Designing and Implementing a Strength and Conditioning Program at Your School

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Designing and Implementing a Strength and Conditioning Program at Your School. Patrick T. McHenry MA, CSCS*D, RSCC Castle View High School. Objectives. Basic program design knowledge Tools to develop a basic program Resources to find more information on program design - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Designing and Implementing a Strength and Conditioning Program at Your School Patrick T. McHenryMA, CSCS*D, RSCCCastle View High School

  • ObjectivesBasic program design knowledgeTools to develop a basic programResources to find more information on program designResources for strength & conditioning

  • National StandardsCoaches need to understand the principles of strength and conditioning (Domain 3 of National Standards for Sport Coaches) Physical educators need to enhance their students knowledge and skills in physical activity and fitness (Standard 3 of National Standards for Physical Education).

  • CAUTIONOne of the hardest aspects of training is program design. Dr. William Kraemer There is no one best program. Program design is an art form, drawing from the best available research-based program design. There is no one right way to design a program but there are many wrong ways. What works for one school may not work for another High school athlete is not the same has a college athlete. (male / female, training age)Taking a program designed for a college athlete and implementing it with a high school athlete has a greater chance for leading to injury You have to know your students, their abilities and limitations.

  • ?Questions?What background are the students coming from What is the purpose of the program - athlete - student taking class

  • Program considerationsDays a week - block every of other day (A/B) - block every day - 7 period day (55 min) - modified block ( 3 x 55 min, 1 x 90, Time (45 / 60 / 90) minute classNumber of studentsTraining age

  • Equipment -free weights -machines -dumbbells / kettle bells / sandbags -suspension systems (TRX, SBT) -41 inch bands -Elastic bands (pro tex)

  • Virtually any methods of strength training enhance the strength of a novice during the first few months. Gambetta

  • WHERE TO START:Backwards plan calendar

  • Sheet1

    2013-2014 Calendar General Strength & Conditioning classes


    Training Week #12345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031323334353637383940414243444546474849505152

    Week Begining Monday:512192629162330714212841118252916236132027310172431017243171421285121926291625303081523

    Weekly lesson1st week of school performance testspottingsquatclean /mid term performance testbenchmilitaryreviewFinals / 3rd performance testterm 2 / 1st performance testFALL BREAKTerm 2 startsspeed/ agilityvocabularyMuscles / Mid term performance testAuxillary liftsThansgiving Weekenergy systemsreviewFinals / final performance testWEEK OFFTerm 3 startsspottingweight on the barprogram designmid term performance testingperformance principlesmilitary vs. inclineMuscles (planes of motion)reviewwritten finalFinals / final performance testSPRING BREAKTerm 41st performance testspotting review testspeed agilityvocabulary / mid term performance testenergy systemsauxillary liftsreviewFinals / final performance testSTART OF SUMMER PROGRAM

    LIFTING sets / repsBase card 1Strength card 2Base card 1Strength card 2Base card 1Strength card 2Base card 1Strength card 2

    Mon/ TueINTRO3x84x84x84x64x64x6offINTROoff3x84x84x84x84x6off4x64x6offoffINTRO3x84x84x84x84x64x64x64x64x6offoffINTRO3x84x84x84x84x64x64x6off

    Wed/ Thur3x104x104x104x84x84x83x104x104x104x104x84x84x83x104x104x104x104x84x84x84x84x83x104x104x104x104x84x84x8

    Exercises vary by training age / gender / athlete or student (see exercise chart)


    2013-2014 Calendar


    Training Week #12345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031323334353637383940414243444546474849505152

    Week Begining Monday:4111824181522181522295121926310172431714212851219262916233061320274111825181522296132027

    Competitions & CampsFinals weekWEEK OFFSTART OF SUMMER PROGRAMFirst week of football (camp)1st week of schoolGAMES STARTPLAY OFFS


    23x 10light week3x12light week10, 8,6,4light week3x 5light week10, 8,6,4light week10, 8,6,43x 5test at camp10, 8,6,6light week3x 5Alternate the percentages for the workouts.Time off lift on their own



  • TimeSetsApproximate reps Total time per exerciseTime between exercises# exercisesTotal time for lifting session1:201:201:301:301:451:453434345-- 8 5-- 8 5 105 105 125 --124 min5:20 min4:30 min6 min5:15 min7 min1:201:201:301:301:301:3064544332 min26:40 min30 min30 min27 min25:30 min

  • REFERENCESNSCA Basic Manual :NSCA-Lift.orgJoe Kenn Faigenbaum



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