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Digital Disruption and the future of csr

csr Online awards seminar 2014



Milan, 27-28 MayFondazione cariplo conference centre

Sponsors & partners

csr Online awards seminar 2014


When Lundquist initiated its research into online CSR communications back in 2006, YouTube had just come out of beta, Twitter was barely a prototype and Facebook was being launched to the public. In the space of just a few years, as our CSR Online Awards research shows, these channels have become a regular part of keeping informed and in touch when it comes to CSR and sustainability. Both for those with a professional interest and for the informed public.

In the course of monitoring user trends and corporate practices, we have witnessed how the pervasiveness of digital has created a shift the company-stakeholder dynamic and opened up enormous potential for transparen-cy, engagement and social change. This digital disruption impacts on both time (the speed of interactions) and space (the proliferation of communication channels). Our goal is to provide an opportunity to understand these challenges better, hear how leading companies are responding to this changing scenario and compare notes about strategies for the future of CSR.

The seminar has proved to be an essential appointment for company professionals involved in corporate responsibility and sustainability because of its unique focus on the challenges posed by a digital environment. Though this initiative, we have brought together hundreds of participants and dozens of expert, international speak-ers in prestigious locations in Milan, Venice and Turin. We have always strived to provide an atmosphere of exchange and learning in a reserved, informal atmosphere because we know it is highly valued by our guests.

The seminar will take place in Milan thanks to the generous support of Fondazione Cariplo and its magnificent conference facilities in the heart of the city. Our thanks to them.

We are proud to invite you to the 5th Lundquist CSR Online Awards Seminar and look forward to your active participation.

James Osborne (Head of CSR) & Joakim Lundquist (CEO)


you will hear from

Feedback from past participants



csr Online awards seminar 2014

A great opportunity to get a thorough update on how other big companies are tackling these issues at a European level.

Sustainability planning & reporting manager, Fortune 100 oil company

My compliments for the high level of presentations and for the organisation and thanks for the opportu-nity to share our experience with other colleagues.CSR manager, European publishing company

Such an interesting conference - it was a pleasure to attend, contribute and participate.Head of corporate responsibility, FTSE 100 energy company

It was a lovely event, thank you for inviting us!Head of global corporate web-sites, Fortune 100 Swiss company

Elaine Cohen, Founder-Manager, Beyond Business

Brittany Golob, Editor, Communicate MagazineDonata Garrasi, Lead Adviser, The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

Michael Agar, Former Head of Graphics, Telegraph Media Group

Ursula Fischler-Strasak, Sustainability and Access to Healthcare Communications, Roche

Pier Mario Vello, Secretary General, Fondazione CariploMichael Sellen, Head of Internet, eMedia Team, Deutsche Post DHL

Asthildur Hjaltadottir, Services Director, Global Reporting Initiative

Marcella Logli, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, Telecom ItaliaManjit Jus, Sustainability Operations Manager, RobecoSAM

Tobias Dennehy, Corporate Story Architect & Editorial Change Manager, Siemens

Eduardo Puig Aznar, Director of stakeholder engagement, Telefonica

Roberto Ciati, Scientific Relations & Sustainability Director, Barilla

Donald Johnson, Head of Corporate Responsibility & Brand Strategy, National Grid

David Connor, Managing Director, Coethica

Andr Doren, Chief, External Outreach, Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

Plus input from Lundquists own experts and more best practice companies. Among participating companies you will meet: Allianz, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Djurgrden IF, ERG, Ericsson, Eni, Gruppo Hera, Indesit, Intesa Sanpo-lo, Juventus, Mondadori, Nestl, Novartis, RCS Media Group, Terna, VF Corp, Vodafone Italia and UBS.

Silvia Raccagni, Sustainability Communications Manager, adidas Group

Domenico Negrini, Head of Sustainability, Snam

Rossella Cardone, Head of Sustainability in the Mediterranean Region, Ericsson

Filippo Bocchi, Director Corporate Social Responsability, Gruppo Hera


The seminar is built around a series of plenary sessions with keynote speakers and thematic workshops featuring company case studies and master classes from recognised experts.

Our programme for this year is underpinned by the insight that digital has not simply added a new set of communi-cations channels, it has profoundly disrupted the company-stakeholder dynamic. The immediacy and interconnect-ed nature of online environments raises complex questions for companies that go beyond simple definitions of reporting and communicating. We will explore together this shifting landscape by sharing new approaches to corporate responsibility and sustainability disclosure and emerging experiences in non-financial disclosure, social media, digital storytelling, visual communications and stakeholder engagement.

Our aim: to map the value that CSR can bring companies in terms of accountability, reputation and engagement.

Seminar themes

csr Online awards seminar 2014


social mediastorytellingGRI G4







New trends

Visual CommunicationsEFFECTIVENESS


Corporate disclosure in a digital-first era - The fact of abandoning a paper-first logic has combined with the recent evolution of corporate accountability to give rise to a host of ways for companies to disclose their non-financial performance to a range of audiences. What does this panorama look like through a digital lens? And how do the latest trends in reporting affect the broader communications approach?

Putting the social back into corporate responsibility - Social media has fully come of age in the field of CSR, with many professionals finding the lines are blurred between personal and work domains. Companies have made more tentative steps, torn between the need for qualitative dialogue with a limited number of people and the need to reach out to a vast and assorted public. Our experts are on hand to share successful strategies.

Seeing is believing: mastering digital and visual communications - Research shows our brains are hard wired to retain more information through moving images than simple words on a page. Digital communications provides opportunities for using visual communications but many go untapped in the field of CSR. This is a prac-tical learning experience in successful techniques brought to you by masters in the trade.




csr Online awards seminar 2014



14.00 - 15.30 Plenary sessionCorporate disclosure in a digital-first era

16.00 - 17.30 Workshop sessions

19.30 Gala dinner & Awards ceremony (Palazzo Visconti)

15.30 - 16.00 Coffee break & networking

The bigger picture: mapping the real benefits of effective CSR communicationsFrom report to reporting in a multi-document, multi-format modelTargeted reporting: focus on audiences and themesWhat the transition to G4 means from a communications perspective

09.00 - 10.30 Opening sessionStakeholder engagement: the role of storytelling, visual communications and social media

11.00 - 12.30 Workshop sessions

12.30 - 13.30 Lunch

10.30 - 11.00 Coffee break & networking

How to integrate social media into stakeholder engagement strategiesJoining the conversation: experiences in use of TwitterUnlocking the potential behind Facebook: engaging on social and environmental issuesBehind the numbers: how to measure social media effectiveness for sustainability

13.30 - 15.00 Workshop sessions

15.00 - 16.00 Closing session

How to be successful with infographics and data visualisationNew trends in information architecture and user experiencesShow dont tell: unlocking the potential of video


11.00 - 11.30 Face to face


the conference venue


The Fondazione Cariplo is a philanthropic foundation that assigns free grants for social projects at an interna-tional level. It is one of the biggest foundations globally by assets and boasts one of the longest histories in Italy


Located a short walk from Milans central piazza and the Scala opera house, the Palazzo Confalonieri is a 17th-Century building that was home to the Confalonie-ri, one of the most aristocratic families in Milan. It was bought by the Savings Bank in the early 1900s and for part of the last century served as the tax collection offic-es in Milan. It is now an international conference centre with seven halls. It features works of art from the foun-dations collection.

We will change scenario for the evening, moving to the impressive backdrop of the Palazzo Visconti, located near to Milans most fashionable shopping streets. Our gala dinner and CSR Online Awards ceremony will take place in the ballroom of the Palazzo Visconti, which has been a sumptuous event venue since the 1600s. Originally built in the 17th century by Carlo Bolagnos, a Spanish nobleman, the palace was bought by Viscount di Grazzano in the 19th century and became the family residence. It is one of the most elegant examples of the Lombardy Barochetto style and the decoration in the rooms on the main floor is particularly interesting, in the style of the early eighteenth century with hints of the Rococo movement.

csr Online awards seminar 2014


for an organisation of its kind. Created in its current form in the early 1990s, the foundation traces its roots back to the Savings Bank of the Lombardy Provinces, set up in 1823.


about the lundquist csr online awards

Our success as strategic consultants is grounded on a decade of research into excellence in online corporate com-munications at an international level. Our investment in this research activity has served to develop advanced meth-odologies for effective corporate communications and also to raise awareness of the importance of digital channels. We have covered financial and institutional communications, employer branding, social media from a corporate perspective and, since 2008, online CSR communications.

The current, sixth edition of the research has seen a major step forward in our approach to assessing companies online communications. We have reorganised our evaluation protocol into seven pillars to better reflect the main challenges of responding to stakeholder expectations in a digital-first world. Our new model provides greater flexibility in evaluating companies and assigns greater importance to critical areas such as user experience, engaging content and social media. It will therefore generate more actionable insights and best practice across a wide range of areas.

Concrete: providing a core set of environmental, social and governance information, from policies and guidelines to data and targets

Transparent: allowing users to see under the bonnet with more detailed disclosure (for example on stakeholder engagement and target achievement)

User friendly: speedy and intuitive navigation, reporting formats, accessibility from mobile devices, search func-tionality as well as the user experience more generally

Ongoing: keeping stakeholders updated on a regular basis (through news, blogs, etc.) and remaining open to feedback and comment

Social: leveraging social media to listen, inform and engage both in generic corporate channels and in accounts specifically geared to audiences interested in CR or sustainability

Integrated: taking the CR message to stakeholders across the corporate website, for example as part of the pres-entation of the company and information aimed at investors, journalists or jobseekers

Distinctive: using digital to tell an engaging, unique, story that focuses on the most important issues and shows what strategy means in day-to-day, concrete contexts through storytelling, video and visual communication

New approach adopted for 2014

csr Online awards seminar 2014

key numbers for the 6th edition

1,600 responses to expert questionnaire over 6 years

270 European companies taken into consideration

500 social media accounts mapped

7 pillars

6th edition

5 rankings (Europe, Germany, Italy, Nordic Region, Switzerland)


a w a r d s










Fiat industrial village & savings museum


PAST EDITION 2012: Turin

The edition in the magic city at the foot of the Alps saw a two-day event spread across three fantastic locations: a group of afternoon workshops at the newly opened Savings Museum (Museo del Risparmio), a gala dinner and awards ceremony at the 5-star Hotel Golden Palace (with two-star Michelin chef Marco Sacco) and the full seminar at the Fiat Industrial Village. The theme was Beyond Cut & Paste Communications: the web as a strategic lever for corporate responsibility.

100 participants from 50 companies

2 plenary sessions: The future of CSR reporting, Beyond cut & paste communications through innovations in digital

7 thematic workshops: Report 0 (First steps and Rating & Guidelines), Integrated reporting, The responsible employer, B2B vs. B2C, Reaching out to the SI community, and Can CSR make news?

13 company case studies: Allianz, Autogrill, Barilla, BBVA, Centrica, Gruppo Hera, Eni, Mondadori, Nestl, SCA, Snam, Telecom Italia, UBS

14 expert speakers: 3BL Media, Call 2 Action, Communicate Magazine, Contrast Capital, CNBC, ECPI, Ethical Corporation Magazine, ETicaNews, Global Reporting Initiative, InnoCentive, KPMG, OccupyCSR, SRI-CONNECT, University of Pavia

9 video interviews published

csr Online awards seminar 2014


Telecom Italia Future Centre


PAST EDITION 2011: Venice

For its third edition, the CSR Online Awards Seminar moved to the dramatic location of Venice. Held in October 2011 at the Telecom Italia Future Center, the event was transformed with the introduction of a gala dinner and awards ceremony, with day two dedicated to company-only seminar.

110 participants from 47 companies

2 workshops: Online reporting and Integrating CSR...


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