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Draft dental handbooks.

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Dental Nursing

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This activity will take place while you are on placement in a dentist.

In this task the employer has asked you to:

• Complete an audit of patient appointments over a period of 2 weeks for 2 different operators.

• Interpret and convert the results to give a display to pa-tients and staff.


In this task, you will be covering the areas detailed below.

Dental Nursing:

Understanding of the patient appointment system and the possible variables of booked appointments

Understanding of time management in a dental practice and its importance through the NHS.

Functional Skills Mathematics Level 1 and Level 2:

• Convert data into tables, charts and graphs


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Task 1

You will need to work closely with another member of staff to retrieve data from the appointment system. This may be through a computerised system or paper based records.

Ask the staff member to explain what is recorded when patients attend an ap-pointment, when they attend late for an appointment, when they cancel an ap-pointment and when they do not turn up for an appointment. You may want to ask if there are any other types of appointment status that you need to use for your task.

• Explain to the staff member what details you need to start your task.

• Audit the patients appointments over a period of 2 weeks

• Record the results of your audit on a tally chart (see example).

You need to understand how to use tally marks and what they represent. You need to be able to represent information in a way that makes sense to others.

• Columns to separate the information vertically

• Column heading so that the reader knows what information each column con-tains

• Rows to show each category or group

• A total to show how many patients were involved

Retrieving and representing data


Dr Jones Mon Tue Wed Thurs Fri

Attended //////////


/////// /////////////////// ////

Late ///// /// / /// /

Cancelled /// / /// 0

DNA // / 0 0

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Representing data


Task 2

You now need to transfer this information into a table. Use the space provided to draw the table . Remember to use consistent language and formatting.

Plan it

For this task you need to be able to extract and use information in a table.

Draw your chart below.

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Graphical representation of data


Task 3

Your next task is to draw a pie chart using the information from the table that you have just created. A pie chart is a great way of showing the proportion of each result relative to the others.

Use the space provided to draw the chart. Remember to:

• Label it correctly• Give the pie chart a title• Use different colours or patterns to represent each group

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Dental Nursing - Appointments

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