Embryonic Gene Editing Final Paper

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<ul><li><p>7/24/2019 Embryonic Gene Editing Final Paper</p><p> 1/5</p><p>Delmas 1</p><p>Lindsey Delmas</p><p>Professor Caruso</p><p>UWRT 1103</p><p>March 1st, 201</p><p>!m"ryonic #ene !ditin$</p><p>%a&amp;e you e&amp;er 'ondered 'hat it(d "e li)e to ha&amp;e no *hysical fla's+ o ris) of</p><p>inheritin$ $enetic fla's+ The United -in$dom .ust recently $a&amp;e a**ro&amp;al for scientists</p><p>to "e$in studyin$ human em"ryos at the early sta$es of life/ These em"ryos are ta)en</p><p>from a fertility clinic, studied under the microsco*e, and are then dis*osed of 'ithin 1</p><p>days/ With the U- $i&amp;en the $o ahead, this has raised many fla$s in the ethics, safety, and</p><p>fundin$ de*artments of many countries around the 'orld/</p><p>o', you may "e 'onderin$, ho' is this not "ein$ called a"ortion+ ou 'ould</p><p>not "e the only one to thin) that this is *retty similar/ 4eside the fact that human em"ryos</p><p>are "ein$ dis*osed of, ho' is this different than an a"ortion, and 'hat do anti5a"ortion</p><p>acti&amp;ists thin) of this+ 6nne 7canlan, s*o)es'oman for L89!, has s*o)en out sayin$ that</p><p>the %9!6 :%uman 9ertili;ation and !m"ryolo$y 6uthority&lt; no' has the re*utation of</p><p>"ein$ the first re$ulator in the 'orld to a**ro&amp;e this uncertain and dan$erous</p><p>technolo$y=and $i&amp;en *ermission for a *rocedure that could ha&amp;e dama$in$ far5</p><p>reachin$ im*lications for human "ein$s :7idi&gt;ue, %aroon</p></li><li><p>7/24/2019 Embryonic Gene Editing Final Paper</p><p> 2/5</p><p>Delmas 2</p><p>What ha**ens if this em"ryonic $ene testin$ *ro&amp;es successful+ This testin$ could</p><p>e&amp;entually turn scientists to *erfect the techni&gt;ues of modifyin$ human em"ryos for</p><p>future im*lantation into a 'oman(s uterus/ These "a"ies 'ould "e *roducts of consumer</p><p>eu$enics, or "ein$ desi$ned to *ossess fa&amp;ora"le traits, rather than unfa&amp;ora"le traits</p><p>such as $enetic diseases that could de&amp;elo* in the 'om"/ Consumer eu$enics, or</p><p>desi$ner "a"ies in sim*ler terms, has raised the ethics fla$, as 'ell/ Chinese researchers</p><p>ha&amp;e *roduced a techni&gt;ue, titled CR87PR that is su**osed to ma)e the $ene editin$</p><p>*rocess sim*ler than 'hat it(s "een in the *ast/ %enry 8/ Miller of the ational Re&amp;ie'</p><p>&gt;uotes =it re*resents only a "a"y ste* to'ard the ultimate $oal5 eliminatin$ terri"le</p><p>lethal $enetic diseases= :Miller, %enry 8</p></li><li><p>7/24/2019 Embryonic Gene Editing Final Paper</p><p> 3/5</p><p>Delmas 3</p><p>s*ecial+ Mc9adden seems to "e in fa&amp;or of this $ene editin$, "ecause 'ho 'ouldn(t 'ant</p><p>to "e *art of the $round "rea)in$ disco&amp;ery of eliminatin$ $enetic disease from future</p><p>$enerations+ The United 7tates and United -in$dom ha&amp;e different reasons for 'antin$</p><p>to "e, or not to "e, *art of this/</p><p>When com*arin$ the &amp;alues of the U/7 &amp;ersus the U/- 8 stum"led u*on some</p><p>disco&amp;eries that really sur*rised me/ While the United 7tates has a federal re*u"lic under</p><p>the direction of President 4arac) A"ama, the United -in$dom is under the rule of Bueen</p><p>!li;a"eth 88 in a constitutional monarchy/ o', $i&amp;en that the U- has a**ro&amp;ed</p><p>em"ryonic $ene testin$, 8 'ent into the lo$istics of 'hat each leader su**orts in terms of</p><p>a"ortion/ Bueen !li;a"eth 88, is a Christian monarch/ Deacon Donnelly of</p><p>*rotectthe*o*e/com $i&amp;es reason as to 'hy the Bueen should ha&amp;e a"dicated the throne at</p><p>the *assin$ of the 6"ortion 6ct of 1 that 'as *ut in her name/ 7ayin$ that she should</p><p>ha&amp;e a"dicated hints that the Bueen is *ro5life, therefore 'ould li)ely AT a**ro&amp;e</p><p>em"ryonic $ene testin$ due to 'hat ha**ens to the used em"ryos after'ard/ This *uts me</p><p>at an un)no'n in determinin$ the Bueens real stance on a"ortion/ 4arac) A"ama, on the</p><p>other hand, has si$nificantly increased the already hi$h amount of funds to'ard human</p><p>$enetic research/ While this may sound as thou$h A"ama is in fa&amp;or of the de*letion of</p><p>human em"ryos and the $enetic modification of them, 7te*hen Latham of U7 e's says,</p><p>These fundin$ decisions 'ere hi$hly *olitici;ed "ecause human em"ryos are destroyed</p><p>in order to $enerate ne' stem5cell lines/ 4ut in fact, federal money has not "een used to</p><p>destroy em"ryos in stem5cell research/ :Latham, 7te*hen</p></li><li><p>7/24/2019 Embryonic Gene Editing Final Paper</p><p> 4/5</p><p>Delmas 4</p><p>em"ryos/ 8 also loo)ed at the $o&amp;ernment and economic sta"ility of each country/ The</p><p>United -in$dom has an unem*loyment rate of /EF 'hile the United 7tates stands at</p><p>/F :United 7tates &amp;s/ United -in$dom</p></li><li><p>7/24/2019 Embryonic Gene Editing Final Paper</p><p> 5/5</p><p>Delmas 5</p><p>Wor) Cited</p><p>1/ Latham, 7te*hen/ IProceed 'ith Caution/I US News/ U/7/e's J World Re*ort, K9e"/ 201/ We"/ 2 9e"/ 201/</p><p>2/ Mc9adden, ?ohn.oe/ I#enetic !ditin$ 8s li)e Playin$ #od and Whats Wron$ 'ith</p><p>That+ N ?ohn.oe Mc9adden/I The Guardian/ #uardian e's and Media, 02 9e"/ 201/We"/ 2 9e"/ 201/</p><p>3/ Miller, %enry 8/ IModification of !m"ryos Will 7omeday Treat %ideous Diseases/I</p><p>National Review Online/ ational Re&amp;ie', 2 9e"/ 201/ We"/ 2 9e"/ 201// 7iddi&gt;ue, %aroon/ I4ritish Researchers #et #reen Li$ht to #enetically Modify</p><p>%uman !m"ryos/I The Guardian/ #uardian e's and Media, 01 9e"/ 201/ We"/ 2</p><p>9e"/ 201/</p><p>E/ IUnited 7tates &amp;s United -in$dom/I - Country Facts Comparison/ /*/, n/d/ We"/ 29e"/ 201/</p><p>/ Wikipedia/ Wi)imedia 9oundation, n/d/ We"/ 2 9e"/ 201/</p></li></ul>