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  • 7/28/2019 DO & DONTS DWDM


    DoS for DWDM(ROADM) Power ON both the power supply modules (Active &


    Check the led (ETH) status of SCC card, it should flickin green color, if not check for the proper connectivityof NE with switch.

    Always make the connectivity of NE from Eth 1

    provided in the subrack. Every board has two leds for status: RED For alarm

    (critical, major, minor) & GREEN - Booting andnormal functioning of board.

  • 7/28/2019 DO & DONTS DWDM


    Always use High rating power meter for measuring the

    power rating on the line side main ports as out,otherwise take measurements at MON (Monitoringports) which will show appx. 20 dB less than theoriginal rating.

    Keep the DWDM equipment room clean and dust free.

    For in-service monitoring with OSA, use the MON(Monitoring) port on the line side.

    Use proper label sticker for the OADM sites, to ensureeast and west connectivity properly.

    Maintain power monitoring chart for line powersratings.

  • 7/28/2019 DO & DONTS DWDM


    CONFIGURATION WITH EMS/LCT Use search operation for the creation of new NEs

    in the link.

    Ensure the following for effective DCNmanagement:

    Fibre link should be OK; there should not be any alarmon the SC1/SC2 cards in the link.

    NEs housing the SCC and SC1/SC2 cards willcommunicate through optical supervisory channel, forthe communication of other NEs,configure ECCmanagement as follows:

  • 7/28/2019 DO & DONTS DWDM


    I) In the NE explorer,choose NE and choosecommunication > ECCManagement

    II) Set the ecc extended

    mode > Auto mode.

    III) Ensure the connectivityof all NEs with the switch.

    IV )For the redundancy ofGNE, for all NEs there

    should be one active GNEand standby GNE2,GNE3.

  • 7/28/2019 DO & DONTS DWDM


    Enable the NE time synchronization and performanceanalysis (15 minutes and 24 hours.) for all NEs in the link to

    get the accurate alarm and performance data. After creation of all optical NEs( OTM, LCOADM,ROADM)

    ensure that the fibre connectivity between the optical NEsis make from OBU(out) to OAU (in) and vice versa , it willhelp in following manner.

    We can know the health of the link, OK link will come in green andfaulty link fibre appears in red. By selecting the fibre link the optical power at both the stations for

    selected link can be queried directly. Similarly for internal fibre connectivity fibre connection can be

    made in the NE explorer as follows:

    Always adjust the link in sequence after verifying the linkpowers because any adjustment done in intermediate span

    will affect the link power budget of the entire subsequentlink.

  • 7/28/2019 DO & DONTS DWDM


    Don'ts: Optical powers at amplifiers output are of high rating and

    hazardous for human body parts as eyes, dont expose the opticalpowers at eyes during maintenance, power measurements etc.

    Once the DWDM System is configured, do not perform manual

    configuration as the entire earlier configuration will be deleted(i.e. Only upload needs to be executed).

    Avoid duplicate NE IDs .The NE ID should be unique in allDWDM NEs. For example 24001, 24002 etc, If the NE ID is samefor two systems in the LCT or EMS, NE information list appearsin TOGGLE mode ( i.e. enable/ disable condition andcommunication is interrupted) due to address conflict.

    Use attenuators at the receiver ports of the transponders at clientside to keep the powers within the dynamic range and avoidoverloading of the receiver port, High power at the RX port maydamage the SFP module.

  • 7/28/2019 DO & DONTS DWDM


    Don'ts (Cont..) Do not remove or extract any cards from the sub racks

    during transportation as due to improper jack in theboard pins /connectors may get damaged accidentally.Take caution during Jack in and jack out, if at all it isnecessary

    To maintain Security Users having different privileges,

    Administrator, Monitor Group/MaintainerGroup/Operator Group etc have to be created on theEMS so that only authorized personnel are allowed todo changes in the configuration.

  • 7/28/2019 DO & DONTS DWDM


    EMS Maintenance Points: Switch on the EMS in the following manner:

    First switch on the storage array (OCEAN STOR S2600), and wait for the frontdisk led to get stable.

    Now switch on the Primary domain controller and wait for its normal bootingand log in to the windows server.

    Switch on the Primary Server and log on to the NMSDomain account. Switch on the Secondary domain controller and log in to the domain account. Now switch on the Secondary server in the NMSDomain account. This was the normal switch on procedure for the EMS setup in 1+1 HA Cluster

    system, for switch off the EMS server follow the same procedure in the reverseorder.

    Now, in normal condition Primary server should be on line, follow thefollowing steps to check the cluster configuration and then starting theT2000 application server for NE management.

    Click on start > Cluster Administration

  • 7/28/2019 DO & DONTS DWDM


    It will open GUI for cluster administration now

    Click on NMS Cluster > Groups > Cluster group : It willshow the status of the online server activities on the rightpanel and check the activities , it should be online forproper functioning otherwise contact Customer support fortechnical support.

    Click NMS Cluster > Cluster configuration > Networks:Check for the public and private network connections, itshould be up; otherwise check the Ethernet connectivity ofserver with the switch.

    Click on NMS Cluster > T2000 Server1: under this check forActive groups, active resources and network

    interfaces.(Only online server will show the active groupsin this option). Click on NMS Cluster > T2000 Server2: under this check

    for Active groups, active resources and network interfaces.

  • 7/28/2019 DO & DONTS DWDM


    After ensuring the above activity, if it is ok , start

    the T2000 Application software in followingmanner:

    Double Click on the desktop at T2000 Server monitor, itwill open the server processes. Start all process and wait

    for their running condition. After all the processes came into running status; click on

    the desktop at T2000 Client icon to start the clientservices: It will ask for the user name and password:

    default user name = admin, password = T2000. This will start the client services and GUI for sub

    network management system will appear on the screenafter this do the ne configuration as per procedure.

  • 7/28/2019 DO & DONTS DWDM


    There is one more icon on the desktop screen of the serverfor the management of the storage array by the name ofISM: Periodically check the status of the storage arraycontrollers and the disks as follows: Double click on ISM icon : It will ask for user name and password

    Default user name : admin Default password : 123456

    Main window will open click on All array > T2000 > controllerenclosure :

    Under controller enclosure two sub options are there:controller A and controller B. Select each controller for itsdevice figure and device information, whether they are

    online or offline; contact supplier CS if there is anyproblem in the status of controllers. Storage array houses six no. of hard disks, each of 146 GB. Out of

    six, four nos. of disk are configured with RAID5 configuration andother two are provided as hot and standby solution for redundancyof disks.

  • 7/28/2019 DO & DONTS DWDM


    Check following points regularly for ensuring proper

    functioning of the hard disks in RAID5 : Click on All array > T2000 > RAID Group > RAID 5 :

    Under the option of RAID5, the device figure anddevice information for all hard disk configured will

    appear on the screen , so check for their normalfunctioning and online status.

    There is also the provision of the alarm and eventstatistics on the top most menu bar which is updated

    with the storage array so any abnormality can be seenand necessary action may be taken to rectify the same.