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ePat Electronic Practice Assessment Tool. An Overview Creating a shortcut on the desktop. An Overview. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • ePatElectronic Practice Assessment ToolAn OverviewCreating a shortcut on the desktop.

  • An OverviewThe electronic Practice Assessment Tool (ePAT) is a stand-alone program that will simulate a Web-based Standards of Learning (SOL) Assessment without using an Internet connection. The student will experience the ePat application in much the same way as a Web-based SOL Assessment.The navigation buttons on each screen may be used to move the student through the test. The student may select an answer for each item using the mouse or keyboard. At any time, the student can click on the Go To button to get to the Item Review screen. On that screen, the student can click on any item to go back to that specific item number. As in an actual Web-based SOL Assessment, all tools that are available for a specific test are shown at the top of the screen.If a student clicks on the Exhibit icon, the correct answer for the item will be shown. During an actual Web-based Mathematics Assessment (Grades 6-8 and EOC only), clicking the Exhibit icon will display the allowable formula sheet. Since the functionality of this button is different in the Grades 6 8 and EOC Mathematics ePAT, the student is encouraged to use the appropriate formula sheet for use on the ePAT. When finished with the practice test, the student may close the test by clicking Exit Test or Submit on the bottom of the Item Review screen. Both buttons will produce a series of prompts to determine whether to exit the application or score the answered questions. If the student chooses to exit the application , none of the answers will be scored or saved and the application will close. If the student chooses to submit the answers for scoring, the ePAT results will be shown. In the Score column, a correct response will be shown as a 1 and incorrect response will be shown as a 0. The student can print or save the ePAT results. However, once the student closes the application, the answers can not be retrieved.The ePAT results, or total number of questions answered correctly, should not be converted to a scaled score. The ePAT results only represent the number of questions answered correctly; they do not indicate whether a student would have passed or failed an actual online SOL test.

  • Open My ComputerDouble Click the drive with the sys folder. (This is a network drive)Double Click the ePat folderInside this folder find ePatLauncher.exe iconRight click this icon, a menu will open, highlight Send to, click DesktopCreating A Shortcut on the Desktop

  • Changing the look of the icon.Right click the icon on the desktopGo to PropertiesUnder the Shortcut tab, click Change Icon

  • At this dialog box click Browse.Go to the ePat folder on the sys drive and double click the epatlauncher.ico. Click OK.Click Apply, OK.The icon on the desktop should now look like a toolbox.


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