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Employability Degree... Skills, skills, skills Careers Service Graduate Prospects

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Text of Employability Degree... Skills, skills, skills Careers Service Graduate Prospects

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  • Employability Degree... Skills, skills, skills Careers Service Graduate Prospects
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  • Employers want. People skills leadership, team work and interpersonal skills Self reliance skills self awareness, resourcefulness and networking skills General skills problem solving, commitment and flexibility Specialist skills I.T skills, technical skills and commercial awareness
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  • Investment in YOU! Make the most of the time, effort and money you are investing in yourself at University. Take advantage of all opportunities at university to maximise your skills DegreeSkillsSuccess!
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  • Your skills Helps you to understand what you have to offer and plan your next move. Will aid you in see beyond your degree title and module content. It will build your confidence to succeed Will add to your CV. Improve your interview technique. Why do I need to identify my skills? What skills do I have? Critical & analytical skills Planning & organisation Research methods Time management Presentation skills IT skills Team work Project management Interpersonal
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  • Opportunities Student radio Be a course rep Organise an expedition Be a student ambassador Do a career development module Use the student union Volunteer Learn a language Start a new society Join a club Apply for a vacation scholarship Become a sports volunteer Team Work Communication Leadership
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  • What the employers say... As one of the UKs largest recruiters, we find that the students who take advantage of the opportunities provided by the Careers Service are easy to identify through the selection process. Cathy Little, Recruitment Manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers: Ongoing learning is part of any career and Graduates tend to be open to this concept. In addition, by their very nature, Graduates tend to have a much better overall education standard and socially mobile, all of which are crucial in the modern business environment. Sharon Donaldson, Sales Director, Slater Hogg & Howison: Here at IBM we are really impressed by the quality of Newcastle University graduates and students. They possess the skills and personal attributes that we and other graduate recruiters look for: leadership; adaptability; business acumen; and dedication. Sonia Bannon, UK Recruitment Officer: Campus Team Manager, IBM:
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  • Get work experience! Part-time work Customer Relations Time-management Self Motivation Reliability Summer Work Experience Explore your interests Get valuable experience Earn some extra cash! Volunteer Highly rewarding Communication Small business knowledge and experience
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  • Drop in for face to face advice CV clinic and interview practice Lunchtime workshops Business start up advice Career development modules Careers Service Support Job Fairs Work experience Employer presentations NE Graduate Directory Links with employers Comprehensive website Vacancies On line database Graduate Connections Reference library Video advice Facebook/Blogs Careers Service Resources Your Careers Service