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Exam Tip and Tricks. Special Lesson In Preparation for your Exam Quickly Finish your crossword!!!. General rule when doing your exam. Identify the command term Highlight the keyword Read the question carefully Dont waste too much time on a question - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Exam Tip and Tricks

Exam Tip and TricksSpecial Lesson In Preparation for your ExamQuickly Finish your crossword!!!General rule when doing your examIdentify the command term Highlight the keyword Read the question carefully Dont waste too much time on a questionLook at the amount of mark the question giveUse paragraphing if your response is long otherwise the examiner might go crazyFor exampleDiscuss whether Zara Bliss should remain as a small sole-trader or accept theoffer from Belle Ltd. [9 marks]Dont forget the case studyThere is a case study on all of the paper (paper 1 long case study, paper 2 short case study) Application mark maybe awarded if you applied the case study into your answer especially question with lots of mark Read and Highlight if possible the case study first before starting to answer the question Command termThe following are command term use for knowledge [1-2]Classify, Comment, Complete, Construct, Define, Describe, Identify and Outline These are Level1 responses to test your keyword, definition and knowledge.

Command termThe following are command term use for understanding [3-4]Compare, Contrast, Distinguish, Prepare, Construct, Calculate, Explain and CommentThese are Level2 responses to test your understanding of businessCommand termThe following are command term use for application[5-7]Apply, Analyse, Examine, Formulate and Interpret These are Level3 responses to test how well you can apply your background knowledge (case study) into your business understandingCommand termThe following are command term use for Opinion[8-10]Advise, Discuss, Evaluate, Justify, Recommend and To what extentThese are Level4 responses to test how well you understand using the business keyword however this also test your critical thinking because it require you to voice your opinion Example Question 1 Define the term multinational conglomerate. [2]This is a large company with offers and/or subsidiaries in several countries. It will have a wide range of subsidiaries in many different industries and sectors. Comment on this question The command word is Define so you should give the meaning of the keyword (academically) It is only 2 mark you should not spend great amount of time on this question Should not be no more than 1 to 2 sentences Example Question 2 Why do big international companies like FW often have subsidiaries in less-developed countries (LDCs) [5]FW have subsidiaries in LDCs because there is less-demanding pollution laws, less cost on labour and land. The LDCs country is likely to have a weak currency making it easier for FW to export because FW is going to get more profit due to the currency difference. The LDCs country might not have import tariffs or quotas so it is very easy to import goods. FW subsidiaries might be very close to the natural resource therefore this will save cost for transportation. Comment on this question This question require you to apply the case study to the keywordThere is 5 mark so you should make 5 point You should apply your knowledge and common sense on this question Example Question 4 Discuss how a project team could minimize the problems caused by the changes that could result from FWs sale of Hero. [7]The project team could provide education and training to the existing staff so that they can adapt to the change properly. The project team should communicate with everyone in the company so that they understand the change. The project team should help to involve everyone in the decision process including all the stakeholder so that there is no conflict between stakeholders of this business. FW should give support and help to the staff and stakeholder to adapt to with the change. If the change upset someone or make someone unhappy the project team should negotiate with the stakeholder and reach the conclusion as soon as possible if no conclusion is derive from the change than the project team could manipulate the stakeholder into believing in the change or threaten the staff such as decreasing or dismissing the staff if they are persistent to the change. Comment on this question Discuss: Describe, explain ,give example and evaluateThere is 7 mark so you should make somewhere near 7 point however this is a level 4 so give some of your opinion Do not give out the point only You should use business keyword to answer the question to impress the examiner Now it is your turn Highlight important part and bit in the case studyIn pairs highlight the command term in the question Highlight the keyword in the questionHighlight the key point in the mark scheme For 5 mark question highlight the evaluation Be prepare to explain to the class why the following answers are good and why you highlighted each point

Lets mark each other workDo questions on page 7 (you should have done it before)Let your partner mark it for you Comment and give it a mark Remember knowledge, application, understanding and opinion mark When you mark it highlight which part of the answer correspond to knowledge, application, understanding and critical thinking (opinion)