Enjoy with Wildlife Adventure At North Bengal Jungles Tour

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A fascinating and tempting landscape with breathless natural beauty, exotic locations and an expensive treasure of flora and fauna. Lying within the chain of mountains foothills in north geographic region plains, Dooars forms entryway to Bhutan & the North-Eastern states of India.


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    Enjoy with Wildlife Adventure At

    North Bengal Jungles Tour




  • A fascinating and tempting landscape with breathless

    natural beauty, exotic locations and an expensive treasure of

    flora and fauna. Lying within the chain of mountains foothills

    in north geographic region plains, Dooars forms entryway to

    Bhutan & the North-Eastern states of India. Until recently a

    hidden treasure, Dooars has within the recent past opened

    its doors hospitable tourists each domestic and

    international. The Dooars vale stretches from watercourse

    Teesta on the west to watercourse Sankosh on the east, over

    a span of one hundred thirty metric linear unit by forty

    metric linear unit, forms a serious a part of Jalpaiguri


  • Derived from the word

    'doors' this region provides

    several doors to Asian

    nation Kingdom. The

    Dooars natural depression

    is specially legendary for its

    life sanctuaries and parks.

    The foremost notable

    forests area unites are the

    Gorumara parkland (75

    kilometer from Siliguri),

    Chapramari forests (68

    kilometer from Siliguri), the

    Buxa Tiger Reserve (200

    kilometer from Siliguri) and

    also the Jaldapara Santuary

    (124 kilometer from

    Siliguri). The dense natural

    forests interlocking with

    lush tea gardens, reticular

    by Teesta, Raidak, Torsha,

    Jaldhaka, Kaljani and

    alternative rivers & their

    innumerous tributaries

    trotting and rolling down

    from the hills. The whole

    region is served with a

    network of motor-able

    roads running through the

    deep forests and tea

    gardens. A journey by rail

    through the Dooars itself

    may be a unforgettable


  • Jeep Safari:

    Jeeps and SUVs square measure the best vehicle to travel

    within the region. Since several components of the region

    has opened to the tourists solely recently, road

    infrastructure at some places still leaves lots to be desired.

    Jeeps will take you to all or any the holidaymaker

    destinations with none drawback.

    At several places within the jungle and at higher altitude,

    different vehicles, specially the diesel version of widespread

    vehicles, fail to climb the stiff roads. Jeeps even have the

    advantage of accommodating as several as ten individuals in

    a very single vehicle conveyance down the value of

    transportation if you're in a very giant cluster.

  • Tea Tourism in East Himalayas:

    A refreshing ocean of inexperienced on the rolling hill-

    slopes. Peace everyplace, broken solely by chirping of birds

    and gurgling of streams. The colorfully clad tea staff gently

    plucking the illustrious 2 leaves and a bud, buzzing many

    merry tunes. Tea-tourism could be a quick growing travel

    conception within the jape mountain range, chiefly within

    the Darjeeling hills and Dooars foothills. Nature beyond has

    developed a couple of distinctive Tea Circuits within the

    Darjeeling-Dooars belt, and to the current finish, hand-

    picked a number of the simplest placed gardens within the

    space. The accommodation is within the original Managers

    Bungalows, which are, usually, healthy previous colonial


  • Jungle Tours:

    The Darjeeling, Dooars and

    Sikkim region has some of the

    best and the most varied

    forests in India. It includes

    Tropical Moist Deciduous,

    Himalayan Moist Temperate,

    Himalayan Dry Temperate,

    Tropical Semi Evergreen,

    Tropical Dry Deciduous,

    Subtropical Broadleaved Hill,

    Subtropical Pine forests.

    The state of Sikkim has

    a recorded forest area of

    265,000 hec

    constituting 37.34 per

    cent of the geographic

    area of the state. West

    Bengal has forest cover

    of 1.19 million ha,

    much of which is in the

    Darjeeling and Dooars


  • Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary & Gorumara National Park:

    These are habitats of the rare one-horned rhinoceros, the mighty bison, leopard, spotted deer, sambar, hog deer, reptiles, huge wild tuskers, wild boars and the rarest variety of animals and birds including plenty of peacocks. Elephant safaris through the Jaldapara forest search of wild animals, is a memorable experience.

    Numerous watch towers here allow you to take real

    close look at wildlife. Moreover the scintillating light

    and show at Jaldapara guest house adds a wild thrill to

    your trip.

  • Buxa National Park:

    Buxa National Park, in the subdivision of Alipurduar, Jalpaiguri district, was set up in the year of 1982-83 at north eastern corner of West Bengal bordering Bhutan and Assam. With an area of 759sq km this picturesque reserve with its prodigious Terai, Bhabar as

    well as Hilly landscape, crisscrossed by numerous rivers and their tributaries, presents a breathtaking landscape. Buxa is rich with bio-diversity and has a great collection of rare orchids and medicinal plants.

  • Chapramari Wildlife Reserve:

    Chapramari Wildlife Reserve, is located near the NH31 connecting the north-east with the rest of India. Chapramari Wildlife Reserve is famous for its elephants population. It is quite close to the Gorumara National Park.

  • Jayanti:

    This is a stunning spot encircled by Jayanti stream and hills. That forms a natural border with the Asian country hills; this lovely place offers all the peace and tranquility that's therefore missing during a busy town life. A tour of Jayanti, off from the humdrum of town life is a perfect leisure vacation destination wherever time appears to own bogged down its quick pace.

    Music of the swift flowing Jayanti stream, chirping of

    unknown birds, and sweet fragrance of nature and

    refresh fully cool breeze at Jayanti can cause you to feel

    fully rejuvenated. Although the stream remains dry for

    many of the year however its white beds with pebbles

    all around imparts AN unmatched beauty to the place.

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