Drug + alcohol Abuse

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1. Drug abuse
2. Legal Highs ?
Six people have died from legal highs such as Mcat
Small structural changes to an illegal chemical can create a new legal compound
Legal high dealers scour scientific literature for substances similar to recreational drugs
These are then produced by legitimate chemical firms, typically in China
3. Drug classification
Class A
Ecstasy, LSD, heroin, cocaine, crack, magic mushrooms, amphetamines (if prepared for injection).
Possession:Up to seven years in prison or an unlimited fine or both
Dealing:Up to life in prison or an unlimited fine or both.
Class C
Tranquilisers, some painkillers, Gamma hydroxybutyrate (GHB), Ketamine.
Up to two years in prison or an unlimited fine or both.
Up to 14 years in prison or an unlimited fine or both.
4. Anti Drug Poster
This advert is an anti drug poster showing the problems, situations and everyday life of meth addicts
The setting of this poster is a unhygienic and unsanitarypublic bathroom which aids the slogan in getting its message across showing how addictive the drug is and how it changes people
5. Alcohol Abuse
Posters from the 'Alcohol. Don't push it.' campaign.
6. Alcohol Abuse
She thought turning down a drink would make her look bad
These are posters from the alcohol. Dont push it. campaign which are showing the dangers of abusing alcohol, and the dangers people can be in
For example the girl in this toilet is in danger of getting all sorts of diseases form the toilet and the unhygienic conditions shes in
Also she could slip and fall and seriously physically harm herself because of the state shes in