EDU 535 Technology Practicum Fall 2009

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EDU 535 Technology Practicum Fall 2009. Todd Arends. Who/What I Observed. Who/What I Observed. General Comparison. More interactive Used to differentiate Used as hands on Used creatively to engage students involvement Used as game Used to focus attention . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>EDU 535 Technology Practicum Fall 2009</p> <p>EDU 535Technology PracticumFall 2009Todd ArendsHigh SchoolMathHigh SchoolMedia ProductionHigh School BusinessHigh School ScienceTeacherBrad LarsonGretchen BruhnMark HulshofDan DickesContentSlope of lineAdobe ApplicationCareer planning &amp; ResumesReview for TestTechnology UsedSmart BoardCalculatorsSmart BoardComputersInternetSmart BoardComputersInternetSmart BoardHow Tech was integratedUsed to show solutions/problem solving.Bell ringerDeliver content. Tutorial video.Streaming videobest of best application.Selecting StudentsCategory sortProblem solvingStudent InvolvementActiveInteractivePassiveActive independentlyPassiveInteractiveActive independentlyActiveInteractiveWho/What I ObservedMiddle School MathMiddle School ScienceMiddle School TechnologyMiddle SchoolSocial StudiesTeacherGrant VietorJill HulshofGrant VietorJulie GreenContentAstronomyKeyboarding</p> <p>Current EventsTechnology UsedSmart BoardSenteo ClickersSmart BoardComputerProjectorComputersSmart Board</p> <p>How Tech was integratedCorrectionPresentationAssessmentInstructionsPresentationsLab ProceduresPresentationDemonstrationAdditional practiceMultimedia videoDemonstrationAsessmentStudent InvolvementActiveInteractivePassiveActiveInteractivePassiveActive independentlyPassiveActiveInteractiveWho/What I ObservedGeneral ComparisonMiddle SchoolHigh SchoolMore interactiveUsed to differentiateUsed as hands onUsed creatively to engage students involvementUsed as gameUsed to focus attention </p> <p>Used to deliver Content information.Used to give extra information.Used primarily to show or demonstrate a process or correct assigned work.Non-threatening student selection.View multi-media.Project completion.Smart Board&amp;Senteo ClickersUsed to present information</p> <p>Used to review previous information</p> <p>Used to assess understanding</p> <p>Used to engage and involve students </p> <p>Used to provide instant feedback and re-teaching</p> <p>Effective in review </p> <p>Observing StudentsOutcomesMore interactiveMore participationInstant feedbackMore motivatedHad more aha momentsAsked more questionsDiscussed what they saw</p> <p>Observing TeachersOutcomes</p> <p>Better preparedAccess to more informationAble to assist one on oneAbility to tailor instructionMore time on taskAble to show rather than tellMore enthusiasm/energy</p> <p>Technology appropriately used encourages students to interact and engage in their own learning rather than become a passive observer.Students prefer to be challenged by integrating technology to use in problem solving.Teachers using technology effectively in their classrooms assist students in the learning process. Teachers that challenge themselves by trying new technologies are more involved in the classroom by the nature of the environment they teach in.Conclusion</p>