DISCUSSION What English activities do we usually do in classes?

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Slide 2 Slide 3 DISCUSSION What English activities do we usually do in classes? Slide 4 I. Sound Games 1.Tongue twisters 1) Dick kicks sticky bricks. 2) She sells seashells by the seashore, The shells she sells are seashells, Im sure. So if she sells seashells by the seashore, Then Im sure she sells seashore shells. Slide 5 2. Chants This is used for one thing near, That means one thing over there; These and those mean two or more; Those are far and these are near. Slide 6 3. Sound recognition boyball 1)Use two different colours (or something else) to stand for two different sounds. I see a ship /sheep. The boy/ ball is under the tree. Slide 7 2) Same or different? Ask students to tell whether the sounds are the same or different. live/leave thin/thing sing/thing sit/seat this/these head/hand hear/hill slow/snow let/late bag/beg then/than mouse/mouth Ways to tell: flags, hands, stand to the left/right, clap hands etc. Slide 8 4. Sound relay. 1) Take kite teacher alarm man nice speak 2) Take: name, lake, may, game way, gate, etc. Slide 9 5. Find friends. (Homonyms) Words with the same sound. I/eye hear/here write/right sea/see pair/pear new/knew by/buy four/for wear/where two/too no/know meat/meet our/hour week/weak there/their Slide 10 II. Letter Games 1. Find out letters in the pictures. Slide 11 2. Letters relay. S t u v W x y z 3. Find (a) friend(s). 1) Letters with the same vowels. /e/ F L M N S X Z 2) Capital and small letters. Slide 12 4. Find the neighbours. E F G 5. Bingo (Cross out G.) GKM WUP YSR Slide 13 6. Next/ Buzz D E F (next) H I J (next) L M N 7. Play cards 8. Letter riddles 1) Which letter sounds like a word? Which letter sounds like an animal? Which letter looks like a door? 2) Do body signs and guess the letters. Slide 14 3) Guess what letter it is according the mouth movement. 9. Add one stroke to form another letter. C F N O V c n o v p Slide 15 10. London Bridge Using the letters to form a bridge and let the kids to pass under it. If one kid is caught, he/she must say the two letters. Slide 16 II. Number Games 1. Bingo ( Cross out 48.) 71017 24369 6348 Slide 17 2. Next three, four, (next) six, seven, (next) 3. Number relay 4. Find a friend 1) -teen -ty 2) one / first Slide 18 5. Find the neighbours. 6. Put numbers in different pictures. square triangle round four ten five 7. Play cards. Slide 19 8. Guess how many/much ? 9. Repetition 10. Give the opposite number. 11. Guess the Chinese idioms. Three On e Three two Slide 20 12. Fill in numbers in Chinese idioms. ___ ___ ___ Slide 21 III. Word Games 1. Word relay. pen name egg great 2. Find a friend. 1)Words with the same sound: eye/I be/bee for/four here/hear week/weak meat/meet our/hour Slide 22 2) Words with the same meaning: sure/certain little/small big/large 3) Compound words: bedroom/classroom/dining-room classmate/roommate/workmate 4) Words with the same suffix/prefix enlarge/enrich/shorten/widen/sharpen Slide 23 3. Find the enemy. 1) heavy/light up/down in/out 2) Kill two birds with one stone. old short ( easy cheap thin full ) young new long tall Slide 24 4. Change a letter to make a new word. father: fat/the/he/her/at/far/hat/eat/tea 1) in: if/it/is/on/inn/kin/ink/an/en 2) word: world/work/worm/worn 3) bedbeeseeseaseateat 5. Write out new words with the letters in the given word. Slide 25 6. Write out related words. on time bus holiday table foot bike city eye Slide 26 7. Word building. HEHE HERBEE HERETREE HOUSETHERE HUNGRYPEOPLE Slide 27 8. Find out the missing word. 1) slide show 2) word cards 9.Cross word Across 1) put on 2) a game Down 1) do sth. 2) very few WEAR OA RR KITE Slide 28 11. Letter chain MEATHEREDOPENOWHAT Slide 29 IV. Guessing Games 1. Guess pictures 1) 2) Cover the picture, then discover it part by part. Slide 30 2. Guess words. 1) I have a word in my mind. Could you guess what it is? Is it about food/clothes/? How many letters are there in it? Is there A in it? 2) Im not in the rain. Im in the water. If is between us. Slide 31 3) The 1st letter is intree, but not in free; The 2nd letter is in he, but not in him; The 3rd letter is in hand, but not in lend. What word it is? 4) Can you change a lady into a man? Can you change ice into a kind of food? Slide 32 3. Guess riddles. 1) Description A characteristics: shape/size/color B functions: We wear it. C classification: Its an animal. 2) Inference A. Five brothers have a sister each. How many children are there in the family? Slide 33 B. Two mothers and two daughters share 3 apples. Each should get one. Is it possible? C. Who is your fathers grandfathers son? 3) Homonyms A. What fruit is never found single? B. Who is closer to you, your mom or dad? A. A pear. (pair) B. Father (farther) Slide 34 V. Structure Games 1. Expand a sentence. 2. Sam says. 3. Do the opposite. 4. Pass a message. 5. Listen and draw. Slide 35 6. Give a response to what you hear. I have a book. You read it. He has water. He drinks it. I turned on the radio. You listened to music. He took out his exercise book. He did his home work. Slide 36 7. When I see, I think of . 8. Who is the fastest? A. Give me a word of food. B. Give me an answer. 9. Make up a story. A. Change a dialogue into a story. B. Each give one sentence. C. Guess the ending of the story. Slide 37 10. Black magic Answer questions without using Yes or No. 11. Catch it if you can. Use a ball or anything and pass it around, when doing this, give any word, the next should give a sentence. Slide 38 Please contact alicexiao55@yahoo.com.cn 0731-85810253 (H & Mobile) 0731-88612281 (O) Slide 39