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  • 8/3/2019 Employee Development & Reward


    PerformanceMANAGEMENT System

    IEISL has a performance management system (PMS) in place to effectively evaluate andmeasure current performance levels of an employee in a way that will encourage innovation,cost consciousness, quality improvement and promote organizational growth, development &harmony. The PMS of IEISL seeks to fulfill the following objectives:

    Assess the current level of job performance.Counsel the officer on areas for improvement and ways to address them.Assess the training and development needs.Identify potential for undertaking higher responsibility.Develop a system of increment and rewards based on performance.

    Productivity improvement resulting in value addition

    The Corporate Human Resources Department initiates the administration of the annual

    performance appraisal. The time frame for completion of various procedures in the appraisal

    process is conveyed to the appraisees, appraisers and the reviewing officers along with the

    distribution of performance appraisal forms.

    Salary increments of employees under IEISL structure are considered based on performanceand decided by the management once in a year effective from 1 st of April of every

    financial year.


    The guidelines for awarding promotions in NDPL are based on the following objectives:

    . To provide opportunity to personnel, from within aspiring to grow with the company, ., To

    provide a clear career ladder that enthuses employees to seek high level of

    leadership, ownership and business acumen.

    . To ensure consistency, fairness, uniformity and transparency.

    . To provide internal growth to the aspirants possessing requisite business acumen,leadership traits, suitability, take ownership and have a high merit order for taking up senior

    positions. .

    I n context of the above objectives, promotion in respect of employees in NDPL -FRSR structure' is

    regulated as per the R&P rules. In respect of NDPL structure, employees promotions are purely onmerit and based on vacancies.

  • 8/3/2019 Employee Development & Reward


    The ultimate gaal af training is to' improve custamer satisfactian through reductian in cost of

    delivered pawer, supply af reliable & quality pawer and improving levels of efficiency and


    Job Rotation & Job Enrichment

    Job Rotation is a taal to' develap individuals by providing an all round expasure to' variaus-departments and functians. NDPL provides maximum passible exposure to' all emplayees far

    their averall deveiapment and growth. While carrying aut :emplayees' job rotatian, the desires

    expressed by individuals far jab rotation through their appraisals is alsO' cansidered when

    a particular pasitian is vacant.

    Emplayees are assigned tasks in additian to' their narmal jab descriptian as a part of jabenrichment, sa as to' make their jab more fulfilling and meaningful and alsO' to' equip them to

    cape with future challenges.



    The mentaring process links an experienced person (mentor) with a less experienced

    persan. 11 facilitates an environment in which the mentee grows both professionally andpersonally. The purpose is to make the mentee feel comfortable. make quickly familiar with the

    organizational' culture and feel wanted in the organization.

    The mentoring process requires that the mentor and mentee work together, to' reach specific

    goals and to provide each other with sufficient feedback to ensure that these goals are reached.

    Participating in a mentoring progtGm requires commitment and hard work.

    Mentaring is used in NDPL in canjunctian with training, special assignments, cross training,

    and other learning app_rtunities for integrating emplayees intO' the warkfarce.

    Reward & Recogrtition

    The Reward and Recognitian scheme recognizes individual as well as team contributiqns af

    the employee(s) in achieving objectives of the arganization and rewards deserving emplayees.Variaus rewards & recognitions covered under the schemes are as under: .

  • 8/3/2019 Employee Development & Reward


    Name of Description of Frequency Eligible Award

    the Award the Award Designations Details

    Shining Star of Employee of the 2 per Quarter Managers IAsst. Managers

    the Quarter Quarter IExec.! Officers i

    2 per Quarter Supervisors Gift Coupons + Certificate

    2 per Quarter Workman

    Champion Workman Best Workman ILady 1 per Year Workmen

    of the Year Workwoman Award

    , Holiday for 2+2

    Champion Officer Best Officer Award 1 per Year Officers

    of the Year

    Champion Manager Best Manager Award 1 per Year Sr. Managers IManagers International Holiday

    of the Year Asst. Managers Package for 2

    Samridhi Merit Best Lady Work- 1 per Year Lady Workwomen Gift Voucher l

    Award woman Award i

    The CEO Award The CEO Award 1 per Ye!3r All Employees Gift Coupons + Certificate I

    of Excellence

    Consumer Customer Service 1 Bi-Annually Employees of Consumer Dinner for the employees

    Confidante Award Recognition Award Care Cells of the cell and their Spouses. i

    with GM (Comm.) i


    Spariding Overall Excellence 1+1 (Runner up) DepartmentsI


    Lunch for all team members.I

    WOf1q>lace in Discipline and per Quarter - Grids IDistricts plus a mementoHousekeeping Bi-Annually

    Shining Zone .' Performing Zone 1+1 (Runner up) All Zones Trophy for the winning zone. I

    ., Awardper Quarter - The runner's up zone will :Bi-Annually get a medallion i


    Shining Grid Power System 1+1 (Runner up) All Grids Trophy for the winning Grid. I

    Awatd for Business per Quarter - The runner's up Grid Win

    Units Bi-Annually get a medallion

    Mission Project Excellence 1 on completion Project Teams Books ICDs ICassettes I


    Accomplished Award of Project I

    Breakthrough Idea Employee On merit of All Employees Flexible Scheme Awards.

    Suggestions Award Suggestion(s} Commensurate with the

    received impact of the suggestion and ,

    a CertifICate of Recognition j

    Valeur Award BraveWork.Awaaf 1 per Year All Employees Stay for 2+2 at an adjoining j

    resort jSportsperson Outstanding Sports 1 per Year Employees representing An NDPL Sports Blazer and !

    of the Year Performance Award the Company in sports a Gift Voucher for Westside I, . events

    Catalyst Award Focus Group of 1 per Year TBEM Focus Group Visit to a TATA Group of !

    the Year Company

    Change Agents Quality Initiative 1 per Year Employees who have Books ICDs ICassettes,

    . Award Award undertaken QIP a Certificate and Medal

    Preferred Associate Focusing on best 1 per Year Associate Staff ICompany Certificate of Appreciation

    of the Year Vendor IAssociate and a plaque

    Sterling Performance Impromptu As and when Managers and below Dinner for two

    Recognition on merit

    Best Engineer Trainee Focusing on first 2 ETs. 2MTs & All ETS, MTs & TIs Gold and Silver Medals

    (ET) IManagement three in overall 2 TIs on year1y respectively and a letter

    Trainee (MT) ITechn. performance basis' of commendation

  • 8/3/2019 Employee Development & Reward


    Trainee (TT).ofthe year in the batch