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    Resolutions for the new year The beginning of a new year is customarily the time for change and for new beginnings. At the beginning of 1973, Environmental Science & Technology is entering its 7th year. Now widely known and accepted as just ES&T, the publication has come a long way. Circulation has climbed to almost three times the 1967 level, and judging by the acceptance shown by a growing number of environmentally aware readers and subscribers, we are confident of con- tinued progress.

    Of course, few people like change, but most admit to the need for it, at least when they understand it. The most apparent changes readers will find when examining this issue are new typefaces. The changes were made at this time because-together with other publications of the American Chemical Society-ES&T is switching to a new method of typesetting. Photocomposition (cold typeset- ting) offers several advantages, not the least of which is reduced cost, and we have taken the opportunity to select newer, more modern typefaces which hopefully will en- hance readability.

    Despite the fact that ES&T looks different-and, we hope, better-the content is basically the same as it has been over the past few years. ES&T intends to keep readers aware of what is really happening on the environ- mental scene, to dig beneath the surface for facts and in- sights. We shall continue to present the newest technol- ogies for pollution control and to publish advances in basic knowledge of environmental science and technology. Well try, too, to report on the environmental legislative process, through proposals, debate, and the enactment of new laws.

    readers solve their environmental problems by informing them about developments and by interpreting these de- velopments so that readers are able to put into understand- able context all the myriad happenings in this complex but exciting field.

    Those, at any rate, are our new years resolutions. We hope that you will make some, too, and that one of them will be to let us know your information needs. If we can satisfy you, then well be satisfied.

    In short, well be trying through 1973 and beyond to help

    Volume 7, Number 1, January 1973 9