Endangered Animals & Extinction

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Endangered Animals & Extinction . How does it happen? Whats already gone? . Activity. Share the endangered animal you brought for homework with your group, and information about how it happened. 10 minutes. Post Activity Discussion. What surprised you by some of your peers animals? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Endangered Animals & Extinction

Endangered Animals & Extinction How does it happen?Whats already gone? ActivityShare the endangered animal you brought for homework with your group, and information about how it happened.

10 minutesPost Activity DiscussionWhat surprised you by some of your peers animals?What are common ways that your animals became endangered/extinct?Do you think that there are ways we can help? Causes for EndangermentHabitat Destruction Exotic SpeciesOverexploitationDiseases and Pollution ClassificationsVulnerable SpeciesThreatened SpeciesEndangered SpeciesExtinct Species

What is the government doing?Endangered Species Act of 1973Wild Bird Conservation Act of 1992National Wildlife Refuge System Administration Act of 1966Marin Mammal Protection ActActivityIn your groups, you have three signs sitting in front of you:SAFEENDANGEREDEXTINCTIll put up a picture of a living organism, and in your group, youll have 10 seconds to discuss if you think its safe, endangered, or extinct. When you hear the buzzer, hold up your team decision.Whoever gets the most right, gets +100 points on the Jeopardy review tomorrow! Pescado Stubfot Toad

Endangered! This toad, which lives in Southwestern Ecuador has been threatened by habitat destruction due to logging and agricultural expansion. We dont know how many are left!


SAFE!Sheath Tailed Bat

Endangered!There are only 100 of these bats left! They only live in caves in Seychelles. Habitat destruction and predation by invasive species have decreased its numbers.How to help? Remove the invasive vegetation and control the introduced predators, along with legal action.West African Black Rhino

Extinct! These rhinos were declared extinct in 2006 and their last remaining habitat was in Cameroon. Poachers hunted the rhino for its horn!Tarzans Chamelon

Endangered!We dont know how many of these cool chameleons are left! Only live in eastern Madagascar, and are threatened by habitat loss from growing agriculture. Action needed?Support for community conservation and protection of its habitat!Harriss Hawk

SAFE!Golden Toad

Extinct! These beautiful toads was a fluorescent amphibian found in Costa Rica, but due to pollution and global warming, they became extinct in 1989.

Pale Throated Sloth

SAFE!Araipe Manakin

Endangered! 779 individuals remaining! Live in Brazil, and have dwindling numbers because of increased agriculture and water diversion. How we can help? Need legal protection of their environments, and protection of the springs and streams!Geometric Tortoise

Western Spotted Skunk

SAFE!Endangered!We dont know how many are left, but they live in South AfricaThe main threats are habitat destruction and degradation. Theyve also been hunted.We need to create reserves and manage fires in these regions! Spixs Macaw

Extinct! These beautiful blue bird doesnt exist in the wild anymore. Habitat destruction and illegal trapping has decreased the numbers of this bird dramatically.

Dark Sided Thrush

SAFE!Rosa Arabica

Endangered!Yes, flowers can be endangered too guys! There are only 10 sub populations of these remaining, and they lie primarily in Egypt.These pretty flowers have many medicinal values, but because of animal grazing, climate change, and drought, many have been lost! We need to protect against human exploitation! Fat Tailed Dwarf Lemur

SAFE!Passenger Pigeon

EXTINCT! These pigeons were hunted as crop. These birds used to be all over the skies less than 100 years ago, but humans have gotten rid of them. Last one died in 1914. American Crocodile

Almost went Extinctbut now SAFE! In 1975, these crocodiles were listed as endangered, but because hunting stopped for their skin and zoos started collecting them, their population sizes went up!

You CAN help! Just like the American Crocodilewe CAN help save animals that currently endangered. Tomorrow: We will be thinking of creative ways we can help the earth and certain animals! Resourceshttp://www.wildlife.state.nh.us/Education/Education_PDFs/Endangered_Animals_curr.pdfhttp://science.discovery.com/creatures/10-extinct-species.htmhttp://www.esasuccess.org/http://www.thedailygreen.com/environmental-news/latest/recently-extinct-animals-list-470209#slide-11