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library data and updates


<ul><li><p>Library Report April 15-May 15, 2012 Submitted by Linda Behen, Library-Media Specialist Library Administration: </p><p> Overdue &amp; Fine notices o None sent out due to sever failure </p><p> Updates to Library webpages &amp; wiki: adding tutorials, the Mercy Library Daily, and embedded social media. </p><p> Book and video ordering from Amazon for English Department PLCH books reserved at Green Township Branch for One Community </p><p>Title: students will check books out directly from the branch Book displays Library Information Display (updated daily &amp; weekly) Addition of 3 Kindles (one has not been returned and due to the crash </p><p>of the server; we dont know who has it) and ebooks have been popular. The 2 Kindles are constantly checked out to students. </p><p> Offered an amnesty week for overdue books and fines Purchase of Follett ebooks for the library collection through Auxillary </p><p>Serviceswill be available on mobile devices (ipads, laptops, etc.) Purchase of 6 digital Gale Cengages reference titles (that update same </p><p>print titles on shelves) </p><p> Professional Development Activities o SWON TECH News Webcast o SWON Board mtg4/16/12 o CCD (Cincinnati Country Day) Accreditation team visit, April 22, </p><p>23, 24, 2012 SWON School Libraries Interest Group and Membership </p><p>MeetingMay 9, 2012 Faculty Meeting, May 9 before school Webinar--May 2012Do We Need Books in K-12 School </p><p>Libraries? Visit to the New Tech School in Indianapolis, May 3, 2011 </p><p> Instruction/Students/Collaboration with Teachers </p><p> Classes/8 classes scheduled Library space 2 Classes scheduled for Research &amp; media instructionInstruction: </p><p>Religion 2 new pathfinders created: </p><p> Spanish Diacritical Markings Study of Marian Art </p><p> Help 3 Freshmen with Religion test (text to speech feature) May 11, 2012 </p><p> One to one student help; new presentation media tools--ongoing </p></li><li><p>Reference/Info Help Ongoing with students and teachers (one to one) </p><p>o Help with Fresh Poetry Project, Honors American Lit &amp; Honors Senior Lit Project, Anthropology research </p><p>o Helping students discover and use new presentation tools such as Knovio, Prezi, Screencast O Matic, etc. </p><p> Meetings &amp; Participation </p><p> Tech Tips &amp; Tricks for iPads and iPods with Amanda Huening, April 17 3-3:45 </p><p> Faculty Meeting, April 18 iPad Training for Fresh teachers, April 20 and April 27, 2012 Academic Council, May 2, 2012 Detention-- student service in the Library Student workerMegan Johnson1 hr. 45 min. weekly-ongoing </p><p> Statistics </p><p> Library materials checked out to dateno longer have record due to server failure </p><p> Library materials checked out this monthno longer have record due to server failure </p><p> Projects Current: </p><p> Conversion of library management program to Infohios Sirsi Dynix o Waiting for new Sirsi Dynix database to be completed o Message from Karen Coy, Infohio, 5/11: should be within week or </p><p>two Shifting of books completed and a double section of shelving </p><p>dismantled and removed Four new lounge chairs and ottoman have been added Shifting &amp; collection maintenance ongoing with student worker Faculty/staff Book Discussion5/1-- The Submission book discussion at </p><p>Paneras Margaret Riegers World Book Night book giveaway4/26 during </p><p>homeroom completed. 20 students won copies. </p><p>Looking Forward: Conversion to Sirsi Dynix </p><p>o Relabeling of materials o Importing patrons </p><p> End of year shut down End of Year Final Report Service Trip to Appalachia Consider moving to LibGuides for Library Research Pathfinders </p><p>for 2012-2013 year and beyond http://springshare.com/libguides/ </p></li><li><p> Sirsi Dynix training at HCCA, August 6-10, 2012 iPad training for Freshmen, August, 2012 </p></li></ul>