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Master slide set for Educause presentation(s). Not all slides used in all presentations.

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  • 1. Sakai Community Update Dr. Chuck Severance - Chief Sakai Strategist, Blackboard, University of Michigan Neal Caidin Sakai CLE Community Coordinator (CLECC)Foundation

2. Foundation 3. Foundation 4. Sakai Project Origins 2003-5 MIT, Michigan, Indiana, Berkeley, Foothill CC, Stanford Replace home grown LMS - sustainability More than an LMS - research collaboration Technical and social support for innovation Sakai Collaboration and Learning Environment Runs at scale, many contributed toolsFoundation Research collaboration uses - UK, US, Australia, Japan 5. Sakai Foundation - 2005 > Collegiate structure - elected Board, etc Not a software house - coordination, facilitation Infrastructure, licensing, legal, conferences 80 Members (cf 340+ adoptions) A community - a place to find collaborators Executive Director : Ian DolphinFoundationIan Dolphin