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  • Earning Money Through Google Adsense

    Submitted By: Salman Haider

    Submitted To: Professor Dr.Heindl

    Subject:E-Business Technology

    BCM:WS 2010/2011

  • Declaration:

    I declare that all work in this term paper is done by me.

    Salman Haider

  • Table of contents:


    Features of google adsense various application.5

    Google Adsense for content..6

    Google Adsense for search.7

    Google Adsense for mobile9

    Google Adsense for feeds..10

    Google Adsense for domains11

    How much money from Google Adsense12



  • Introduction:

    What is Google Adsense:

    Google AdSense is a free program that empowers online

    publishers to earn revenue by displaying relevant ads on a

    wide variety of online content, including:


    Search site results

    Mobile webpages

    All you have to do is that you have to register with

    adsense program with Google.

  • Features of Google Adsense in:

    Google Adsense for content

    Google Adsense for search

    Google Adsense for mobile

    Google Adsense for feeds

    Google Adsense for domains

  • Google Adsense for content

    Keep your users coming back with contextually targeted ads.

    You want to make more money from advertising, but you don't want to serve untargeted ads

    to your users. Google AdSense solves this problem by automatically delivering text and

    image ads that are precisely targeted to your site and your site contentads so well-matched,

    in fact, that your readers will actually find them useful.

    Access thousands of advertisers with minimal effort.

    Signing up and maintaining relationships with advertisers is a full-time job. Luckily, Google

    AdSense does it for you. Advertisers range from global brands to small local companies, in

    categories ranging from Education to Travel, Mortgages to Patio Furniture and just about

    everything in between. Best of all, once you get started, the AdSense program requires

    virtually no maintenance.

    Rev up your site's revenue potential.

    When you display Google ads on your website, you'll be maximizing your revenue potential.

    Google places relevant CPC (cost-per-click) and CPM (cost per thousand impressions) ads

    into the same auction and lets them compete against one another. The auction takes place

    instantaneously and when it's over AdSense will automatically display the text or image ad(s)

    that will generate the maximum revenue for a page -- and the maximum revenue for you.

    When your content changes, so do your ads.

    Google AdSense technology goes beyond simple keyword or category matching. We work

    hard to understand your content and deliver ads that are relevant to specific pages,

    automatically, no matter how many thousands of pages your site may have, or how

    specialized or broad your content. As your content changes, Google's ads change to match.

    And since our ads are also targeted by country, global businesses can display local advertising

    with no additional effort.

    Customize ads to complement your site.

    You spend lots of time perfecting your website's look and feel, and we want AdSense to fit in.

    So we let you customize the appearance of your ads to fully complement your site by

    choosing from over 200 colors and 24 pre-set color palettes (you can create and save your

    own custom palettes using a simple point-and-click color selection tool.

    Track your earnings with online reports.

  • With AdSense, you can monitor your ad performance with customizable online reports that

    offer details like the number of page impressions, clicks and click-through rate. You can track

    the performance of specific ad formats, colors and pages, and spot trends quickly and easily.

    Our flexible reporting tools let you group your pages however you want, so you can gain

    insight into your earnings by viewing results by URL, domain, ad type, category and more.

    And best of all, of course, you can check your earnings anytime.

    Google Adsense for search

    Earn revenue while helping your users find what theyre looking for on your site and across

    the web.

    Create a search engine in minutes.

    Customize the appearance of search results and ads.

    Tune results and ads to your site's content and audience.

    Get more comprehensive site search results with improved indexing.

    Help your users find what they're looking for

    Visitors come to your site to find something. Whether that is information, a certain product,

    entertainment, or just a way to spend time, AdSense for search allows you to enable them to

    do just that. By offering you new customization options, like what to let your users search and

    keywords to tell us what your site is about, AdSense for search leverages your expert

    knowledge to show Google search results and targeted ads that are particularly relevant to

    visitors in the context of your site. As with all AdSense products, Google gives you control

    over the look and feel of the search results and ads to match your site's look and feel.

    Provide the most relevant ads to your users

    By providing keywords related to your site's content, you can help fine-tune ads and search

    results so that they're even more relevant to your users. The following example of ads targeted

    to the search query helps to illustrate the power of this feature. A visitor comes to a yoga site

    interested in learning more about yoga mats. Although that same user would have likely

    entered 'yoga mats' as a query in the Google.com search box, in the context of a yoga site she

    only enters the query 'mats.' In a search engine without keywords, she would see results and

    ads for many types of mats, including rugs and floor mats. By including keywords related to

    site content in the search engine set-up, such as 'yoga,' 'exercise,' and 'meditation,' the same

    query will now return results and ads directly related to yoga and yoga mats.

    Seamless integration with your site design Here are some of the look and feel customization features you get with AdSense for search:

  • Customize the color scheme of your ads and search results

    Choose where you want to place your ads

    Option to host the search results on your own site within your site's template

    Choose from a variety of search box appearances

    Improved indexing for Site Search

    Google improved the indexing technology so that you can provide a more enhanced Site

    Search experience for your users. Now, AdSense for search will index even more pages of

    your site, as long as google is able to crawl them, so that your users will see more results from

    your site in your AdSense for search results.

  • Google Adsense for mobile

    Generate revenue from your mobile web pages by incorporating targeted, relevant Google ads

    that complement your content. You can earn money when your mobile website visitors see or

    click on the ads.

    To get started, create an AdSense account for free at google.com/adsense. Here, you'll be able

    to setup, manage, and track ad unit performance and earnings from your streamlined AdSense

    account interface. Simply follow the steps to generate the ad code, which you'll need to place

    on your website. Just like other Google ads, mobile ads can be customized to best match the

    look-and-feel of your web pages

    Access to an Extensive Network of Advertisers

    Mobile ad formats attract advertisers with mobile specific budgets and experiences. With

    Google and AdMob, you'll get access to our extensive network of advertisers who are bidding

    directly for ads on the mobile platform. Dedicated mobile sales teams help ensure you get the

    most visibility in front of advertisers.

    Ensure Quality User Experience

    Various targeting options and innovative mobile ad formats ensure users see only the most

    relevant and engaging ads. Ads that are more useful and interactive drive more conversions,

    which means more revenue for you.

  • Google Adsense for feeds

    Distribute your content, and earn.

    Earn revenue by displaying relevant text and image ads in your RSS feeds.

    Place ads in your RSS feed content, wherever it's viewed

    Draw from Google's extensive network of AdWords advertisers

    Ad targeting is optimized for feeds, ensuring relevant, user-friendly ads

    A feed is a format that allows your content to be delivered (and subscribed to) on the web,

    often as headlines, summaries or articles. Users subscribe to feeds, often through a feed

    aggregator such as Bloglines or FeedDemon, which gives them access to all desired feeds in

    one location. This allows users to preview your content wherever they go, making it easier for

    them to find out what's new on your site and reminding them to come back.

  • Google Adsense for domains

    What is AdSense for domains?

    AdSense for domains allows publishers with undeveloped domains to help users by providing

    relevant information including ads, links and search results.

    With AdSense for domains, users can find relevant information rather than see empty pages or

    "page not found" errors. To ensure positive user experience and the quality of our network,

    these sites are monitored for policy compliance and prohibited from using text and images

    designed to confuse users.

    AdSense for domains provides advertisers with additional opportunities to find their

    customers, and ads on these pages convert well. In addition, we regularly receive requests

    from advertisers who have found domains to be an effective way to reach their users.

    If you have undeveloped domains, then AdSense for domains can help your users

  • How much will I earn with AdSense?

    There's no precise answer, because your earnings will depend on a number of factors.

    The type of ads appearing on your pages: By displaying ads with AdSense for

    content, you can display ads that are paid when users click them or when users view

    them. All ads compete in an ad auction, and our system automatically selects those

    which will generate the most revenue for you while ensuring a good user experience.

    The pricing of ads appearing on your pages: Not all ads are priced the same, so

    factors such as changing advertiser budgets, your specific content, and the ads your

    users choose to click will cause your earnings to vary even from day to day.

    How many AdSense products you use: You can earn from AdSense in many

    different ways -- by displaying ads on your webpages, by providing search to your

    users, by displaying ads in feeds, and more. Using more AdSense products will

    increase your potential earnings.

    The best way to find out how much you'll earn is to sign up and start showing ads on your


    Once you're a part of Google AdSense, you can see your earnings at any time by signing in

    and viewing your reports. You'll be able to see the total number of ad clicks, impressions,

    clickthrough rate, and your total earnings. This information will give you an idea of how well

    the program is performing for you and how much you can expect to earn over time in the


  • Summary:

    Google Adsense is a wonderful program to earn money online,

    but the very important point is that the content on the webpage

    on which you are showing the ad by Google should be very

    good, so that you have lot of people who will visit you

    webpage and there is more chance that they will click on the

    google ads.

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