Enhancing Instruction with Web 2.0 Tools

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Enhancing Instruction with Web 2.0 Tools. Amy Ballew (aballew@whitfield.k12.ga.us) Westside Elementary School. What is Web 2.0?. The primary function of Web 2.0 involves applications that facilitate interactive information sharing . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Enhancing Instruction with Web 2.0 Tools</p> <p>Enhancing Instruction with Web 2.0 ToolsAmy Ballew (aballew@whitfield.k12.ga.us)Westside Elementary School What is Web 2.0?The primary function of Web 2.0 involves applications that facilitate interactive information sharing. Wikis, blogs, podcasts, video conferencing, and multimedia presentations are just a few examples of these programs. Why use Web 2.0?Supplement Regular InstructionDifferentiationProject Based Learning21st Century LearnersIncreased InteractivityIncreased Home/School ConnectionThe following slides include actual examples of interaction with Web 2.0 programs in a fifth grade instructional setting. Ideas for classroom use are also provided.Classroom Applications of Web 2.0</p> <p>Museum Box (Example 1)http://museumbox.e2bn.org/</p> <p>Museum Box (Example 2)</p> <p>Ideas for Museum BoxParts of speechBiographies of famous peopleEvents leading to the Civil WarGeometry-shape characteristicsRegions of the United StatesPeriodic table elementsFigurative language</p> <p>Trackstarhttp://trackstar.4teachers.org</p> <p>Ideas for TrackstarUse Trackstar as a project or unit organizer. </p> <p>Students can work at their own pace at school or at home by following the links you provide to complete the learning process. </p> <p>Links can include tutorials, videos, quizzes, etc. </p> <p>Modify your units from year to year based on your who.Wordlehttp://www.wordle.net/</p> <p>Ideas for WordleUse Wordle as a vocabulary tool for your unit of study in any content area. It can also be used to motivate writers. Allow them to complete their writing in a word document and copy/paste the text to create a Wordle to print.Delicioushttp://delicious.com</p> <p>Ideas for DeliciousUse Delicious to tag your favorite sites and organize them by categories for quick and easy access during instruction. Create a student Delicious page for easy access to content specific sites from home or during class.Edubloghttp://edublogs.org (http://msballew5.edublogs.org/)</p> <p>Ideas for EdublogsPost content specific questions, prompts, links, videos, etc. for students to respond to. </p> <p>Encourage collaboration by requiring students to respond to one or two peers per post. Classtools.Nethttp://classtools.net/</p> <p>Ideas for ClasstoolsUse premade graphic organizers with the Activboards for prewriting, content review games, diagrams, charts, timelines, etc.Other Web 2.0 Siteshttp://hubpages.com/hub/Education20</p> <p>http://oedb.org/library/features/101-web-20-teaching-tools</p> <p>http://glovely09.wetpaint.com/page/TopTen+for+Young+Learners?t=anon</p> <p>http://teachweb2.wikispaces.com/</p> <p>http://indispensibletools.pbworks.com/</p>


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