Dye sublimation a sustainable trend

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http://www.artexgroup.net | Dye sublimation is a process of transferring dye to fabric using heat. Through this process, you can achieve photo-realistic images that stay that way. This process makes it affordable to get multi-color images transferred to T-shirts, hats, key rings, and more at an affordable price.

Text of Dye sublimation a sustainable trend

  • Normally, as matter is heated, it progresses

    through the stages of solid, liquid, then gas.

    The process of sublimation involves taking matter directly from the solid state to the gaseous state,

    without becoming a liquid in the process.

    With a dye sublimation printer, this process allows for ink

    to be dyed into fabric via heat, which makes the dye

    permanent and allows for photo-realistic images on


  • Dye sublimation is done using a

    digital image, a dye sublimation

    printer, and dye.

    The image is transferred to dye sublimation paper, and

    the ink is transferred to the fabric.

    The image retains the digital quality, and is permanently

    embedded into the fabric.

    The fabric can then be washed, dried, and worn over and

    over; and the image lasts as long as the fabric it's printed


  • Dye sublimation can be used to make a

    variety of patches for a diverse range of


    Since there is no extra cost associated with

    adding different colors, you don't have to

    choose a 1 or 2-color image to save money.

    It also isn't any more expensive to have full

    coverage color than spot color.

    This means you can have work shirts, club

    hats, and many other items that look great

    but don't cost more.

  • Dye sublimation is often done on patches

    because they can then be used on a multitude

    of products, including:

    Work shirts and jackets Promotional items Merchandise for valued customers Event T-shirts and hats Uniforms for EMTs, police, firefighters, and


    Hats, shirts, and jackets for cycling groups, motorcycle clubs, sports teams, bands,

    scout troops, and many others

  • The process used for dye sublimation on

    patches is the same process used for a variety

    of other products.

    For example, many mouse pads and jigsaw

    puzzles use the process of dye sublimation.

    The images look just as vibrant and detailed on

    fabric as on rubber mouse pads and cardboard


  • Screen-printing and other processes for

    printing images on fabric usually wear off

    before too long.

    By using the dye sublimation process, you

    save money as well as the environment

    because the images last just as long as the T-

    shirts, hats, and other materials the images

    are printed on.

  • Other processes to transfer images to fabric

    include screen-printing, embroidery, dyes,

    washes, and appliqus.

    The problem with these processes is that the

    image doesn't last or the process is

    expensive, or both.

    Dye Sublimation allows you to get high

    quality at an affordable price.

  • Artex Group offers dye sublimated

    embroidered patches in nearly any shape

    or size.

    Artex Group can apply your patches to:

    Shirts Hats Key rings Lapel pins

    Or, you can order the patches on their own

    and have them attached to your own

    products, such as motorcycle jackets or


  • Artex Group specializes in dye sublimation patches, which are photo realistic and retain their color

    for years to come. With the vibrant colors and digital detail, these images are far superior to those

    you can get with screen-printing. There is never any additional charge, whether your image contains

    a single color or the full spectrum of colors on a photograph.

    Visit www.artexgroup.net to select your patch today!

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