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  • EQUIPMENT STATSby Thiago S. Aranha


    Adventure Journal stats by Grimace

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    Table of Contents

    Protective GearProtective Vests05. Leather Jerkin05. Tracker Utility Vest05. CV14-B Concussion Vest05. Blast Vest05. Koromondain Half-Vest06. Corondexx Blast Vest06. Barabel Microbe Armor06. Massassi Chest Shield

    Armor Accessories06. Rock Boots06. CT3 Concussion Helmet06. Blast Helmet06. Sonic Dampening Helmet

    Camouflage Armor07. Umbaran Shadowcloak07. Camouflage Poncho07. Camouflage Fatigue07. Shadowsuit07. Camo Armor07. Thermoguard Jumpsuit

    Environmental Suits08. Shipsuit08. Body Glove08. All-Temperature Cloak08. Morseerian Environmental Suit08. Thinsuit09. Ooglith Cloaker09. Lightweight Armor09. Light Scout Armor09. Scout Armor10. A-5 Envirosuit10. SeaScape Diving Suit10. Skakoan Pressure Suit11. Versatex Survival Suit11. Polarizing Field Insulator Suit

    Spacesuits11. Vacuum Ooglith11. Vacuum Suit11. Tech Vacuum Suit11. LifeLine Space Suit12. Flight Suit12. Padded Flight Suit12. Armored Flight Suit12. Flitter Vacuum Suit12. Vagabond Suit13. Bulk Exploratory Armor13. Space Suit13. Armored Vacuum Suit13. Wrokix Works Armored Spacesuit14. Merr-Sonn Armored Spacesuit14. Heavy Radiation Powersuit

    14. Nova-Tech Powersuit15. EVA Vacuum Pod

    Combat Armor15. Primitive Armor15. Shockball Uniform15. Twilek Antistun Suit16. Reflect Body Glove16. Combat Jumpsuit16. Link Armor16. Glistaweb16. Blast-Dampening Armor17. Flex-Armor17. Castaan Staad Armor17. Electromesh Armor17. Corellian 611 Combat Armor17. Arelik Armor17. Fenelar Armor17. Cresh Luck Armor17. Ubese Raider Armor18. Gladiator Armor18. Dura-Armor18. Coynite Battle Armor18. Stalker Armor19. Muhkgfa Battle Plate19. A3AA Personal Defense Module19. Nullifier Energy Diffusion Armor19. Warriors Armor19. Subalterns Armor20. Subcommanders Armor20. Commanders Armor20. Supreme Commanders Armor20. Warmasters Armor20. Dead Armor20. Dark Combat Jumpsuit20. Dark Padded Battle Armor20. Dark Heavy Battle Armor21. Orbalisk Armor

    Powersuits21. Galax Systems Powersuit21. Servo-Lifter22. Bounty Hunter Armor22. Smasher Armor22. Corellian Powersuit22. Corellian HuntSuit22. Charon Battle Armor23. AV-1S (Scout)23. AV-1C (Combat)24. AV-1A (Assault)24. Telgorn Corp. Mark II Powersuit24. Telgorn Corp. Mark III Powersuit25. Telgorn Corp. Mark IV Powersuit25. Telgorn Corp. Mark V Powersuit25. Telgorn Corp. Mark VI Powersuit

    25. Malgon Armor25. Nemesis Armor26. Krail 210 Personal Armor26. Dragon Armor27. Sunder 927. Hutt Battle Armor27. Juggernaut Armor28. Leviathan Armor

    Military Unit Armor29. Espo Armor29. Espo Riot Armor29. Jedi Battle Armor30. Rodian Protector Armor30. Iotran Braceman Armor30. Goroth Planetary Police Armor31. Clone Trooper Armor, Mark I31. Clone SCUBA Trooper Armor31. ARC Trooper Armor32. Katarn Armor32. Clone Trooper Armor, Mark II32. Royal Guard Armor33. Coruscant Guard Armor33. Imperial Sentinel Armor33. Imperial Dungeoneer Armor34. Imperial Sovereign Protector Armor34. CompForce Trooper Armor34. Imperial Field Armor34. Imperial Gunner Armor35. Stormtrooper Armor35. Sandtrooper Armor35. AT-AT Operator Armor36. Imperial Pilot Flight Suit36. Scout Trooper Armor36. Snowtrooper Armor37. Swamp Trooper Armor37. Raptor Commando Armor37. Storm Commando Armor38. Radtrooper Armor39. Seatrooper Armor39. Spacetrooper Armor

    Individual Armor40. Beylyssas Armor40. Boba Fetts Battle Armor40. Boushhs Armor41. Darth Vaders Armor41. Dej Vennors Armor41. Dengars Blast Armor42. Jango Fetts Battle Armor42. Jodo Kasts Battle Armor43. Mists Bounty Hunter Armor43. Stormtrooper Xs Modified Stormtrooper Helmet

    Shields44. Dampener Aerosol44. Shield Gauntlet44. Primitive Shield44. Beastweardens Shield44. Riot Shield

    44. Magnaforce Security Shield44. Personal Energy Shield45. Hardpoint Heavy Weapons Armor45. Portable Shield Generator45. Gungan Portable Shield Generator46. Base Shield Generator46. WorldArmor 4 Shield Generator46. DefenStar Nyalsan II Planetary Shield47. MerrWeapons WorldArmor 9 Planetary Shield47. Planetary Shield

    ConveyancesClimbing Gear48. Fibra-Rope48. Kashyy Vine48. Syntherope48. Syntherope Dispensor48. Gyro-Grappler48. Line Master TLG49. Verti-Go Line Thrower49. Grappling Gun49. Repulsorlift Grappling Gun49. Climbing Boots and Gloves49. Tree-Claw50. Power Pitons50. Adhesion Disc50. Climbsuit

    Repulsors50. Iyra Gravity Belt50. Cloud Jumper50. Grav Boots50. Aratech R82 Jump Boots51. Repulsorlift Cart51. Repulsorlift Baggage Cart51. Flotation Lifter

    Jet Packs51. Leaper Jet Pack51. Jumper Jet Pack51. NJP-433 Jet Pack52. Screamer Jumper Jet Pack52. Swiftsure Jet Pack52. Whisper Jet Pack52. Z-6 Jet Pack53. Hush-About Jet Pack53. Flutter Pack

    Rocket Packs53. Zim Systems Rocket Pack53. Whisper Jumper Jet Pack53. DSP-5 Rocket Pack54. PRP-100 Rocket Pack54. RP1 Carrier Rocket Pack54. HSS Thruster Pack

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    Animal Gear54. Coiling Tack54. Tranthebar Racing Harness55. Live Organism Comfort Conveyor

    Medical56. Containment Box56. Containment Booth

    Healing56. Plasma Protein Replicator56. Paravacc57. Enzymer57. Vitapill57. Nilar Field Cauterizer57. Slick57. Medpac57. Medkit57. FastFlesh Medpac58. Spray Plasto-Cast58. Med-Aid58. Bacta Geltab58. Trauma Kit59. Customized Medical Backpack59. Abyssin Grafting Patch59. Med Unit60. Bacta Tank

    Stabilizing60. Replar Splint60. Sluissi Gravitic Pressure Bandage61. Bacta Tray61. Anti-Shock Blanket61. Portable Survival Pod61. Hyperbaric Medical Chamber62.Celegian Life-Support Chamber

    Medical Scanners62. Med Diagnostic Scanner62. Medscanner62. Bioscan62. Medisensor

    Drugs63. Signature Scent Synthesizer63. Elixir of Infatuation63. Orfite Scent Mask63. Cyduct Chemical Booster64. Ryll Spice64. Andris White Spice64. Carsunum Black Spice64. Glitterstim Spice64. Death Stick

    Boosters65. Emotion Suppressant65. Orfite Power Harness65. Servo Slippers65. Grav Mill65. Myostim Unit

    Cybernetics66. Replacement Prosthetics66. Cybernetic Hand66. Cybernetic Forearm66. Cybernetic Arm67. Cybernetic Knee67. Cybernetic Leg67. Cybernetic Legs Package67. Skeletal Reinforcement67. Cardio-Muscular Package67. Response Improvement

    Package68. Hifold Sensory Package68. Hi-Sense Enhanced Eyes68. Cybernetic Eye68. Motion Interface Package69. Ultrasound Sight Enhancer69. Tremor Sensor69. Neimoidian Data Goggles69. Cyborg Construct70. Weapon Mount70. Cybernetic Nexus Ring

    Survival71. Glow Rod71. Luma Flare71. Personal Strobe Locator71. Anti-Insect Canister71. Animal Excluder72. Ration Concentrates72. Dehydrated Food Pack72. Water Purifier72. Water Purifying Canteen72. Micro Fusion Reactor72. Energy Capacitor72. Defel Heat Reducer73. Heat Induction Staff73. Portable Heater73. Radiation Deflection Pin73. Radiation Deflection Badge73. Coolth Backpack73. Survival Pack74. Scouts Survival Pack74. Coruscant Survival Kit74. Jedi Utility Belt

    Breathing Gear75. Oxygen Extractor75. Breather-1 Breath Mask75. Roamer-6 Breath Mask75. Oxidizer75. Tasari Breath Mask76. Tasari Oxygen Tank76. Breath Mask76. Emergency Life Support Module76. Aquata Breather76. Organic Gill77. Gnullith77. Lungworm77. Kel Dor Antiox Breath Mask

    Shelters77. Shelter77. ThinHut78. Bubble Cloak78. Emergency Inflation Shelter78. Pressure Tent78. Aqua Survival Shelter

    CommunicationsCommunicators79. Gnullith-Villip 79. Husher Mike79. Implant Communicator79. PTP Link80. Personal Comlink80. C1 Personal Comlink80. MultiNode Comlink80. 3-Mal Personal Comlink80. Hush-98 Comlink80. Wrist Chronometer80. Headset Comlink80. Military-Grade Comlink81. Military Comlink

    81. Secure-A3 Comlink81. Comset81. Vehicle Comlink81. Portable Message Transceiver81. Visual Wrist Com81. Holo Display Comlink82. Holo Communicator82. Hologram Projection Pod82. Villip

    Communication Disruptors83. Alliance Communications Encrypter83. Pocket Scrambler83. Jammer Pack

    Communication Aids83. Anomid Vocalizer Mask83. Qwohog Vocalizer Mask84. AlienEnhancer Voicebox84. Transliterator84. Tizowyrm

    Beacons84. Landing Beacon84. Distress Beacon84. Portable Emergency Beacon

    InformationComputers85. Datapad85. MicroThrust Portable Computer85. Handheld Computer86. Private Computer86. Mainframe86. Duros Bio-Computer86. Mon Calamari Aquatic Computer86. TerexComm DataSearch 9C86. TerexComm DataSearch 12C-A87.CFC-100 Corporate Watcher Computer87. Galactic Currency Converter87. Pocket Secretary87. Tag Scanner Datapad87. Permit Datapad87. Dodonnas Battle Analysis Computer87. Personal Combat Threat Analyzer88. Spot-On Locator88. Automap88. Navigation/Direction Finder88. Directional Transponder

    Accessories89. Dedicated Terminal89. Master Command Unit89. Universal Computer Interface89. Datapad Remote Link Unit89. Cyborg/Computer Systems Data-Link89. Synoptic Teacher90. Remote Text Data Scanner90. Crate Tag Imprinter

    Data Carriers90. Electronic Identification Display90. Mem-Stik90. Cyborg Knowledge Cartridges91. Vessel Courier System91. Code Cylinder91. Datadagger

    91. Jedi Holocron92. Sith Holocron92. Sith Scroll92. Marker Placard

    Recorders & Projectors92. Recording Rod92. Treaty Recording System92. Biorecorder93. Chilab93. Gorondin Holo Chronometer93. Imagecaster93. Hologram Projector

    Information Security94. AccuTronics Encryption Package94. Analysis Encoding Computer94. DCD-4800 Cryptographer Coder94. Data Bio-Encryptor94. Credit Chip Bio-Encoder

    Slicing95. Scomp Spiker95. Computer Spikes95. Unitech Patch

    SurveillanceBinoculars96. Dim Goggles96. Macrolenses96. Wide-Scan Binocs96. Ziko 1000 Macrobinoculars96. Macrobinoculars97. Headstrap Macrobinoculars97. Holorecording Macrobinoculars97. Experimental Holorecording Macrobinoculars97. Infra-Goggles98. Snooper Goggles98. Peer Snooper Goggles98. Dasskar Hunting Mask98. Kavaavik

    Sensors98. Hover-Cam98. Eye In The Sky99. General Purpose Scanner9