Endangered animals of Africa

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Endangered animals of Africa. By Emily. Rhinoceros. RHINOCEROS. The northern white rhino became extinct in 2010. It lived in the Congo. It was poached by people because they wanted their horns for medicines. The southern rhino survived. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Endangered animals of Africa

Endangered animals of AfricaBy EmilyRhinoceros

RHINOCEROSThe northern white rhino became extinct in 2010.It lived in the Congo.It was poached by people because they wanted their horns for medicines.The southern rhino survived.People tried to keep the southern rhino safe and stopped the buying and selling of horns.There were only a few southern rhinos but now there are 18,000.They live in Botswana and other southern countries.



Elephants trample on peoples villages because they are hungry.When elephants come into the village the only thing that the people can do is shoot the elephants.Some villages are protected by an electric fence about 57 cm high, to stop elephants stepping over. Elephants cant jump because they are so heavy.People shoot elephants because they want their tusks to make jewellery.


GORILLA They live in the Congo, Rwanda and Uganda. They live in the forest by the mountains. They eat leaves and fruit.Gorillas are very big-the males are as tall as a man and weigh twice as much. Not everyone wants gorillas to live. Poachers still shoot the apes and sell their bodies for a high price.

So please try and save these African Endangered animals

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