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Parking and Traffic Services. East Carolina University. 305 E. 10 th Street 328-6294/328-6963 www.ecu.edu/parking/. Business Hours. Monday – Friday 7:30am until 5:00pm Cashier transactions close at 4:30pm. Housekeeping Items. Tan temporary hang tag - two weeks free parking - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Parking & Transportation

East Carolina University305 E. 10th Street328-6294/328-6963www.ecu.edu/parking/

Parking and Traffic ServicesBusiness HoursMonday Friday 7:30am until 5:00pm

Cashier transactions close at 4:30pm

Housekeeping ItemsTan temporary hang tag - two weeks free parking

Color coded map NOTE: Lot closings and/or changes are posted on our website and official email announcements.

Permit InformationPermits are valid July 1 June 30.You will need to register each year prior to July 1.You must have a permit to park on ECU property.Provisional Permits are available.

Parking ZonesWe use a three zone system for faculty/staff parking A, B, and C.There is currently a wait list for A zone parking.Each lot has a sign at the entrance stating what permits are allowed.Signs also state when the lot changes to allow different permits.Please be sure to read these signs before parking.

How to Purchase your Permit:Visit ECU OneStop: http://onestop.ecu.edu

On the tools menu choose: Security and Transportation to access your personal parking account.

You will need the following information to complete the online purchase:- License plate number - Vehicle year, make, model and color - Insurance Information

4. If you wish to pay by cash or check - visit the Parking & Transportation Office during normal business hours.

Permit Prices:A Zone - $336.00

B Zone - $156.00

Permit prices begin prorating in OctoberPayment OptionsOn line: Payroll Deduction - Pre-tax or Post-tax or Credit CardCash or Check Parking Office

CitationsIf you receive a citation and do not feel it is justified you may appeal the citation through ECU OneStop.

You have 10 business days from the date of the ticket to complete appeal.

Appeals Contact:parking@ecu.eduPhone 328-6294

Other Services Offered by Parking and TransportationJumpstart vehicle during working hours 7:30am 5:00pm (On ECU property)Unlock vehicle during working hours 7:30am 5:00pm (On ECU Property)After working hours call ECU Police for assistance.

Bicycle RegistrationFree Decal

All bicycles on campus must be registered and display a free bike decal. Registration cards and decals are available at the Parking and Transportation Office.

P&T wants to promote a greener campus by recycling abandon bikes and putting them to use. PIRATE BIKES is a Bicycle Loaner Program that is available to faculty, staff or students. - PIRATE BIKES - 11Important Information:Please do not park in an A zone unless you have an A Zone permit or you are parking after the hours specified for that lot.Do not use a purple Departmental Guest Permit these permits are for guests only!Please do not hesitate to call us with any questions!

- The Department of Parking and Traffic Services at East Carolina University extends a warm welcome to all new faculty and staff. - We sincerely look forward to serving you and the rest of the University constituency!If you have any questions, were just a phone call ore-mail away!Wrapping it up: