École Tuxedo Park - Pembina Trails School Division .Real Restitution by Diane Gossen, ... education

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Text of École Tuxedo Park - Pembina Trails School Division .Real Restitution by Diane Gossen, ... education

  • cole Tuxedo Park 2300 Corydon Avenue

    Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3P 0N6 Ph: 204-889-3602 FAX: 204-889-3609

    Web: www.pembinatrails.ca/tuxedopark

    Newsletter: September 2016 Number 1

    Mission Statement

    We are a caring French Immersion school that

    fosters happiness, success

    and community spirit leading to LIFELONG LEARNING

    for all.

    In This Issue:

    Message from the Principal

    Pembina Trails School Division Information

    General Information

    Messages de Messages from

    1. Musique - Music

    2. ducation physique Physical Education

    3. Conseillre - Counsellor

    4. TP Parent Advisory Council

    Nouvelles de la communaut Community News

    September Calendar and Milk ticket order form

    CHERS PARENTS/DEAR PARENTS, Welcome to an exciting 2016-2017 school year at cole Tuxedo Park, our petite cole avec un grand coeur, little school with a big heart. Our entire school community is benefiting from this mantra as of the first day of school. Working Together

    In 2013-2014, we were aligned with strengthening meaningful and trusting relationships through communication and collaboration.

    In 2014-2015, we focused on building resiliency and adaptability, two key components in the new economy.

    In 2015-2016, we went deeper in ways of building trust and resiliency based on William Glassers first and most pressing psychological need which is love and belonging (http://wglasser.com/the-glasser-approach/choice-theory). We put our new niche into action, our vision established in spring of 2015, based on what makes our kids shine:

    Through strength-based learning, we engage and honour the whole child, building on multiple intelligences with an emphasis on the arts.

    In 2016-2017, our focus is based on a universal vision applicable to families and other organizations of the 21st century as seen through a poster in this newsletter.

    We know that the key to a successful organization is composed of: o Community: We thank our parents for working with us o Collaboration o Communication o Trust

    Through a working partnership, we value the voice of: o Students o Parents o Staff o Principal

    What we all need to learn to have a happy and meaningful life is resiliency, helping us bounce back up when our perception does not seem quite optimistic. Rather than seeing situations as personal, pervasive and permanent, if we can choose to see these as situational and temporary, and challenge our mindset, we can be more equipped to see what could be perceived as misfortunes as opportunities. We can learn from such opportunities as these make us grow.

    In order for every relationship to work out, it is dependent on every person feeling:

    o Acknowledged: we, our viewpoints and feelings are noticed and



    Thursday, September 15th Welcome to my Classroom

    Friday, September 16th and Mon-

    Day, September 19st Strong Beginnings students attend by appointment; no classes

    Tuesdays, September 20nd & 27th Gr. 4-6 Cross Country meet PM Marj Edey Park

    Raindate: October 4th


    Friday, October 7th

    Terry Fox Run 9:20 a.m.

    Thursday, October 6st

    School yard clean-up

    Monday, October 10th

    Thanksgiving-no school

    October 11th to 13th - Hearing Screening

    Thursday, October 13th

    Gr. 6 Immunization

    Thursday, October 13th Tri-Conferences after school and early evening Friday, October 14th

    Tri-Conferences A.M., Professional Development P.M. No school

    Tuesday, October 18th Photo

    Day (Retakes: November 18th)

    Friday, October 21st Professional Development all day - No school

    Thursday, November 10th

    Remembrance Day Assembly

    Friday, November 11th

    Remembrance Day no school

    Monday, November 14th Div. Common PD Day - No school November 18th Photo retakes

    validated o Accepted: we all want to feel welcome and have a sense of love

    and belonging o Appreciated: we like to know that people feel gratitude for who

    we are and what we do as contributing members of a community and society

    We know that we want to raise and teach our kids to have soft hearts, to be A+ citizens. We are looking forward to continue programming for all our students with multiple growth opportunities including:

    Senior Buddies


    Artists in the School

    Indigenous Teachings

    and much more.

    Our social learning in action has granted us the opportunity to officially been accepted as a UNESCO associated school as of 2015-2016. It is an honour to be among the first three elementary schools in this school division and the first French Immersion elementary school in Pembina Trails to be part of a network of schools who are all working towards building cultures of peace. For more information, please see information following this message. General Activities As an enhancement of:

    Real Restitution by Diane Gossen, based on indigenous principles

    a follow-up to last years Seven Teachings

    our divisional human rights project in 2015

    Indigenous drumming experienced with elders and Clint McDonald we will continue to honour our First Nations with a recent K-12 provincial curriculum: (http://www.edu.gov.mb.ca/k12/abedu/foundation_gr12/index.html) through the arts. As a culturally responsive school, we received a generous grant through the Manitoba Arts Council to invite reputable Manitoban artists to continue promoting the Seven Teachings and building a culture of peace. These include:

    Margaret Shaw MacKinnon, story writer and former student from this school who continues to appreciate coming back as a special guest

    Buffy Handel: Aboriginal School of Dance

    Casmiro Nhussi and Jay Stoller: African Dance through the Rhythm of the Heart

    Ursula Neufeld: Collective Mural summarizing our artistic journey, acknowledging where we are and where we are headed

    As feedback from students, parents and staff was very positive, we will continue to start off the day with Active Start, also known as Active Smart. This will continue to create the conditions for:

    love and belonging

    building resiliency through self-regulation

    optimal learning throughout the entire day

    More information is located further in this newsletter and through the following

    divisional link: http://www.pembinatrails.ca/Student%20Services/Active_Start.html .


  • Friday, December 2nd School PD Day (Evaluations) no school

    Wednesday, December 14th (Gr. 1-6) Report cards go home

    Friday, December 23st Friday, January 6 Winter Break Monday, January 9th First day of

    school for winter term Thursday, February 2th Tri-conferences after school and early evening

    Friday, February 3rd Tri-conferences A.M.; Professional Dev. P.M. no school

    Friday, February 10th Winter

    Festival (evening)

    Monday, February 13th Kindergarten Information Open House 6:30 p.m. Thursday, February 16th

    Gr. 4 Immunization

    Monday, February 20th Louis Riel Day no school

    Friday, March 17th Division Common Day (Evaluations) - no school

    Monday March 27th to Friday, March 31th - Spring Break Wednesday, April 5th (Gr. 1-6) Report cards go home Wednesday, April 12th Concert

    Good Friday, April 14th No school Friday, April 21st Professional Development all day - No school

    Wednesday, April 26th

    Gr. 6 Immunization

    Friday, May 12th

    Gr. 6 Girls Immunization

    Monday, May 22th

    Victoria Day no school

    Wednesday, June 14th - Choir

    Concert Friday, June 16th Division Common Day (Evaluations) no school

    Mark Your Calendars Our kick-off assembly took place on Sept. 15. We congratulate Julian and Emily for being our MCs as well as Zoe and Kade for having rang the bell to initiate this positive school year. All families are welcome to attend every assembly, including the extended family as we know they play a significant role in child development. There is no need for families to sign into the office when they come to assemblies. Welcome to My Classroom, a special and informal evening greeting families and setting them off on the right foot for a successful school year was a huge success. Thank you for your presence. On September 16 and 19, students will be coming by appointments for Strong Beginnings. Here is a helpful link: https://youtu.be/IJ9LSLP4yZE . Creating the Conditions We continue to create the conditions to build trust through love and belonging with the enhancement of our school grounds and building. Such renovations include:

    New drainage base for 2 main play structures

    New fencing on the north side to enhance student safety

    Renovated workroom for staff and parents to build community and


    Freshly painted brick walls to brighten up our space

    A freshly painted shed, an unexpected surprise by the school division

    Brand new doors in certain regions of our building

    New Canadian and Franco-Manitoban flags to celebrate our rights,

    freedom, pride and heritage

    Freshly painted games on our pavement

    Enhanced outdoor classroom with th