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<ul><li><p>16.1</p><p>TACTICAL EYEWEAR</p><p>EN166F CE</p><p>SAFETY RATED</p></li><li><p>2 </p><p>3x anti-scratch PROTECTIVE coatingLenses are triple-coated with a scratch-resistant finish to ensure longevity.</p><p>_Dark Matte Logo</p><p>_Non-Mirrored Lenses</p><p>_Soft-Touch Matte Finish</p><p>VAPOR SHIELD MILITARY-grade Anti-fogMost situations can be handled with standard anti-fog lenses, but for extreme environments Edge Eyewear developed a revolutionary, military-grade anti-fog technology called Vapor Shield. It is completely resistant to fog.</p><p>TACTICAL SPECS</p><p>To see Vapor Shield in actionscan or visit: </p><p>youtube.com/theEdgeEyewear</p><p>POLARIZED LENS TECHNOLOGYPolarized technology features a special filtering layer that blocks reflected light from below and glare from above, allowing only direct light rays to enter. This maximizes clarity and overall visibility and is ideal for environments with bright sun, snow, water, or sand. Polarized lenses are perfect for maritime missions and improve reaction time while driving.</p></li><li><p>TRADE AGREEMENTS ACT COMPLIANT All Edge Tactical Eyewear is fully compliant with the Trade Agreements Act (TAA) and follow Free Trade Agreement (FTA) measures.</p><p>ADDITIONAL FEATURES</p><p>edge tactical eyewear is ballisTic safety-rated</p><p>EVERY PAIR OF</p><p>Thin temple TECHNOLOGYThin temples provide comfort and functionality when worn with a helmet or ear protection and keep a sealed fit with noise reduction headsets.</p><p>EN166F CE</p><p>SAFETY RATED</p></li><li><p>4 </p><p>WHAT CONSTITUTES A FAILURE? When each test is conducted as indicated in ANSI Handbook Sections 6.2.2, 6.2.3, and 6.2.4, a complete device will fail if any of the following occurs:</p><p>HIGH MASS IMPACT TESTSpectacle frames and lenses must be capable of resisting a 500 g (17.6 oz) spike dropped from a height of 127 cm (50 in).(ANSI Handbook: Section 6.2.2)</p><p>PENETRATION TESTLenses must be capable of resisting penetration by a needle with a total weight of 44.2 g (1.56 oz) dropped from a height of 127 cm (50 in).(ANSI Handbook: Section 6.2.4)</p><p>Some of the many impact tests required for compliance with ANSI standards are shown here.</p><p>Fracture of the lens</p><p>Penetration of the rear surface of the lens</p><p>A piece fully detaches from the inside of the spectacle</p><p>Lens is not retained by the frame</p><p>Lens and/or frame touches the eye area, even if the glasses remain intact</p><p>Diagram of High Mass Impact and Penetration Tests</p><p>HIGH IMPACT TESTING (+)</p></li><li><p>ANSI Z87.1+2010 45.72 m/s, 164 kph (150 ft/s, 102 mph)</p><p>Spectacle frames and lenses must be capable of resisting impact from a 6.35 mm (.25 in) diameter steel ball traveling at a velocity of 45.72 m/s (150 ft/s). (ANSI Handbook: Section 6.2.3)</p><p>Scan toWatch Video</p><p>HIGH IMPACT TESTING (+)</p><p>SIMULATES A SHOTGUNBLAST FROM 33 FEET</p><p>MILITARY MCEPS TEST</p><p>MCEPS GL-PD 10-12</p><p>BALLISTIC SAFETY-RATED</p><p>HIGH VELOCITY IMPACT Test</p><p>EN166 F CE 45 m/s, 162 kph (147.63 ft/s, 100.66 mph)</p><p>201.16 m/s, 724 kph (660 ft/s, 450 mph)</p></li><li><p>6 </p><p>RESOLVING POWER testThe Resolving Power Test examines the ability of a lens to form separate, distinct images of objects that are close together when viewed from 10.67 m (35 ft) away. </p><p>What constitutes a failure?The lens fails if there is an inability to distinguish three separate lines at the 20-line mark on an NBS pattern, both vertically and horizontally.(ANSI Handbook: Section 5.1.4)</p><p>Imagine standing 25 meters from your target with only one round left to reach expert marksman status. Your commanding officer is screaming in your ear. Time is ticking. Youre sweating bullets. Washing out is not an option. </p><p>PASSPASS FAIL</p><p>Edge Tactical Eyewear provides the highest level of clarity and definition to keep your target in focus. Where the competition sees the standard as a place to stop, Edge blasts past it to deliver an uncompromised level of HD vision! </p><p>DEFINED CLARITY</p><p>OPTICAL TESTING Some of the many optical tests required for compliance with ANSI standards are explained here.</p></li><li><p>PRISMATIC POWER testThe Prismatic Power Test measures the angular deviation of a light ray after it passes through a lens. This is similar to the way light refracts and bends through a prism, causing images to shift.</p><p>What constitutes a failure? .5 diopters of deviation(ANSI Handbook: Section 5.1.4)</p><p>LUMINOUS TRANSMISSION testThe Luminous Transmission Test evaluates the percentage of Visual Light Transmission (VLT), which is the amount of light that passes through a lens.</p><p>What are the requirements?Clear: Minimum of 85% VLTTinted: Minimum of 8% and maximum of 85% VLT(ANSI Handbook: Sections 5.1.2 &amp; 7.1.2)</p><p>ASTIGMATISM testThe Astigmatism Test looks for improper lens curvature or flat areas that cause refractive error and image shifting.</p><p>What constitutes a failure? .06 diopters difference (ANSI Handbook: Section 5.1.4)</p><p>REFRACTIVE POWER testThe Refractive Power Test determines the ability of a lens entire surface area to focus on the rays of a sunburst image without blurring, blending, or bending the lines of the pattern.</p><p>What constitutes a failure?Refraction of light .06 diopters(ANSI Handbook: Section 5.1.4)</p><p>Clear Lenses</p><p>Lens</p><p>Light Rays Light Rays</p><p>OPTICAL TESTING </p><p>Tinted Lenses</p></li><li><p>8 </p><p>LENS TECHNOLOGY</p><p>TPR TECHNOLOGY</p><p>Frames are made with a flexible and durable TR90/nylon compound material</p><p>Wrap-around frame style does not cause side shield distortion</p><p>Straight temples rest comfortably on the head and dont pinch</p><p>Thin temple option eliminates pressure points without breaking a headsets seal</p><p>FRAME TECHNOLOGY</p><p>- Lenses filter 99.9% of UVA/UVB/UVC rays- Non-polarized fog resistant lenses improve visibility - Triple-dipped in anti-scratch coating- Polycarbonate lenses comply with: - ANSI Z87.1+2010 - Military MCEPS GL-PD 10-12 - EN166 F CE </p><p>Thermoplastic rubber (TPR) is a soft and pliable compound that increases its grip as it becomes warm or damp from perspiration. This technology is used in temple tips and nose pads to prevent slipping and keeps glasses on the face.</p><p>Tapered lenses eliminate refraction</p><p>TECHNOLOGY </p><p>Without Tapered Lenses With Tapered Lenses</p></li><li><p>G-15G-15 lens technology was pioneered for U.S. Air Force pilots and features a green-colored tint that has cooling properties for the eyes. These lenses provide excellent contrast and image definition while maintaining a neutral, true-to-life perspective. G-15 lenses are perfect for a variety of bright light conditions.</p><p>15% LIGHT TRANSMISSION</p><p>CLEARClear lenses allow the greatest amount of light to enter the eye, making them an excellent choice for indoor and low light conditions.</p><p>85% LIGHT TRANSMISSION</p><p>POLARIZED GRADIENT SMOKEPolarized Gradient Smoke lenses have a vertical smoke-to-clear tint that equalizes harsh light from above and soft light from below. The addition of a polarizing filter increases clarity by reducing glare in the harshest environments.</p><p>uvc uvb uva</p><p>UVA (315-380 nm) Exposure to high levels of this light without proper lens filtration may cause damage to all layers of the cornea. UVB (280-315 nm) Permanent retina or lens damage can result from exposure to high levels of this light without proper lens filtration. UVC (180-280 nm) Exposure to high levels of this light without proper eye protection may produce photokeratitis, often referred to as welders flash.</p><p>500400 600300</p><p>All Edge Tactical Eyewear lenses contain light-reflecting compounds that scatter UV waves. This blocks 99.9% of ultraviolet radiation, which is the highest level of protection on the market. </p><p>LENS OPTIONS</p><p>POLARIZED COPPERPolarized Copper lenses make bright and variable conditions appear sharper and filter high levels of blue light. This lens color increases depth perception, while a polarizing filter increases clarity and reduces glare.</p><p>16% LIGHT TRANSMISSION 8% LIGHT TRANSMISSION</p><p>Indoor or LowLight Conditions</p><p>CloudyConditionsHazyConditionsPartly CloudyConditions</p><p>DesertConditions</p><p>WaterConditionsBright SunnyConditions</p><p>CHOOSE A LENS FOR THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS:TIGERS EYETigers Eye lenses are engineered to increase contrast and depth perception and are an excellent lens choice for overcast, indoor, and low-light conditions. They also feature a blue light filter that reduces eyestrain and fatigue.</p><p>50% LIGHT TRANSMISSION</p><p>700 800</p></li><li><p>10 </p></li><li><p>ho611</p><p>ACCESSORIES CHAMOIS CLEANING CLOTH | COLLAPSING MOLLE COMPATIBLE CASE | LENS CLEANING BAG </p><p>4 INTERCHANGEABLE LENSES POLARIZED GRADIENT SMOKE | VAPOR SHIELD CLEAR | VAPOR SHIELD TIGERS EYE | VAPOR SHIELD G-15 </p><p>2 LEASHES 9703 SNAPBACK CORD | 9710 NOOSE LEASH</p><p>PATENT PENDING</p><p>THE OVERLORD KIT includes:</p></li><li><p>12 </p></li><li><p>PATENT D598840</p><p>ThinTempleOption</p><p>SEE P. 3FOR MORE </p><p>INFO</p><p>TXHG716XH611XH611-TT</p><p>XH610XH610-TT</p><p>XH61-G15XH61-G15-TT</p><p>CLEA</p><p>R</p><p>TIGE</p><p>RS </p><p>Eye</p><p>G-15</p><p>POLA</p><p>RIZE</p><p>DGR</p><p>ADIE</p><p>NT S</p><p>MOK</p><p>E</p><p>with alllens options</p><p>REGULAR</p><p>THIN TEMPLE</p></li><li><p>14 </p></li><li><p>XH61-G15-MC </p><p>XH62-G15-TT</p><p>HAMEL MULTICAM</p><p>HAMEL SAND</p><p>hamel GRAY WOLF</p><p>PATENT D598840</p><p>with alllens options</p><p>REGULAR</p><p>THIN TEMPLE</p><p>TXHG716-MC</p><p>XH63-G15-TT TXH735-TTPOLARIZED COPPER</p><p>POLARIZED GRADIENT SMOKE</p><p>THIN TEMPLE</p><p>G-15</p><p>G-15</p><p>G-15</p></li><li><p>16 </p></li><li><p>REPLACEMENT LENSES AVAILABLE, p. 34 </p><p>SG611CLEA</p><p>R</p><p>TIGE</p><p>RS </p><p>EYE</p><p>G-15</p><p>SG610 SG61-G15 TSGG716</p><p>PATENT D597122</p><p>KIT OPTIONS AVAILABLE, P. 34</p><p>with alllens options</p><p>REGULAR POLA</p><p>RIZE</p><p>DGR</p><p>ADIE</p><p>NT S</p><p>MOK</p><p>E</p></li><li><p>18 </p></li><li><p>ALL MODELS AVAILABLE WITH A PRE-APPLIED FOAM GASKET, P. 33FOAM GASKET KITS ALSO AVAILABLE, P. 34</p><p>CLEA</p><p>R</p><p>TIGE</p><p>RS </p><p>EYE</p><p>G-15</p><p>SBR611 SBR610 SBR61-G15 TSBRG716SBR-XL611 SBR-XL610 SBR-XL61-G15 TSBRG-XL716</p><p>PATENT D549268</p><p>with alllens options</p><p>REGULAR</p><p>XL FRAMEPO</p><p>LARI</p><p>ZED</p><p>GRAD</p><p>IENT</p><p> SM</p><p>OKE</p></li><li><p>20 </p></li><li><p>TSFG716SF611SF611-TT</p><p>SF610SF610-TT</p><p>SF61-G15SF61-G15-TT</p><p>CLEA</p><p>R</p><p>TIGE</p><p>RS </p><p>EYE</p><p>G-15</p><p>ThinTempleOption</p><p>SEE P. 3FOR MORE </p><p>INFO</p><p>ALL MODELS AVAILABLE WITH A PRE-APPLIED FOAM GASKET, P. 32FOAM GASKET KITS ALSO AVAILABLE, P. 34</p><p>PATENT PROTECTED</p><p>with alllens options</p><p>REGULAR</p><p>THIN TEMPLEPO</p><p>LARI</p><p>ZED</p><p>GRAD</p><p>IENT</p><p> SM</p><p>OKE</p></li><li><p>22 </p></li><li><p>SSE611SSE611-TT</p><p>SSE610SSE610-TT</p><p>SSE61-G15SSE61-G15-TT</p><p>CLEA</p><p>R</p><p>TIGE</p><p>RS </p><p>EYE</p><p>G-15</p><p>ThinTempleOption</p><p>SEE P. 3FOR MORE</p><p>INFO</p><p>PATENT PENDING</p><p>with alllens options</p><p>REGULAR</p><p>THIN TEMPLE</p></li><li><p>24 </p></li><li><p>XN611 XN610 XN61-G15 CLEA</p><p>R</p><p>TIGE</p><p>RS </p><p>EYE</p><p>G-15</p><p>with alllens options</p><p>REGULAR</p></li><li><p>26 </p></li><li><p>XFL611 XFL610 XFL61-G15CLEA</p><p>R</p><p>TIGE</p><p>RS </p><p>EYE</p><p>G-15</p><p>PATENT PENDING</p><p>with alllens options</p><p>REGULAR</p></li><li><p>28 </p></li><li><p>XDF611 XDF610 XDF61-G15 CLEA</p><p>R</p><p>TIGE</p><p>RS </p><p>EYE</p><p>G-15</p><p>with alllens options</p><p>REGULAR</p><p>Standard Anti-Fog Unobstructed vision is essential when it comes to eye safety. Anti-Fog coating offers long-lasting clarity in humid, hot, or cold circumstances. Moisture rolls off the lens, keeping vision clear at all times.</p></li><li><p>30 </p></li><li><p>Vapor Shield </p><p>Chamois Cleaning Cloth Flame Retardant Dust Cover Collapsing MOLLE Compatible Case G-15 and Clear Vapor Shield Anti-Fog Lenses Protective Lens BagRemovable Rx Insert</p><p>INCLUDED IN THE BLIZZARD KIT:</p><p>hB611</p></li><li><p>A Foam Gasket is essential to safety in environments with high levels of airborne debris, dust, or wind. This technology creates a seal that keeps foreign particles out of the glasses and away from the eyes.</p><p>Available on the following styles:</p><p>FALCON</p><p>GSF61-G15 G-15</p><p>GSF61-G15-tt G-15 w/ Thin Temples</p><p>GSF610TIGERS EYE</p><p>GSF610-ttTIGERS EYE w/ Thin Temples</p><p>GSF611Clear</p><p>GSF611-TTClear w/ Thin Temples</p><p>GTSFG716Polarized gradient smoke</p><p>32 </p><p>FOAM GASKETS (PRE-APPLIED)</p></li><li><p>BLADE RUNNER</p><p>BLADE RUNNER XL</p><p>GTSBRG716POLARIZED GRADIENT SMOKE</p><p>GSBR61-G15G-15</p><p>GSBR610TIGERS EYE </p><p>GSBR611clear </p><p>GTSBRG-xl716POLARIZED GRADIENT SMOKE</p><p>GSBR-XL61-G15G-15</p><p>GSBR-XL610TIGERS EYE</p><p>GSBR-XL611clear</p><p>FOAM GASKETS (PRE-APPLIED)</p></li><li><p>30"</p><p>12.5"</p><p>3-Unit PROMO DISPLAY 9930</p><p>11"</p><p>NYLON CORD 9701THIN ROPE 9702</p><p>SNAPBACK CORD 9703BLACK &amp; GRAY ROPE 9704</p><p>FLOATER CORD 9705EDGE LOGO CORD 9706</p><p>SLEEVE Leash 9707NEOPRENE STRAP 9708</p><p>GUMMY LEASH 9709NOOSE LEASH 9710SLIDER CABLE 9711</p><p>HIGH-VIS STRAP 9712FLAME RETARDANT SLEEVE 9713</p><p>CAMO NEOPRENE STRAP 9715</p><p>Falcon gasket 9425</p><p>blade runner gasket 9427blade runner XL gasket 9426</p><p>FOAM GASKETS (SELF-ADHESIVE) </p><p>COLLAPSING MOLLE COMPATIBLE CASE 9809LENS CLEANING BAG 9802CASES</p><p>TACTICAL DISPLAYS</p><p>LEASHES</p><p>5"</p><p>5</p><p>34 </p><p>(Glasses not included with displays)</p><p>DISPLAYS/ACCESSORIES MARKETING MATERIALsACID GAMBIT LENSESCLEAR VAPOR SHIELD 9456TIGERS EYE VAPOR SHIELD 9457G-15 VAPOR SHIELD 9458POLARIZED GRADIENT SMOKE 9459</p><p>Single-unitpop display 9934</p><p>(in order from left to right)</p><p>40"</p><p>15"</p><p>14-UNIT LOCKING COUNTER AND PEGBOARD DISPLAY 9914</p><p>24-unitlocking display 9918</p><p>TACTICAL HEADER 9971</p><p>ACID GAMBIT KITS KIT INCLUDES: Acid Gambit Frame, Gummy Leash, Hard Case, and Lens Cleaning Bag</p><p>CLEAR VAPOR SHIELD, G-15 VAPOR SHIELD SG2K-1Polarized Gradient SMOKE, Clear VAPOR SHIELD SG2K-2Tigers Eye VAPOR SHIELD, G-15 VAPOR SHIELD SG2K-3Polarized Gradient SMOKE, Tigers Eye Vapor shield SG2K-4CLEAR VAPOR SHIELD, Tigers eye VAPOR SHIELD SG2K-5CLEAR VAPOR SHIELD, Tigers eye VAPOR SHIELD, G-15 VAPOR SHIELD SG3K-1Polarized Gradient SMOKE, CLEAR VAPOR SHIELD, Tigers eye VAPOR SHIELD SG3K-2</p><p>8"</p><p>Sales Kit</p><p>Edge Hard CASE 9810</p><p>11-Unit sales kit 9607</p></li><li><p>TACTICAl POSTER 9213</p><p>TACTICAL SHIRT 9560 L, XL, XXL</p><p>MARKETING MATERIALs</p><p>sand 9552</p><p>PVC SKULL 9581 pvc X 9582 GRAY 9570 GREEN 9571</p><p>Tactical operator hats</p><p>Black 9551</p><p>Tactical PATCHES</p></li><li><p>EdgeEyewear.com/tactical | email: CustomerService@EdgeEyewear.com | toll-free: 866.953.7325 | fax: 866.329.7325</p><p>follow us: </p></li></ul>