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<p>I Want To See Them In Real Life. Learn vocab related to lesson Discuss endangered animals Discuss extinct animals Discuss reasons for 2 and 3 Practice Youre not supposed to</p> <p>ENDANGER ED ANIMALSWe should take care of Nature because she takes care of us.</p> <p>Endangered Animals content</p> <p>Endangered Animals. content</p> <p>Endangered Animals content</p> <p>Endangered Animals EXTINCT: An animal or plant that is no longer living. ENDANGERED: Animals that need protection to survive. HABITAT: Where animals and plants live. ECOSYSTEM: Living things and their environment</p> <p>Endangered Animals</p> <p>Extinct Animals content</p> <p>Endangered Animals Ecosystem</p> <p>Endangered Animals content</p> <p>Endangered Animals</p> <p>Endangered Animals</p> <p>1. Habitat loss 2. Illegal killing 3. Pollution</p> <p>Endangered Animals content</p> <p>Endangered Animals content</p> <p>Endangered Animals content</p> <p>Endangered Animals content</p> <p>Endangered Animals</p> <p>Endangered Animals content</p> <p>Endangered Animals</p> <p> What can we do to help?</p> <p>Endangered Animals</p> <p> Tell your friends. Dont buy fur coats. You shouldn t buy things made from endangered animals. Volunteer to help.</p> <p>Endangered Animals</p> <p>GAME TIME!</p> <p>African Elephant</p> <p>Asian</p> <p>Rhino Hippo</p> <p>Cheetah</p> <p>Giraffe</p> <p>Gorilla Kangaroo</p> <p>Siberian Tiger</p> <p>Giant</p> <p>Panda</p> <p>Zebra</p> <p>Camel Great White Shark</p> <p>Whales Leopard</p> <p>Endangered Animals</p> <p>ACTIVITY TIME!</p> <p>Endangered Animals</p> <p> Now design your own</p> <p>poster to help save an endangered animal. Choose an animal and draw it. Tell us 3 things that we shouldnt do so we can help them. Use either Dont... or You</p> <p>Endangered Animals</p> <p>Endangered Animals</p> <p>Endangered Animals content</p> <p>Endangered Animals</p> <p>THE END</p>