hot plug HDDs SAS, NLSAS, or SAS SSD hot plug drives Optional redundant PERC for RAID controller failover

    inside the chassis

    Integrated networking Ethernet 1GbE internal switch module Optional 10GbE network switch module Optional Pass-Thru Module Optional dual port or quad port 10GbE NIC on server


    Flexible, expandable I/O 8 PCIe slots 3 full height / full length 5 low profile / half length

    High Availability - Redundant PERCs/PSUs/Fans/Blowers 1100W AC (2+1, 3+1, 2+2)

    Full Systems Management capabilities Simple/Easy-to-use Consistent with Chassis Management Controller in the

    data center

    Office level acoustics & power (100V - 240V) 9

    VRTX Tailor configurations to specific needs

    PowerEdge VRTX with 4 half-height server nodes and 25 2.5 HDD

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    PowerEdge VRTX Front & Rear Views LCD Display


    Up to 4 PowerEdge M-Series Servers

    Internal low latency, fast storage

    Shared Storage 25 2.5 or 12 3.5 (expandable)

    8 External PCIe Slots

    Hot Plug Redundant PSUs

    Remote Management


    Locking Front Cover

    Shared DVD


    Hot Plug Redundant

    Blowers8 RJ45 NIC ports

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    Drive performance with VRTX server nodes

    Proven PowerEdge server nodes deliver workhorse performance and density without compromise

    PowerEdge M520

    PowerEdge M620

    Feature-rich, 2-socket, half-height M520 & M620 and 4-socket, full-height M820 server nodes combine superb performance with exceptional flexibility

    M520 outstanding platform for mainstream business applications

    M620 50% more memory than nearest competitor for greater consolidation and virtualization

    M820 exceptional performance and memory capacity for business critical back-end applications

    No compromise, enterprise-class high availability features

    First to market with dual SD cards for redundant hypervisors

    Many RAID options tailored to specific needs

    Optional hot plug and swappable power supply units, HDDs and fans in the VRTX chassis

    Comprehensive, intelligent systems management


    PowerEdge M820

  • Dell - Internal Use - Confidential

    New capabilities coming with VRTX 1.3 !


    Additional server node choices

    Drive Tier 1, back-end workloads with 4-socket, full height M820 server node featuring huge memory capacity, wide network bandwidth, and low latency Express Flash storage

    More networking flexibility

    Existing 1GbE options for cost-sensitive users, and now 10GbE quad port internal NIC and 10GbE network switch for applications requiring higher bandwidth and performance

    Next-level data protection inside the chassis

    Optional redundant PERC provides high availability RAID controller failover inside the chassis

    Enhanced system management

    Continued feature set parity between CMC in the data center and CMC on VRTX ensures system management consistency and simplicity

    Expanded support for VDI

    Support for optional GPGPU enables VDI in ROBO

    PowerEdge M820 full height, 4-socket

    server node

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    PowerEdge VRTX shared storage Reduces cost by eliminating external storage,

    and thus also the cabling, powering and management of external storage

    Enables Live Migration in a virtualized environment, inside the chassis

    All 4 server nodes have access to the full storage space

    Each server node see the storage as its own singular storage pool

    Virtual disks can be assigned to single server nodes or across server nodes

    Internal, low latency, fast storage

    Choice of up to 12 x 3.5 or 25 x 2.5 HDD

    SAS, NLSAS, or SAS SSD hot plug drives Optional redundant PERC for high availability


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